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Playstation 4 – AMD Jaguar CPU 1.8GHZ – PS4 Rumor and Two Disabled Compute Units

276 days 2 hours ago - The Playstation 4”s AMD Jaguar CPU clock speed has yet to be officially confirmed by Sony, but there is recent evidence and rumors to suggest that... | Rumor | PS4


Sony: PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived

412 days 3 hours ago - The PlayStation 4 made its debut on UK soil this week, with Sony's retail partners and key press invited to a location in London to see the new con... | News | PS4


Pullbox Review: Ray’s The Dead! – One To Watch!

414 days 2 hours ago - Back during all the wonderful chaos of C2E2 Eric had the amazing opportunity to lurk about and have a great conversation with Rag Tag Studio about... | Preview | PC


Media Molecule - BAFTA Video Games Lecture

1403 days 11 hours ago - How do you create a video game when the possiblities are endless? Alex Evans of Media Molecule, the studio behind LittleBigPlanet, delivers the 201... | Video | PS3


Win a Titan One from N4G and ConsoleTuner!

Now - We're giving away three Titan Ones from ConsoleTuner (original inventors of the Cronus and CronusMAX)! The Titan One device makes modded controller... | Promoted post

Activision PR Completely Cocks Up Tony Hawk: Ride Exclusivity

1919 days 8 hours ago - This morning, Frank PR - the company handling the game's PR in the UK - announced boldly that Tony Hawk: Ride would be a 360 exclusive in the UK. W... | News | 1,2,3,11


Rethinking Blu-ray

1945 days 1 hour ago - Is Blu-ray technology destined to be a short-lived phenomenon, soon to be superseded by on-demand movies and other shows delivered via the Internet? | Article | 1,14


What Is Sony Announcing On Tuesday?

1973 days 17 hours ago - Sony dropped Kotaku a line to let us know that something big was going down on Tuesday, March 31st. Could it be the long-rumored price cut is final... | News | 1


Custom Crocheted Sackboys Defy Logic

2033 days 14 hours ago - Not only has video game scripter and user interface artist Maggie Wang created her own custom LittleBigPlanet sackboys based on characters like Spo... | Article | 1


Let Us Mourn The Passing Of Yet Another Kotaku Xbox 360

2064 days 18 hours ago - I honestly couldn't put an exact number on it, but I'm pretty sure we're at 12+ broken Xbox 360s here. And counting. I say counting because yesterd... | Article | 2,11,14

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