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Boss Monster: 8-bit “Dungeon Building” Card Game Terrorizes Kickstarter

1133 days 6 hours ago - Combining a love of 8-bit aesthetics with modern tabletop gaming and a topsy-turvy view of good and evil, Boss Monster by Brotherwise Games looks l... | News | Culture


IGOTW: Flightless, Nitrome’s Little Puzzle Platformer That Could

1133 days 14 hours ago - Rant Gaming's Indie Game of the Week feature highlights Nitrome's new jumpless puzzle-platformer Flightless, which is competing for a Steam Greenli... | Review | PC


Indie Game of the Week: Retro City Rampage

1141 days 3 hours ago - Rant Gaming now has a weekly Indie Game of the Week feature, where one indie game on any platform is chosen and celebrated as an achievement in ind... | Article | PC


Dream Lands: A Study in Interactive Dreamscapes (Part 3)

1148 days 13 hours ago - Part 3 of Rant Gaming's Dream Lands series, this list brings you the top six video game dreamscapes. These ones are guaranteed to freak you out. | Opinion piece | PS2


Tokyo Jungle's Biggest Fumbles

1152 days 2 hours ago - Tokyo Jungle could have been a beast of an underdog hit, but it stumbled through the gate with a series of lukewarm reviews and less buzz than an a... | Opinion piece | PS3


8 Monochrome Games That Make It Cool To Be A Panda

1156 days 16 hours ago - Mists of Pandaria, World of Warcraft's fourth expansion, made everybody in geekdom panda-crazy. What other games make it cool to be black and white? | Opinion piece | PC


Dream Lands: A Study In Interactive Dreamscapes (Part 2)

1157 days 3 hours ago - To celebrate the release of Kirby's Dream Collection, Rant Gaming brings you an epic list of gaming's wildest Dream Lands, from Dragon Age's Fade t... | Opinion piece | PS2


The Problem of Solitaire

1157 days 11 hours ago - What is it that makes single player video games work, but single player board games so boring (and pathetic)? Why would Minesweeper be impossible t... | Opinion piece | Culture


My First Steps On Pandora - A Borderlands Retrospective

1164 days 3 hours ago - In anticipation of the midnight release of Borderlands 2, Rant Gaming's B.A. Campbell looks back on what it was like to take those first steps in t... | Opinion piece | PC


Dream Lands: A Study in Interactive Dreamscapes (Part 1)

1164 days 8 hours ago - To celebrate the release of Kirby's Dream Collection, Rant Gaming brings you an epic list of gaming's wildest Dream Lands, from Dragon Age's Fade t... | Opinion piece | PS2


Wii U Launch Lineup: The Greatest in History?

1168 days 3 hours ago - Reggie Fils-Aime made a promise today: the Wii U's launch will be the greatest in Nintendo history. Rant Gaming takes a look at the launch titles o... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Wii U TVii Is Not For Mii

1168 days 13 hours ago - An in-depth look at the features in Nintendo's innovative live television connectivity experience, the TVii. Is this going to revolutionize the way... | Opinion piece | Wii U


What Did I Just Watch? Why I'm Mesmerized by the Super Hexagon Trailer

1173 days 12 hours ago - Rant Gaming's B.A. Campbell can't stop watching the Super Hexagon trailer, even after the game's been released. Find out why it just might be the m... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Why "Dark Souls Easy Mode" is Still Irrelevant

1176 days 8 hours ago - Namco Bandai has issued an official "revision" of Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki's statement that the Souls series might feature an Easy Mod... | Opinion piece | PC


Object Permanence: Dumbing Down Dark Souls?

1176 days 13 hours ago - Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed in a recent interview that he's considering implementing an easier difficulty in future Souls games.... | Opinion piece | PC


The Unfinished Swan Story Trailer Is A Little Sketchy

1179 days 5 hours ago - The Unfinished Swan, winner of several Most Innovative awards from E3 2012, released its debut story trailer at PAX Prime. It was pretty, but repre... | Opinion piece | PS3


Fixing Clue: A Beginner's Guide To Remixing Board Games

1180 days 2 hours ago - Let's face it, people: this board game thing is happening. Modern board games are taking off, and as gamers we should be interested. However, that... | Opinion piece | Culture


Forgettables 2--More Last-Gen Games That Deserve A Second Life

1180 days 17 hours ago - This second round-up of tragically flawed games from the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube takes a look at some risk-taking games that are sorely u... | Opinion piece | GameCube


The Forgettables–Last-Gen Games That Deserve A Second Life

1181 days 15 hours ago - Lately, games have been a little too...perfect. Like a magazine model who's more photoshop than flesh, too much perfection can get boring. This Ran... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Not So Old School–5 Reasons Video Gamers Should Care About Board Games

1186 days 15 hours ago - Just because we have all of these shiny new consoles doesn't mean we have to use them. Sometimes, it's just as rewarding to kick back with a board,... | Opinion piece | Culture


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