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How one man made an 1,800 player action game where an entire industry couldn't

1078 days 4 hours ago - Red Bull "Forget Grand Theft Auto: Just Cause 2 is the ultimate virtual playground for gamers. The lush island of Panau stretches across 400 square... | Article | PC


Sony Falsely Advertises Cross-Game Chat For PS Plus Members

1079 days 8 hours ago - Gaming Blend "The standard of baseline shamelessness and poor marketing decisions will always be Capcom. They set a new low with advertising featur... | News | PS3


Baldur's Gate 2 Redux Mod Looks Amazing In Dragon Age: Origins Engine

1080 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Blend "Curious what BioWare's Baldur's Gate II might have looked like had it released in full 3D way back in 2000? Well, it would look like... | News | PC


Warner Bros Shuts Down Fan Made Skyrim: Lord Of The Rings Mod

1081 days 2 hours ago - Cinemablend "Do you like Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings? Do you like Edler Scrolls V: Skyrim? Do you think you would have drooled over the possibi... | Article | PC


The Wii U Games You Need to Play in August

Now - Let's take a look at what Nintendo will be offering throughout the month. | Promoted post

Skyrim: Bethesda Still Fixing Dawnguard PS3, Future DLC 'Complicates Things'

1082 days ago - Now Gamer "Skyrim’s DLC problems on PS3 don’t appear to have an easy solution and Bethesda’s Pete Hines has hinted that further DLC, such as the re... | News | PS3


Xbox 720, PS4 Graphics Could Get Close To Avatar's Quality, Says Geomerics

1082 days 14 hours ago - Gaming Blend "The new benchmark in visual fidelity is no longer Crysis. No, instead, across all forms of digital and cinematic media the benchmark... | News | Tech


Reddit Bans Gaming Site IGN for Vote Manipulation

1083 days 14 hours ago - Mashable "Reddit’s long anti-spam crusade claimed another victim over the weekend. Links from influential gaming site and digital publisher IGN hav... | News | Culture


Geomerics Interview: Next-Gen Consoles, Battlefield 4 And Ray-Tracing

1083 days 23 hours ago - Gaming Blend "We had a chance to ask about how Enlighten can be used in current-gen projects as well as how it scales for the next-gen consoles, as... | Interview | PC


You Can Permanently Lose Cash Shop Items In The War Z

1085 days ago - Gaming Blend "When it comes to free-to-play MMOs it's always a give and take when it comes to grinding for items versus buying premium items. For T... | News | PC


Before You Buy Resident Evil 6 Don't Forget How Capcom Treats Employees

1085 days 13 hours ago - Cinemablend "We all know video game journalism is in the gutter. Few sites are reliable (and we all know who they are). Most sites are middlemen ad... | Opinion piece | PC


The War Z Can Have Up To Several Hundred Zombies On Screen

1087 days 21 hours ago - Gaming Blend "When you think zombie apocalypse the one thing that probably comes to mind is streets flooded with the walking dead. Every square inc... | News | PC


Square Enix To Address Final Fantasy 7 DRM Issues

1098 days 23 hours ago - Gaming Blend "No one likes DRM...PC gamers especially. It's become this hassle that pirates laugh at and legit consumers face with groans and dolor... | News | PC


Was Jay Wilson's Apology Sincere? I Don't Think So

1100 days 12 hours ago - Gaming Blend "You may have read through the 101 articles out there questioning if Jay Wilson's apology was legit or a PR spin-job. You may have als... | Opinion piece | PC


Let's Play Offensive Combat With U4iA Games - GB Preview

1102 days 22 hours ago - Gaming Blend "If you want a game that requires skill, has easy entry-level play mechanics and runs out of your browser then Offensive Combat is a g... | Preview | PC


Pray For Dark Heads To Kickstarter, Features Blind Protagonist

1103 days 4 hours ago - Gaming Blend "Pray For Dark is an action-horror game that takes a decidedly different approach to both horror and action. The player's will take co... | News | PC


Shadowrun Online Has One Day Left On Kickstarter, $100,000 To Go

1111 days 9 hours ago - Gaming Blend "Gamigo and Cliffhanger Productions are in the final stretches of the Shadowrun Online Kickstarter campaign. The game has one full day... | News | PC


EA's Stock Rises Like The Dark Knight As Gamers Root For Zynga's Demise

1115 days 7 hours ago - Gaming Blend "Just like in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, Electronic Arts is starting to see a small comeback from their shadowy pit. The company... | News | Industry


Diablo 3 Unauthorized Grey Market RMAH Announced

1133 days 11 hours ago - Gaming Blend "A third-party, unofficial, unauthorized company is opening their own real-money auction house to undercut Blizzard's real-money aucti... | News | PC


Blizzard's CEO Lies To Defend RMAH, Always-On For Diablo 3

1135 days 23 hours ago - Gaming Blend "To say that Diablo III has issues is an understatement. The biggest problems with the game is not necessarily the game itself but the... | Opinion piece | PC


Diablo 3 Item Duping Exploit Returns; Game Creation Limit Returning

1138 days 1 hour ago - Gaming Blend "Team Vietnam has claimed responsibility for the dupe and are selling it for 1 billion in-game gold. Additional screenshots have surfa... | News | PC



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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