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"Oh hun, such a drama queen."

What Parents Need To Know About 'Forza Horizon 2'

86 days 4 hours ago - With Forza Horizon 2 almost in stores and this year’s game earning an ESRB E10 rating rather than the original’s Teen rating I want to clarify whic... | Article | Xbox 360


The Sims 4: What You Need To Know

113 days 14 hours ago - The Sims 4 is nearly upon us, which means many loved ones will disappear into bedrooms and home offices to build new families in a virtual paradise... | Article | PC


The Sims 4: Create a Sim Demo Available Now

129 days 18 hours ago - Create smarter Sims with unique personalities and distinct appearances in The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo. Experience the powerful Create A Sim and di... | News | PC


Saints Row 'Penetrator' Replaced with Alien Tentacle in Dev Diary #4

489 days 16 hours ago - The infamous/famous melee weapon introduced in Saints Row: The Third, the 'Penetrator' has now been replaced with a similar weapon...but it's an al... | News | PC


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Payday 2 Release Dates for Consoles

492 days 11 hours ago - Payday 2, which was originally slated for a release yesterday, 13 August, has been pushed back to 16 August, due to an error in shipping over at 50... | News | Xbox 360


Game Informer: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Taps Nostalgia For Its Rebirth

553 days 21 hours ago - In an E3 presentation, the team behind the game discussed how they are focused on bringing classic elements from the franchise into the MMO space.... | Preview | PC


IGN: Everything You Need to Know About The Division

554 days 15 hours ago - Developed by Massive Entertainment, The Division is a new game in the Tom Clancy franchise. Using the Snowdrop engine, it is a open world, multipla... | Article | PS4


Game Informer: Hands-On With Knack For PlayStation 4

554 days 15 hours ago - Knack is Sony's new action/platformer, and it's coming out for PlayStation 4 on launch day. The game's lead designer is Mark Cerny, a gaming legend... | Preview | PS4


Redesigned Xbox 360 Model Not Much Different Than 360 Slim

554 days 21 hours ago - In the first few minutes of its E3 press conference on Monday, Microsoft announced that a redesigned model of the Xbox 360 is available now. Though... | News | Xbox 360


New Payday 2 Images From E3

554 days 21 hours ago - Payday: The Heist, a cooperative first-person shooter from Overkill Software, came out two years ago to a mediocre reception. Payday 2 looks to ser... | Screenshot | PC


The New Tomb Raider Saved This Teenager’s Life

647 days 9 hours ago - "The first time Draven Miltenberger played Tomb Raider was in 1999. He was three years old. His home life might have been tumultuous thanks to how... | News | PC


Activision Loses Rights to James Bond game License

671 days ago - "Today, we can confirm, via unnamed but reliable sources, that Activision's license to publish video and PC games based on the James Bond series ha... | News | Industry


Xbox LIVE Is A Smoldering Pile Of Thievery

685 days 12 hours ago - I think it's time that we all sat down and had a little talk about Xbox LIVE. Until recently, I’d been an avid defender of Xbox LIVE, but the in... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Resident Evil Will Return To Its Roots

687 days 13 hours ago - Capcom has listened to fan feedback following Resident Evil 6 and knows that the series must return to its roots going forward, even mentioning the... | News | Industry


Modern Warfare 4 will happen and Activision talks firing Infinity Ward heads

730 days 2 hours ago - "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4" is as sure to happen as the sun is rising tomorrow, but for those who did follow the Infinity Ward and Activision... | News | Industry


Modern Warfare 4 publisher discusses criticism from gamers

730 days 7 hours ago - The CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick, has been criticized by some for how he handles business and some of the things he has said in the past, but th... | News | PC


Compiled The Sims 3 Supernatural Details From Twitter

917 days 10 hours ago - Producer SimGuruMegan had some time to answer Supernatural questions to Simmers today on Twitter. Many questions were asked and answered and we hav... | News | PC


Tomb Raider: Underworld Unearthed on the Mac Today

918 days 11 hours ago - Copies of the ancient tome "Tomb Raider: Underworld" have been excavated at the Feral Store, but other archaeological dig sites have been discovere... | News | PC


SEGA Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage Review

919 days 21 hours ago - I’m sure anyone reading this knows that Streets of Rage is a side scrolling beat ‘em up from the early 1990′s that featured some impressive combat... | Review | Xbox 360


Tomb Raider NOT Heading for Wii U

921 days 15 hours ago - Despite the magazine listing to the contrary, the new Tomb Raider reboot is not on the way to Wii U. In the interest of heading off misinformati... | News | PC


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