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The Secret Life Of A (Puddle Review) [Wanderson75.net]

1091 days 18 hours ago - W75's Will Anderson takes a closer look at the greatest adventure that a puddle has ever seen. | Review | Xbox 360


My hotplate can play Gears – Nyko Intercooler STS Review [Wanderson75.net]

1094 days 18 hours ago - Dominic Marzolino throws on a labcoat, queues the fog machine and heads into the W75 labs to see if the Nyko Intercooler STS for the Xbox 360 Slim... | Review | Xbox 360


Sony’s Cross-Play Capability Will Connect Gamers Everywhere

1095 days 12 hours ago - W75's Victoria takes a look at Sony's Cross-Play capability and gives her thoughts on what it could do for the Vita. | Opinion piece | PS3


Impressions on The Darkness II Demo [Wanderson75.net]

1097 days 16 hours ago - W75's Blair Hicks writes, "This case of an absence of light is the demo for the upcoming game: The Darkness II. This violent first-person shooter... | Preview | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Ring in the new year with gift cards. Check out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Spacetime Studios Announces Vampire MMO for Android, iOS

1098 days 18 hours ago - Spacetime Studios, the creators of Pocket Legends and Star Legends has announced their latest MMO coming in the first quarter of 2012; Dark Legends... | News | iPhone


Scarygirl Review [Wanderson75.net]

1098 days 19 hours ago - Enter a world unlike any other. A world of spooky creatures, eerie sounds, and backdrops that look like something out of a children’s book that Ti... | Review | PC


Impressions On The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Demo [Wanderson75.net]

1099 days 16 hours ago - W75's Blair Hicks takes a closer look at this upcoming fantasy RPG from Electronic Arts. | Preview | PC


Choplifter HD Review [Wanderson75.net]

1100 days 18 hours ago - Adam Franti straps into the pilot's seat in this side scrolling shooter and runs it through its paces. | Review | PC


Hands On With the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo [Wanderson75.net]

1101 days 20 hours ago - W75's Blair Hicks takes a look at the demo for the latest Final Fantasy epic. Will it be an improvement over its predecessor? Let's take a look! | Preview | Xbox 360


Heed the Call of the Space Siren – Devilsong Review [Wanderson75.net]

1101 days 20 hours ago - W75's Blair Hicks writes, "Oh, the call of a life in Space. The ideals of freedom, riches, fame, and adventure that many associate with being a sp... | Review | Xbox 360


Nano Assault – The Review [Wanderson75.net]

1104 days 19 hours ago - W75's Greg Montique kills viruses with extreme prejudice in this shooter from Majesco. | Review | 3DS


Hands-on with the WiiU [Wanderson75.net]

1105 days 19 hours ago - W75's Victoria gets some hands on time with the Wii U at CES, and shares her thoughts on Nintendo's upcoming console. | Preview | Wii U


Hands On With Turtle Beach’s 2012 Lineup [Wanderson75.net]

1107 days 16 hours ago - Wanderson75.net's Will Anderson writes,"If you read my review of Turtle Beach’s X41 wireless 5.1 headset in 2011, you might remember that there wer... | Preview | Tech


CES 2012: Hands On With Razer’s Project Fiona [Wanderson75.net]

1108 days 15 hours ago - If this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show were to be labeled with a theme, it would most definitely be the year of the Tablet. Major... | Preview | PC


Tobii Technologies Sets Sight On Gaming

1112 days 6 hours ago - Wanderson75.net takes a closer look at a new amazing technology that allows you to control games using your eyes. | Preview | Tech


SteelSeries Unveils New Lineup At 2012 CES

1114 days 18 hours ago - SteelSeries, makers of great peripherals and accessories such as the 7XB Headset for Xbox 360 and the phenomenal Sensei mouse have unveiled their l... | News | PC


2012 CES – Gametel Peripheral Could Change Mobile Gaming

1115 days 18 hours ago - Last night we attended the CES Unveiled Press Event to get a sneak peek at some of the offerings that the consumer will see hitting the market in t... | Preview | iPhone


Impressions on Scarygirl [Wanderson75.net]

1116 days 5 hours ago - W75's Blair Hicks takes a closer look at what makes Scarygirl tick. | Preview | Xbox 360


Hidden in a Perfect World – Colonies: Neociv Review [Wanderson75.net]

1117 days 13 hours ago - W75's Blair Hicks takes a look at a promising indie game. | Review | Xbox 360


Call of Duty: Well Developed or Well Marketed?

1118 days 7 hours ago - Adam Franti talks about the Call of Duty franchise, and Farmville. It all makes sense after you read it. | Opinion piece | Culture


WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

Now - Ryan steps back into the ring for the first next-gen WWE game. | Promoted post
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