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"Live Life As If Everyday Was Your Last"

We cannot let this become gaming culture

3 days 19 hours ago - This week, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian cancelled a university speaking engagement after threats that it would be met with a shooting spree. Th... | Opinion piece | Industry


DRIVECLUB Review - Gametrailers

14 days 14 hours ago - It’s been a long road for Sony’s newest racer. Is it a smooth ride or fraught with engine trouble? | Review | PS4


Real #GameDev’s Sound off Regarding the #GamerGate Controversy

32 days 8 hours ago - Whether you fully believe in the meaning of #GamerGate, partially, or if you completely disagree with it – it has far reaching implications and lot... | News | Culture


Are Video Games Sexist?

34 days 16 hours ago - Are video games rife with sexism? And have you heard that most video gamers are now adult women—not teenage boys in the basement? A new study says... | Video | Culture


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Interview With Daniel Vavra: GamerGate And The Gaming Industry

38 days 20 hours ago - For those of you that do not know, Daniel Vavra is a game designer and writer that has been in the industry for about fifteen years. Mafia: The Cit... | Interview | PC


How You Can Die While Gaming

1173 days 21 hours ago - Many of us play games from time to time but not for that long. There is an exception for a few other people, they like to play almost the entire da... | Article | PC


Unlimited Detail Is Back With Graphics Tech That Blows Away Polygons Out Of The Water

1177 days 11 hours ago - Last year we saw a new company show up from no where showing the possibilities of video game graphics of the future. By getting rid of the polygons... | News | PC


A Glimpse Of The PS Vita Facial Recognition Tech

1209 days 12 hours ago - The technology running behind the PS Vita is very impressive, we have already seen marker-less AR (augmented reality) which the 3DS and PSP need in... | News | Tech


PSM3 Scans Of Battlefield 3: Multiplayer Class System Revealed And Much More

1216 days 8 hours ago - Scans of PSM3 have just come in and BF3 looks better then ever. In these scans we learn a bit more of the multiplayer class system, also that DICE'... | News | PC


New God Of War III Scans

1744 days 21 hours ago - New Japanese scans of GoW III showing a new boss, Poseidon. | Screenshot | 1

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