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Why You’re All Playing GTA Games Wrongly

840 days 15 hours ago - How to live a better, guilt-free life in the world of GTA. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


World of Warcraft: Taking a Look Back

842 days 6 hours ago - World of Warcraft: Taking a Look Back. CalmDownTom goes through the Expansions packs and weigh up what each one added to Azeroth, and what we can e... | Opinion piece | PC


BEYOND: Two Souls Review at CalmDownTom

845 days 3 hours ago - "I like what David Cage is trying to do, but I also like games, and judged as a game, this is a bad one." says CalmDownTom | Review | PS3


Top 5 Songs to Help you Frag

848 days 6 hours ago - "So here is my top 5 tracks that help me bring my A game. I hope they will help you too! And if not, why don’t you suggest your own below!" says Ca... | Opinion piece | Culture


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post

Foul Play Review at CalmDownTom

871 days 4 hours ago - "You will feel like a charming, Daemon hunting, ass kicking Mr Monopoly", says CalmDownTom | Review | PC


5 Lessons Games Teach (That Are Better Than Self Help Books)

876 days 5 hours ago - "Have you ever been to the self help section of your local book store? There is no better place to go if you hate science, quantitative data, empir... | Opinion piece | Culture


Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan Review at CalmDownTom

879 days 2 hours ago - "All in all Etrian Odyssey is a solid title and a credit to the RPG genre. It’s a little bit slow paced yes, and it’s not always clear what you’re... | Review | 3DS


5 Franchises That Need to Take a Break

879 days 4 hours ago - Here’s five games that need some time to be alone and think about what they’ve done. | Opinion piece | Wii


Kickbeat Review at CalmDownTom

879 days 5 hours ago - "Guitar Hero Kung Fu? Dance Central: Kick People in the Face Edition? Audio Surf with ninjas? ", says CalmDownTom | Review | PS3


Whats the Best UK Games Rental Service: Boomerang Games vs Blockbuster

882 days 20 hours ago - "With LoveFilm stopping game rentals many of us at CalmDownTom thought it was an end to renting games via post. I set out to try both of the main s... | Opinion piece | Wii


Love Dodge Review at CalmDownTom

890 days 23 hours ago - "Love Dodge would be better off going away for a while, addressing its issues then coming back and I think we’d all be surprised at the result." sa... | Review | iPhone


Betrayer Preview at CalmDownTom

891 days 2 hours ago - Developer Blackpowder Games was formed from the remnants of Monolith, but Betrayer is very different to F.E.A.R. or anything else that studio made.... | Preview | PC


Shelter Review at CalmDownTom

891 days 6 hours ago - A perfect score for a game that teaches us compassion amidst the badger slaughter. | Review | PC


Top 5 Consoles Uglier than the Nintendo 2DS

892 days 2 hours ago - "Well, no matter how ugly you think this is, there are a few worse looking consoles. Not a lot but a few. Here they are:" says CalmDownTom | Opinion piece | Culture


GTA (5 Games to play till it comes out)

892 days 5 hours ago - Here is the top five titles to tide you over in the long wait for GTA V. | Opinion piece | PC


Should I be excited about… The Next Gen - Feature at CalmDownTom

894 days 6 hours ago - "With the next generation slowly creeping up on us, many will be on the fence on whether or not to splash the cash and become an early adopter. Wil... | Opinion piece | PS4


The 15 Best Salty Bet Matches of the Week

896 days 15 hours ago - "I’ve been betting on Saltybet this week. A lot. I have been to the mines, and I got back out again.", says CalmDownTom | Opinion piece | Culture


Guncraft Review at CalmDownTom

904 days 7 hours ago - "If you stick Craft on the end of your games name, you’re associating it with an established, robust, innovative and genre defining game. Guncraft... | Review | PC


Kinect and Oculus Rift Combined for Dragon Eyes

905 days 3 hours ago - "I was asked to be a judge last weekend for the Dare to be Digital Game Jam in Dundee, organised by IGDA Scotland. The winner of that Game Jam crea... | Article | PC


What is Salty Bet? Guide for Beginners

905 days 6 hours ago - "Do you like fighting games? Betting? M.U.G.E.N.? No? Well it doesn’t matter, you will like Salty Bet anyway. Salty Bet is lunacy. It’s a simple... | Article | Culture


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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