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The Order: 1886 hands-on preview – old-fashioned gameplay | metro.co.uk

209 days 7 hours ago - David Jenkins for Metro.co.uk says: Beyond the visuals there’s nothing in the game, or at least the demo, that couldn’t have been done on a PlaySta... | Preview | PS4


Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta is 720p, 60fps

238 days 13 hours ago - The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta outputs at 60 frames per second and a 720p resolution, developer 343 has confirmed. | News | Xbox One


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review - Evolving the Franchise | PlayStationLifeStyle

246 days 11 hours ago - Ultimately, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is one of the best iterations in the franchise, as it has found a way to reinvigorate its gameplay mecha... | Review | PS4


Sunset Overdrive Review | VideoGamer

253 days 11 hours ago - Sunset Overdrive has some excellent ideas, but its triumphs are sadly suffocated beneath ultra-repetitive mission design and unsatisfying enemy enc... | Review | Xbox One


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Source: Sony won’t show The Last Guardian at E3 this week

393 days 4 hours ago - The Last Guardian has been a hot topic these last 24 hours and we’ve just heard from a source that it’ll skip E3 2014. | Rumor | PS3


Game of the Month: The Last of Us: Left Behind | GameSpot

488 days 19 hours ago - Ultimately, Left Behind is about how things are fleeting and how people are haunted by loss, but we're left with our memories, and these become a p... | Opinion piece | PS3


Game of the Year 2013 - No.1: The Last of Us | VideoGamer

553 days 6 hours ago - We gave it a 10. It's not flawless, by any means. But it gets so much right in ways games often get them wrong, as well as excelling in many other... | Opinion piece | PS3


Giant Bomb's 2013 Game of the Year Awards: Day Five

556 days 22 hours ago - by Giant Bomb Staff: This isn't Naughty Dog's first time in the top spot on one of our annual lists, so in one sense it's not a huge surprise that... | Opinion piece | PS3


The winner of Destructoid's 2013 Game of the Year

559 days 19 hours ago - The Last of Us is a beautiful send off for the PlayStation 3. It carries with it Naughty Dog's considerably heft; the artistic, technical, and budg... | Opinion piece | PC


Game of the Year. Game of the Generation. Favourite game ever

561 days 5 hours ago - by Johnny Cullen: The Last of Us is special. Game of the Year doesn’t even come close to how I feel about it. Game of the Generation gets it partly... | Opinion piece | PS3


Best current-gen video games of 2013 | New York Daily News

562 days 8 hours ago - Games like 'Last of Us,' 'Grand Theft Auto V' and 'Bioshock: Infinite' rewarded gamers who didn't get around to buying the next-gen consoles yet. | Opinion piece | Wii


Why The Last of Us is the first truly mature action game (and our Game of the Year)

565 days 14 hours ago - “…it could be argued that The Last of Us is the first truly mature interactive narrative in the action genre.” | Opinion piece | PS3


Game of the Year 2013 | Game Revolution

566 days 14 hours ago - Not only is The Last of Us deserving of being call “Game of the Year”, but it quite possibly could be the game of a generation. | Opinion piece | PS3


Best Games of 2013: 5-1 | Arcade Sushi

569 days 21 hours ago - by Luke Brown: Naughty Dog has once again wowed gamers with another stellar PlayStation 3 exclusive title. The Last of Us' post-apocalyptic tale co... | Opinion piece | Wii


eGamer Awards 2013: Game Of The Year

571 days 7 hours ago - The Last Of Us, in the end, lacked in nothing and delivered on all fronts. It was firstly the complete package, offering a very lengthy single play... | Opinion piece | PC


The 10 Best Video Games of 2013 | The Roosevelts

571 days 21 hours ago - Earth’s 2013th trip around the sun during the Common Era was notable for worlds that were digitally given life within the box-like realms of gaming... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top games of 2013: Five best video games to buy for Christmas | Mirror

572 days 2 hours ago - Even if you haven’t made the leap to next-gen gaming, there’s still plenty of titles to keep gamers happy this Christmas Check out all the lates... | Opinion piece | PC


Game of the Year

574 days 9 hours ago - Gabe says: I didn’t watch the VGX awards live but I checked out all the coverage online after the event. When it comes to awards you’re never going... | Opinion piece | PS3


Why The Last of Us Is The Best Story Ever Told

575 days ago - The Last of Us is not only the best video game in the last decade, it’s also the best story I’ve seen for a very long time. It single-handedly refu... | Opinion piece | PS3


10 Best Video Games of 2013 | GuySpeed

577 days 9 hours ago - Nothing says “holidays” to us like shanking a zombie in the neck, or destroying a group of enemies with a flock of crows, or setting your attack do... | Opinion piece | PC


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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