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Xbox One vs PS4 – Everybody Wins (Mojo-Interactive)

372 days 12 hours ago - Last November we were finally graced with the release of the next-generation of gaming in the Xbox One and Playstation 4, that took us one leap fur... | Opinion piece | PS4


Watchdogs - First Impressions (Mojo-Interactive)

373 days ago - After a reasonably lengthy bit of exposition and storytelling, a year later time jump, the game throws you into an interrogation scene at Wrigley F... | Preview | Xbox 360


Metro Last Light Review (Mojo-Interactive)

749 days 6 hours ago - Metro Last Light continues from the atmospheric and immersive Metro 2033 and nothing has been lost in this brilliant sequel, much has been improved... | Review | PC


Metro Last Light Video Review (Mojo-Interactive)

750 days 1 hour ago - Metro Last Light video review for www.mojo-interactive.net | Review | PC


First trailer for Fallout 4 is here!

Now - The countdown has been running for 24 hours and now the wait is over; Fallout 4 has finally been unveiled. | Promoted post

360GamerCast - Tomb Raider Review

810 days 22 hours ago - Lara makes her return as a 21 year old woman fresh out of University, embarking on her first adventure with some friends in search of the Lost King... | Review | PC


360GamerCast Review - Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

858 days 1 hour ago - Level-5 and Studio Ghibli have been working together on Ni No Kuni for the past five years and all that time, money and hard work has paid off. The... | Review | PS3


THQ - A Sad Day

859 days 23 hours ago - It’s offical. THQ has gone bust and the games it was publishing have been sold off. These are tough economic times and it seems that one or two fai... | Article | PSP


360GamerCast - Best games of 2012

887 days 9 hours ago - Well here it is, it’s almost the end of another year. The end of the world never happened and we can continue with our mundane jobs that feed our g... | Opinion piece | Wii


Reviewers will never win

948 days 16 hours ago - Grumblings have been rife on the internet recently (What’s new?) about reviews and reviewers in the video game industry. Where has the unrest come... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Dishonored Review (360GamerCast)

968 days 7 hours ago - Dishonored takes place in a steampunk world in the industrial city of Dunwall, modelled after late 1800s-early 1900s London where a plague carried... | Review | PC


Rainbow6: So That’s…Six Pots of Gold Then? Where’s Dorothy in all This?

1216 days 20 hours ago - No game has me more excited or burdened by anticipation than ‘Rainbow6:Patriots.’ Still clinging to its 2013 release date, details on this installm... | Article | Xbox 360


360GamerCast NeverDead Review

1217 days 18 hours ago - NeverDead is one of those games that looks good when advertised but just doesn’t quite live up to the hype. The game does many things that no other... | Review | Xbox 360


360GamerCast Community ‘Game of the Year 2011’

1247 days ago - The results are in and the 360G Community have spoken. In fact, with a resounding dragon shout, Skyrim was propelled up 7000 steps to High Hrothgar... | News | PC


Community Xbox Live Account’s Hacked

1248 days 16 hours ago - It’s the start of the new year and it looks like the hacking of accounts is still an all too common problem. With PSN, Square-Enix and rumours of X... | News | Xbox 360


360GamerCast Dark Souls Review

1329 days 13 hours ago - The bar was set incredibly high in the original game of the series Demons Souls, a game which is incredibly hard and frustrating and will test the... | Review | Xbox 360


Veteran, Insanity, Legendary: The “Cut Scene” Series

1333 days 2 hours ago - Gamers are trendsetters. Why else would we have such bad reputations if it weren’t for our uncanny ability to generate stereotypes about ourselves.... | Article | PC


Dashboard: A Not So Serious Exploration of Gaming

1356 days 16 hours ago - As discussed in recent podcasts, Josh has enrolled in a game rental service. My aim was to save money and to try games that I might otherwise neve... | Article | GameCube


360GamerCast Dead Island Review

1366 days 2 hours ago - You take the role of one of four playable characters who survived the first wave of a zombie outbreak at the luxury Royal Palms resort on the holid... | Review | Xbox 360


360GamerCast Bodycount Review

1366 days 2 hours ago - You are an agent of The Network, sent into third-world hotspots to defuse conflicts by killing dudes and blowing things up. A disembodied female vo... | Review | Xbox 360


360GamerCast L.A. Noire Video Review

1476 days 23 hours ago - 360GamerCast L.A. Noire video review | Video | Xbox 360


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