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The Last of Us Review | LinkSavesZelda

389 days 6 hours ago - Story/Plot: 10 Gameplay: 9.5 Presentation: 10 Length: 13-16 hours Replayability: High Entertainment Value: High | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | GameNurd

389 days 14 hours ago - The game's extraordinary AI along with the fabulous combat make the gaming experience extremely intense while the deep emotional story helps bring... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | GameStyle

389 days 17 hours ago - Amazing writing, acting and gameplay make The Last Of Us the game of the generation! | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | GamerFrolic

391 days 9 hours ago - This game is emotionally draining, never letting up, adding different aspects of gameplay that have never been experienced before. Every element of... | Review | PS3


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The Last of Us Review | TodayOnline

392 days 6 hours ago - Naughty Dog’s latest title is nothing short of a gaming masterpiece | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | TheGameFanatics

393 days 11 hours ago - The Last of Us is, by far, one of the best games I have ever played. When it comes to Naughty Dog games, I usually find myself getting completely... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | Impulsegamer

397 days 9 hours ago - The Last of Us is truly what a game can aspire to. It’s a full interactive experience package. The Last of Us is a game with heart and soul. | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | StrategyInformer

397 days 9 hours ago - The Last of Us features one of gaming’s greatest ever openings. It’s immediately clear Naughty Dog—the acclaimed developer of series’ including Jak... | Review | PS3


EDGE: PS4 Vs Xbox One: Sony retains upper hand after Microsoft DRM U turn, say analysts

398 days 13 hours ago - PS4’s lower price will give it the upper hand against Xbox One despite Microsoft’s decision to backtrack on its DRM policies last night, analysts h... | News | PS4


The Last of Us Review | GamesXtreme

399 days 2 hours ago - If there's one game which is going to stand out as a swansong for the PS3, the Last of Us can hold its head up high and proclaim from the rooftops... | Review | PS3


The PlayStation 4 controller is just slightly better than the best thing ever

401 days 5 hours ago - What people like or dislike in a video game controller is often subjective; our hands come in many sizes and shapes, and what feels comfortable to... | Opinion piece | PS4


The Last of Us Review | WorthPlaying

401 days 8 hours ago - The Last of Us is a genre-defining experience that blends survival and action elements to tell a character-driven story about a population decimate... | Review | PS3


The Last Of Us Review | Timeless Gaming

402 days 5 hours ago - Naughty Dog is well-known for its amazing pedigree in game design. During this generation of gaming, they have managed to create masterpiece after... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Game Ever | SabotageTimes

402 days 11 hours ago - The Last of Us is a terrific achievement that transcends not only the apocalypse gaming tropes, but also the genre as a whole. | Review | PS3


Why The Last of Us is the opposite of Uncharted

404 days 1 hour ago - The Last of Us, meanwhile, has had 13 hours to impress me, and it has taken advantage. Its singular attention to character and storytelling is at o... | Article | PS3


The Last of Us Review | EnterGameNet

404 days 4 hours ago - Steven Burroughs says: They say you save the Best for last, and with the Playstation 4 due to release this holiday season that is exactly what Naug... | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | GameZone

404 days 8 hours ago - The Last of Us paints an honest depiction of a brutal apocalyptic world. And the dynamic between Joel and Ellie further drive home the fact that wh... | Review | PS3


E3 2013: PS4 Outpacing Xbox One Pre-Orders

404 days 12 hours ago - Early data suggests Sony’s E3 conference made a stronger impact on consumers than Microsoft. | News | PS4


The Last of Us Review | NYDailyNews

404 days 13 hours ago - It may be yet another zombie apocalypse, but its rich story, developed characters and top-notch game play make it a cut above the rest. | Review | PS3


The Last of Us Review | QuarterToThree

405 days 12 hours ago - The Last of Us is the most emotionally resonant game you will ever play about plank, ladder, and palette management. To be fair you’ll sometimes sc... | Review | PS3


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