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We Are Arcade Interview: GamerDisco

1168 days 20 hours ago - We Are Arcade checks out GamerDisco and interviews Nicky and Dave to find out about the best nights out for gamers in the UK | Interview | Culture


WeAreArcade XBL Indie Roundup: November 1#

1179 days 1 hour ago - WeAreArcade checks out Main Sequence, Rocket Girl and Three Dead Zed for the start of November. | Article | Xbox 360


WeAreArcade Feature: Blocked Dreams

1179 days 2 hours ago - One thing I’ve been trying to figure out recently is the meaning of life, and can the answer be found within Minecraft? | Article | PC


WeAreArcade Indie Review: The Basement Collection

1179 days 2 hours ago - Edmund McMillen; Now most famous for being one half of team meat creators of Super Meat Boy, the creator of the brilliant The Binding of Issac and... | Opinion piece | PC


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WeAreArcade Interview: A Loading Bar You Want To See

1187 days ago - WeAreArcade checks out the Loading Bar in Cornwall and has a chat with owner, James, what it's all about. Perhaps the G&T Virus drink is your tippl... | Interview | Arcade


WeAreArcade Indie Review: Hotline Miami PC

1187 days ago - 'It’s dark and dank in the morning as you wake up in a sparse and ominous room. The air is close and the walls sweat in the heat. You walk through... | Review | PC


Broke a String? Don't Fret

1399 days 13 hours ago - We Are Arcade looks at OverClocked ReMix and other gaming communities delving into video game music. | Opinion piece | Culture


Game Music for the Masses

1400 days 23 hours ago - We Are Arcade takes a look at the (un) surprising result this weekend of game track entries into the Classic FM Hall of Fame - do gamers really wan... | Opinion piece | PC


Draw Something? I prefer Paper

1401 days 4 hours ago - We Are Arcade looks at two apps that stimulates a creative streak, or just gets you annoyed at the brush strokes of others. | Article | iPhone


We Are Arcade Video Review: L.A Noire

1716 days 11 hours ago - L.A Noire, gimmicks a bit 'pointless'? Does the game suffer as a result? We Are Arcade gives L.A.Noire an honest review, commenting on the faults a... | Video | Xbox 360


We Are Arcade Review: Hori Fighting Stick

1716 days 11 hours ago - We Are Arcade looks in-depth at the pros and con of Hori's Fighting Stick 3...'While a standard PS3 controller, XBox 360 controller, or even after... | Review | Arcade


We Are Arcade: Spot The Difference

1722 days 23 hours ago - As the aesthetics of our games grow more and more diverse, is it still possible for developers to use techniques like palette swapping to “westerni... | Article | Arcade


We Are Arcade: Anime UK SSRS Podcast #5

1722 days 23 hours ago - Anime UK with SSRS Podcast, Episode 5 'In this podcast Jamie tells us about ‘My Otome’, Tok introduces me to ‘Samurai Champloo’ and reveals his cur... | Podcast | Culture

We Are Arcade: How to Hunt Retro Games

1723 days 7 hours ago - This is one of the most common questions asked upon many retro gamers and collectors. The question is “How do you find your retro games? How do you... | Article | Culture


We Are Arcade Review: Brink

1736 days 1 hour ago - Does 'Brink; teeter over the edge and fall? We Are Arcade takes a look into Brink to see if it's worth the purchase price for a game offering nomin... | Review | PC


We Are Arcade: Pre-E3 Thoughts on the Big Three

1744 days 17 hours ago - As Nintendo gets ready to serve up Project Cafe, what could Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeves? We Are Arcade have a discussion on what the B... | Opinion piece | Wii


We Are Arcade: Anime UK With the SSRS Podcast

1745 days 1 hour ago - ''We Are Arcade Presents Anime UK with the Super Secret Robot Society. Our bright and shiny podcast is awash with new revelations. We discover Jami... | Podcast | Culture

We Are Arcade Soundtrack Sunday: Katamari Damacy

1745 days 2 hours ago - ''Sadly, we’re not here to talk about the fantastic gameplay or the sometimes creepy but often hilarious story and characters, but instead we’re he... | Article | Xbox 360


We Are Arcade Community: Monkey See, Monkey Do, The Case for the Clones

1745 days 3 hours ago - ''Clones are a bad, bad thing in the eyes of the common gamer, be it a critic, consumer, or developer.'' The We Are Arcade Community section takes... | Article | PC


We Are Arcade Review: Outland

1745 days 19 hours ago - ''What do you get when you develop a game that draws inspiration from awesome games like Metroid, Prince of Persia, Castlevania, and Ikaruga? The a... | Review | Xbox 360


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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