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Zynga wins in copyright suit against Mattel over Scramble with Friends

166 days 18 hours ago - Thomas Schulenberg: "Zynga has emerged victorious from a round of battle in the High Court after Mattel claimed Zynga's Scramble With Friends app i... | News | iPhone


OMGPOP Team Tried To Buy Back Its Site, But Zynga Killed It Instead

256 days 3 hours ago - Josh Constine: "Our sources tell us that multiple OMGPOP team members independently tried to buy back the OMGPOP.com site, games, and intellectual... | Rumor | PC


Zynga To Shut Down OMGPOP’s Online Gaming Portal

257 days 20 hours ago - Greg Kumparak: "After Zynga acquired OMGPOP for around $200M only to lay off much of the team a year later, it was unclear what would happen to thi... | News | PC


New in PlayStation Home: SOCOM's Golden AK-47, Monkey Island Space & Items, and Gamer's Lounge Refresh

1467 days ago - Locust_Star // PlayStation Home Online Community Specialist: "Early in the history of PlayStation Home, leading developers embraced the platfo... | News | 1


Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Media Molecule: No New Beta - Emails Sent in Error

1469 days 20 hours ago - Spaff_Molecule: "Hi Everyone - I'm not entirely sure what is going on here, but what it looks like is that the Sony Email system has had a bit... | News | 1,4


Lenovo outs thin IdeaPad S10-3s

1472 days 1 hour ago - Fudzilla: "Lenovo has launched the all new IdeaPad S10-3s and we must admit that it's Lenovo's best looking netbook to date. It is just 0... | News | 14

C is back

1472 days 1 hour ago - After years behind Java, C is back at the top of the polls as the worlds favourite programming language. According to the Tiobe index C has been 15... | News | 15,14


New Atom D525 comes in Q2 2010

1472 days 1 hour ago - Intel doesn't rest at least when it comes to new Atom CPUs. It has announced that it will start shipping N470, N475 and N455 netbook Atoms in Q2 20... | News | 14

Engadget: ICD's Tegra 2-powered Gemini is the most feature-complete tablet we've seen yet

1472 days 1 hour ago - Engadget: "Built around the 1GHz Tegra 2 SOC, the 11.2-inch ICD Gemini should provide comparable endurance to Apple's A4-sporting iPad, while... | News | 14

AMD plans Athlon II X3 450

1472 days 1 hour ago - Fudzilla: "Only days after we have reported that AMD plans to launch the 3.1GHz Athlon II X3 445 with a 95W TDP, the company is getting ready... | News | 14

Athlon II C3 stepping coming soon

1472 days 1 hour ago - AMD is readying nine new Athlon II processor based on the C3 core revision. The refreshed CPUs won't bring major performance boosts, but they could... | News | 14

Mozilla works on Direct2D for Firefox

1472 days 1 hour ago - Mozilla Foundation is working on Direct2D accelleration which will mean that it s Firefox browser will be able to call upon the power of the GPU to... | News | 14

China market: HTC aims to ship 4-5 million handsets in 2011, says CEO

1472 days 1 hour ago - HTC expects sales of its handsets through its partner Dopod in the China market to reach 4-5 million units in 2011, according to company CEO and pr... | News | 6


Intel holding off new ultra-thin notebook CPUs

1472 days 1 hour ago - Intel has recently decided to hold off the launch of new ultra-thin notebook processors until the third quarter as Acer has halted the production o... | News | 14

AMD wants to eat Intel's notebook lunch

1472 days 1 hour ago - It is starting to look as if Intel's dream of protecting its notebook market from netbooks is going to fall flat on its face. Intel has resisted mo... | News | 14

New Hampshire man is victim of first recorded iPad theft

1472 days 1 hour ago - TUAW: "Someone has to be first, I suppose. Straight from the police iBlotter in Manchester, NH, the Union Leader reports that a broad-daylight... | News | 14

Gnome 2.30 out

1472 days 1 hour ago - The open source desktop GUI GNOME has just got itself another incarnation. GNOME is one of the more popular Linux GUIs so when a new one is re... | News | 14

DRAM maker shifts to 50nm

1472 days 1 hour ago - DRAM maker Inotera has started shifting its entire production to the 50nm stack process. According to Digitimes the outfit is planning to star... | News | 14

North Korean Red Star operating system details emerge

1472 days 1 hour ago - Information about Red Star, as it is known, was made public by a Russian blogger studying in North Korea, who bought the program off the street.... | News | 14

Windows Mobile converts to Android

1472 days 1 hour ago - Hackers are turning Windows Mobile based phones into the latest Android technology. Microsoft Windows gear is being laughed off the shelves at... | News | 6


Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS) Review

Now - Dave solves the latest Layton title for 3DS. | Promoted post
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