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A Crusade: Finding the Fix for the YLOD

2261 days 13 hours ago - VampHuntD writes "I've been waiting to write this not to protect the guilty, but because I'm a reasonable person and I've given several chance... | Article | 1


What Sony next steps should be with HOME

2465 days 15 hours ago - From the onset of trophies, Sony and others have seemed to hint at the integretion of trophies in HOME. One of the favorite rumors would allow trop... | Article | 1,2,4,11


Dear Capcom

2480 days 20 hours ago - VG Watchdog Writes: "Dear Capcom, Recently, you've ignored your customers and fanbase. You've given us a "censored" Res... | Article | 1,2,11

160° Sony poised to cash in on DLC?

2587 days 13 hours ago - In this current gen, DLC seems to be used as a way to cash in on gamers Case in point is the recent release of Yoda, for the PS3 version of Soul Ca... | Article | 1, 2, 11, 13

40° The LittleBig Debate: Should Sony Have Delayed?

2591 days 12 hours ago - By now everyone has heard that LittleBigPlanet has been delayed due to a song included in the game that contained passages from the Quran and would... | Article | 1,11,13

20° - 2.5 was good, so what's next?

2596 days 9 hours ago - Since the newest PS3 firmware has been dropped upon us, it's always a great time to whine about features we don't have and hope that the next firmw... | Article | 1,2,11,13,15

130° - The Solution to the PS3 Install

2609 days 13 hours ago - The PS3 has mandatory game installs. No surprises there right? Since the beginning of the console gamers have complained that the PS3 has forced... | Article | 1

670° - Burned By Burnout: Trophy Patch Goes Live

2613 days 13 hours ago - As most have heard by now, Criterion lied and your game saves died to pay the price. It was previously believed that the now released Burnout Trop... | Article | 1,11,15

30° - SOCOM Confrontation Beta Impressions

2629 days 22 hours ago - VampHuntD writes: When I first thought of giving impressions on this game, I knew I was going to take some serious heat. The game in my eyes just... | Article | 1,11


Tokipost Gamer Debate: Journalist Comments

2648 days 5 hours ago - Some game journalists are very well known. So well known in fact, that when Kevin Pereira decided to become a gaming authority by posting a video... | Article | 1, 2, 11


Rumor: Tecmo CEO To Resign?

2652 days 22 hours ago - A page translated by google appears to show that Yoshima Yasuda will be resigning from the position of Tecmo CEO effective August 20th. The rough... | Rumor | 2, 8, 11, 13, 15


Tokipost.Com Reviewing Reviews: A Broken System?

2654 days 1 hour ago - Game reviews have existed for as long as games it would seem and with so many review sites and games available now a days, they aim to provide a se... | Article | 1,2,3,11

20° on Sony Trophies: How They Can Trump Gamerscore

2662 days 12 hours ago - By now most everyone is aware that the hit PS3 game Uncharted has recieved the trophy treatment adding over 40 trophies for collectors (It even cam... | Article | 1, 2, 11


Gamer Debate: No Online = No Buy?

2670 days 9 hours ago - The multiplayer sphere has moved to the online realm and while most people still play with friends, internet friends have also taken places on our... | Article | 1,2,3,11


Castle Crashers release dated, not priced

2672 days 18 hours ago - Castle Crashers have been dated for release on August 27th. No price has been set yet. | Article | 2,11


Open Letter To The Offended by Fat Princess

2680 days 14 hours ago - You may have heard by now that Fat Princes has rocked the gaming world by daring to put a fat person into a game. Not just into the game mind you,... | Article | 1


Xbox 360 Installs: Will they Become Mandatory?

2687 days 23 hours ago - Installs have been confirmed as coming to the Xbox360. Will this mean mandatory installs in the future? Some gamers see this as a move to just that. | Rumor | 30,2,14


The Future Of The 360: Installs to Come?

2690 days 21 hours ago - The 360, with a typically smaller hard drive, hasn't had mandatory game installs to date but with the announcement of a New 60gb model, could this... | Article | 2, 11


Does The PS3 Need a Price Drop?

2692 days ago - As we've seen from the recent generation of gaming, game players have become a fickle bunch of people. This has started fanboy wars that stalk many... | Article | 30,1


Things To Add In MGS4

2697 days 9 hours ago - An author's suggestion of things that could be added to MGS4. Some are fun, some would make sense. | Article | 1,11


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