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Review: Guardians of Middle-Earth (PSN) - PS Nation

995 days 8 hours ago - The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA, genre has been a staple in the PC gaming diet. Guardians of Middle Earth is Monolith’s attempt to bri... | Review | PS3


Review: Mugen Souls (PS3) - PS Nation

1078 days ago - NIS America has brought another game over from Japan. Mugen Souls is a mixture between many of the games that came before it. Does that mixture wor... | Review | PS3


Review: Persona 4 Arena - PS Nation

1096 days 3 hours ago - The people who brought you Guilty Gear and BlazBlue are taking a beloved RPG franchise into new territory. Does Persona 4 Arena translate well? Or... | Review | PS3


Review: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD - PS Nation

1100 days 22 hours ago - Nearly a decade after it’s last release, JoJo’s is coming to the PSN. Does it stand the test of time? Or is this an adventure you just have to skip? | Review | PS3


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Review: Rainbow Moon (PSN) - PS Nation

1150 days 2 hours ago - SideQuest Studios have a created nostalgia trip: Rainbow Moon. Does the RPG live up to its predecessors or just get stuck in the past? | Review | PS3


Review: Gravity Rush (PSV) - PSNation.org

1171 days 2 hours ago - Gravity Rush has been a much anticipated title that many hail as a possible “system seller” for the Vita. Does it soar up to people’s expectations... | Review | PS Vita


Review: Mad Riders (PSN) - PS Nation

1208 days ago - PS Nation takes a look at Techland's latest racer, Mad Riders. | Review | PS3


Wonderbook: A Gamer's Perspective

1220 days 19 hours ago - I look into Sony's E3 announcement about "Wonderbook" and what it means for hardcore gamers in the future. | Opinion piece | PS3


Zen Studios Reveals Another New Title - 'CastleStorm' | PS Nation

1227 days 1 hour ago - The makers of Zen Pinball, and upcoming titles Zen Pinball 2 and KickBeat, have announced a new game - CastleStorm. This article discusses many asp... | News | PC

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