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A PlayStation App to complement the upcoming PlayStation 4 reported to be on the works

1007 days 17 hours ago - Smashiphone: There’s no denying how big the PlayStation 4 announcement is, considering how phenomenal the PlayStation series has been in defining g... | Article | PS4


The Android-based Ouya or Sony’s new PlayStation 4?

1008 days ago - galaxynoteapps: 2013 is certainly bound to be an interesting year for the gaming industry, given how new game consoles are bound in hit the retail... | Article | PS4


Battle Monkeys for the iOS

1037 days 18 hours ago - Smashiphone: Developed by Geek Beach, Battle Monkeys for the iOS has steadily been raking in new followers, with the game title’s enhanced 3D gamep... | Article | iPhone


Games Invade the “Real World”

1057 days 6 hours ago - Smashiphone: Just as the last Christmas Day proved to be the very day when more tablet/smartphone activations took place in 2012, the last holiday... | Article | Casual games


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at HotLiked.com. You will regret it... | Promoted post

Sonic the Hedgehog for Android

1066 days ago - Galaxys3apps: Sonic the Hedgehog – more well known simply as Sonic – stands to be one of the world’s most readily recognizable characters, standing... | Article | Android


Osmos’ Popularity

1219 days ago - A cursory look at current gaming trends and directions would note the rise of once-niche gaming industry arenas, with the popularity of indie games... | Article | Casual games


ROCCAT’s Power-Grid App to be showcased at gamescom 2012

1220 days 22 hours ago - This year’s gamescom is pegged to highlight the latest innovations and prototypes of ROCCAT, the Hamburg-headquartered leader in the design and dev... | Article | iPhone


The GameDock – Kinda like the Apple version of the Ouya

1223 days 14 hours ago - Though not exactly a direct response to the upcoming Ouya, the GameDock has also been gaining a lot of attention, given the similarities – though n... | Article | iPhone


The Act – Nine Years in the making

1226 days 13 hours ago - When one stops to think about it, The Act, a game which had recently been released for the iOS, is a rarity in itself, given the fact that it took... | Article | iPhone


The Ultima’s Ultima Forever Revival

1227 days 13 hours ago - In line with Electronic Arts’ Play4Free platform, BioWare (which is part of EA Studios) is slated to revive the Ultima RPG series with Ultima Forev... | Article | Casual games


Smashiphone | Temple Run for iPhone Review

1230 days 8 hours ago - Temple Run is a running game made by Imangi Studios, that independent game company started by the husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia... | Review | iPhone


Cheating – A “Feature” in the Re-release of Final Fantasy VII

1235 days 13 hours ago - PGL: Square Enix has long been established as one of the biggest game developers in the world, with the Final Fantasy franchise being its titular g... | Article | PC


Super Retro Squad – Exploding Rabbit’s Kickstarter

1238 days 6 hours ago - PGL: A true gamer knows that solid gameplay variables remain to be a game title’s endearing feature, one which isn’t necessarily dependent on immer... | Article | Retro


3DS XL to come by August

1247 days 6 hours ago - PGL: Nintendo, a giant in the game console, portable game console and game title development and release industries, recently announced the coming... | News | Tech


PGL | Cooler Master’s CM Storm Sonuz – Gear Review

1249 days 7 hours ago - PGL: Announced sometime last May, the Sonuz is the latest analog stereo gaming headset by Cooler Master, famed makers of the CM Storm gaming headse... | Review | Tech


17-Bit’s Skulls of the Shogun on Microsoft’s Surface

1249 days 12 hours ago - PGL: Microsoft recently heralded a new milestone, defined in the release of its first fully-branded mobile computing tablet known as Surface. | Article | Casual games


PGL | Kingston’s HyperX 3K Review

1253 days 16 hours ago - PGL: As a major contender in the flash-based storage devices arena, Kingston is one name which evokes a sense of trust, given the brand’s impressiv... | Review | Tech


PGL | Dust: An Elysian Tale by Humble Hearts Review

1257 days 14 hours ago - PGL: If anything, true gamers are well aware of one fact about games – though 3D graphics are great for gameplay experiences, a well-made 2D game w... | Review | Arcade


ASRock – 1st to pass Windows 8 Mobo Certification

1259 days 21 hours ago - PGL: With the recent announcement of the Release Preview of Windows 8, ASRock Inc had also recently garnered a new distinction to its name by being... | Article | PC


Injustice: Gods Among Us

1262 days 9 hours ago - PGL: When the DC Universe joined forces with the Mortal Kombat arena, the amalgam stood to be a direct counter against the long endearing Marvel an... | Article | Xbox 360


Track Pokemon GO at Releases.com

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post
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