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Three First Party PS4 Launch Lineup Titles We Need

1007 days 15 hours ago - MouseEatsCat writes: "Hardware can only do so much. So when Sony presumably announces the PS3 successor later today, have no doubt, this console... | Opinion piece | PS4


Why The Handheld Is Here To Stay

1008 days 9 hours ago - MouseEatsCat writes: "I bought a PSPgo. I know, I know. I bought into the whole digital-only hype. I bought into the delusion that this little h... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


The Fading Importance of Backwards Compatibility

1009 days 7 hours ago - MouseEatsCat writes: "It won’t be long before the next generation of consoles will be in full swing and there are a lot of questions being throw... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Five Underrated Games That Should Have Gotten More Love

1012 days 18 hours ago - MouseEatsCat writes: "Game development is a slow, sluggish process. But when a game is made, most of the time it’s made with love and care and a... | Opinion piece | PSP


Five Things the PlayStation 4 Needs

1012 days 20 hours ago - MouseEatsCat writes: "A console needs a lot of stuff to succeed. Some minor, some major. Here are five things that the PlayStation 4 needs in or... | Opinion piece | PS4


MIG | Top 8 Wishlist for Tomb Raider

1483 days 11 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "I was at an early Halloween party over the weekend and I saw a girl dressed as Lara Croft. For some reason, this gave me... | Opinion piece | PC


MIG: The Dark Side: Panorama’s Take on Videogame Addiction

1812 days 18 hours ago - MIG writes: "My name is Robert and I play games. I’m not addicted to games, and I can completely control how much I play them. I also believe ev... | Article | Industry

MIG | Fable III Review

1856 days 5 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "Very early on in Fable III, you’ll need to make a decision. It’s a very important decision and vital to the story and how... | Review | Xbox 360


MyInsideGamer Podcast | Episode 1

1896 days 3 hours ago - MyInsideGamer releases their first podcast after a short hiatus. Senior Editor Paul Everitt takes over hosting duties. | Podcast | Industry

GoldenEye 007 Hands-on

1930 days 13 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "After many years of fans shouting for a remake—and disappointment with various sequels—Goldeneye is coming back onto the... | Preview | Wii


MIG: Review - APB

1965 days 7 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "All Points Bulletin has been in development for what seems like forever. I don’t have a problem with this, as long develo... | Review | PC


Sony E3 Conference Timeline

1988 days 9 hours ago - MyInsideGamer posts a real-time timeline of the Sony E3 conference as it happened. | Article | Industry


Guerrilla Hiring In Their Droves

1990 days 9 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "With Killzone 3 recently announced, and with Guerrilla Games' promise to top their previous Killzone, they're gonna need... | News | Industry


MIG: Project Natal Hands-On

2006 days 1 hour ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "Controllers always played a big part in my console preference. I have this thing about controllers where they need to be... | Article | Xbox 360


MIG: Review | ModNation Racers PSP

2007 days 7 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "After freshly reviewing the PS3 version of the same game, Robert is off on a portable adventure to find out if the PSP ve... | Review | PSP


MIG: E3 Predictions

2009 days 6 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "With E3 coming at us like a steamroller, I think it’s about time to put our speculation hats on and trying to guess what’... | Article | Industry


MIG: ModNation Racers Review

2010 days 12 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "Sony’s Play, Create, Share genre is intriguing. The idea of user-created content is very appealing and to share it with o... | Review | PS3


Bungie Looking For A ... Gopher

2019 days 14 hours ago - Bungie seem to be looking for a new staff member. You just know your employer loves you when they call you a gopher. | News | Industry


MIG: Wings of Prey Review

2019 days 18 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "It’s true: I had the fortune of playing a combat flight simulator. They come along less often than world wars, so getting... | Review | PC

MIG: Mole Control Review

2048 days 10 hours ago - MyInsideGamer writes: "If you've read any previous Mole Control reviews, then you've been told multiple times that this is a fancy remake... | Review | 12


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