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Nival Unleashes Prime World English Trailer, Beta Details

1145 days 17 hours ago - Russian game developer Nival today announced the release of an English Trailer featuring some of the environments and gameplay of their upcoming on... | News | PC


Waterfield's PS Vita Case Review [Wanderson75.net]

1145 days 18 hours ago - W75's Jordon Hiller takes a look at a high quality case for the Vita, without the high quality cost. | Review | PS Vita


Summer Of The PlayStation Vita [Wanderson75.net]

1145 days 18 hours ago - W75's Jordon Taylor goes gaga over this summer's releases for the PlayStation Vita. | Preview | PS Vita


Drink Brisk Tea - Unlock Star Wars Kinect Content

1147 days 1 hour ago - Brisk Tea announced today that, in partnership with LucasArts, 1-Liter bottles of the super sugary drink will have a Microsoft Tag that can be read... | News | Xbox 360


The Witcher 3

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Get A Refresher On The Witcher Before Witcher 2 Launches

1147 days 12 hours ago - Been a while since you played the Witcher? Not familiar with the series? Well, the minds at CD Projekt RED have cooked up a recap of the original... | News | PC


Great Balls of Fire! – Wheels of Destruction: World Tour Review [Wanderson75.net]

1147 days 12 hours ago - W75's Jordon Hiller takes Gelid's latest arena vehicle combat game for a spin. | Review | PS3


Protect Your Vita’s Screen with Skinomi’s TechSkin – Review [Wanderson75.net]

1148 days 4 hours ago - W75's Jordon Hiller finds a new product to protect your Vita with. | Review | PS Vita


Steelseries Goes 8-Bit With ErgoRetro Line

1150 days 20 hours ago - Steelseries announced today a new line-up of ergonomic and retro-style accessories for the PC with the ErgoRetro series. | News | PC


Ninja Gaiden III: A Gaiden For The Rest Of Us [Wanderson75.net]

1151 days 17 hours ago - W75's Will Anderson takes a look at the latest installment of the Ninja Gaiden franchise; and actually makes it past the first boss this time! | Review | Xbox 360


Silent Hill HD Collection (Review) - A Return To Classic Horror [Wanderson75.net]

1152 days 15 hours ago - W75's Will Anderson grabs a cup of coffee and turns all of the lights on in the house as he dives into this classic collection. | Review | Xbox 360


Street Fighter X Tekken Review [Wanderson75.net]

1154 days 16 hours ago - Many videogame franchises spark sometimes bitter rivalries between gamers, such as Battlefield vs. Call of Duty, Halo vs. Resistance, but no rivalr... | Review | PC


There Ain’t No Party Like a Mario Party 9 (Review) [Wanderson75.net]

1155 days 12 hours ago - Rolling a powerful 10 on the dice block is Mario Party 9, Nintendo’s latest in its popular party game series. After eight other titles, does this... | Review | Wii


Sine Mora Reviewed [Wanderson75.net]

1159 days 13 hours ago - W75's Adam Franti does something he's never done before; give a game a perfect score. | Review | Xbox 360


First Impressions on Confrontation [Wanderson75.net]

1159 days 23 hours ago - W75's Adam Franti takes a look at the upcoming Strategy RPG from Cyanide Studios. | Preview | PC


Breaking the Illusion of Control – Did Mass Effect Gamers Expect Too Much?

1161 days 12 hours ago - W75's Will Anderson, Adam Franti, and Blair Hicks put their noggins together to figure out exactly what went wrong. | Opinion piece | Culture


Retro Review – Mount and Blade Collection [Wanderson75.net]

1162 days 6 hours ago - TaleWorlds Entertainment’s Mount & Blade series has found a niche as an underground hit over the last few years, owing its modest success to its un... | Review | PC


Get Your Fight On-The-Go – Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Vita Review [Wanderson75.net]

1162 days 10 hours ago - Fighting its way across two worlds is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for the PS Vita. This complete edition of the fighting game may be jam packed w... | Review | PS Vita


Silent Hill Downpour- The Review [Wanderson75.net]

1162 days 16 hours ago - Are you afraid of the dark? Maybe thunderstorms or shadows scare you? Well, buckle up because the next installment from the brilliant minds at Va... | Review | Xbox 360


Put a Little Backspin On It – Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Review [Wanderson75.net]

1165 days 15 hours ago - Get ready to tee off, golf fans, as Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational for the PS Vita has the courses booked and ready to go. | Review | PS Vita


BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Reviewed [Wanderson75.net]

1165 days 16 hours ago - The BlazBlue series comes to the PlayStation Vita in exciting form with BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend! | Review | Xbox 360


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