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Red Phantom Games Head Richard Ogden Comments On Indie Games And PlayStation

191 days 7 hours ago - The man behind the freshly released Minutes and head of Red Phantom Games, Richard Ogden, recently spoke with Attack of the Fanboy about his new ga... | Interview | PS4


Star Citizen Interview: Dogfights, Carriers And Customisation

1015 days 15 hours ago - Just Push Start was recently fortunate enough to talk with Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander, about the hugely successful crowd funding... | Interview | PC


Planetary Annihilation Interview

1081 days 19 hours ago - Planetary Annihilation is the RTS that is currently making waves across the internet, not just due to its intriguing concepts but also as it double... | Interview | PC


War Of The Roses – Tips And Tricks For The Battlefield

1086 days 3 hours ago - While there are many players on the War of the Roses beta not everyone knows a few minor features which can make a big difference, when it comes to... | Article | PC


Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Minecraft Beta 1.6 Now Out

1558 days 5 hours ago - Minecraft Beta 1.6 has today be released bringing in a handful of new features and plenty of bug fixes. | News | PC


Minecraft Beta 1.6 Brings The Nether To Multiplayer

1580 days 22 hours ago - Notch has just announced on his blog that the Nether will be playable on multiplayer on Minecraft beta 1.6. | News | PC


Sony Deserves Acknowledgement

1581 days 22 hours ago - So the PlayStation network has been down for over a week. Since it was turned off rumours have bounced around the Internet, information has been st... | Article | PS3


Minecraft Beta 1.6 Will Mostly Fix Bugs

1586 days 20 hours ago - Notch has today revealed that the Minecraft beta 1.6 will not bring many new features to the game, but instead attempt to fix a long list of bugs. | News | PC


PS3 Version Of Mortal Kombat Has A Large Mandatory Install

1599 days 13 hours ago - It has been revealed today that the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat will have a large mandatory install. | News | PS3


Swarm (UK) Review | JPS

1599 days 20 hours ago - Swarm is the brand-new and unique action platform from Hothead Games. Players will take control of 50 Swarmites and by using them to get points and... | Review | Xbox 360


Homefront (UK) Review | JPS

1600 days 10 hours ago - Homefront is the brand new futuristic first person shooter from Kaos Studios and THQ. With the two halves of Korea united, they managed to shatter... | Review | PC


Notch Announces Minecraft’s Release Date

1606 days 16 hours ago - Notch has today revealed on his blog that Minecraft will finally emerge from beta status on the 11th of November. | News | PC


Minecraft Beta 1.5 Release “Next Week”

1606 days 16 hours ago - Notch has today announced on his blog that the update to Beta 1.5 for Minecraft will be “next week”. | News | PC


Large Mandatory Install For Crysis 2 Players On PS3

1629 days 20 hours ago - When it comes to the PlayStation 3 is seems all big titles come with a big mandatory install and Crysis 2 is no different. | News | PS3


Medieval II: Total War only £2.50 on Steam

1632 days 11 hours ago - Steam currently has Medieval II: Total War on sale for a bargain price of only £2.50. | News | PC


3 Million Hours Spent On Killzone 3s Multiplayer

1636 days 22 hours ago - Only yesterday Killzone 3 passed the online milestone of 1 million multiplayer matches, but today another massive milestone has been passed, this t... | News | PS3

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