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Backstab Review at CalmDownTom

1122 days 11 hours ago - Once again the dreaded onscreen d-pad rears its ugly head, ready to ruin what might otherwise be a playable game. | Review | iPhone

Zombie Driver Review at CalmDownTom

1125 days 19 hours ago - The only thing more fun than strapping dual miniguns to a taxi is fixing a bus up with nitrous oxide and flying down the motorway leaving a massive... | Review | PC


Street Cleaning Simulator Review at CalmDownTom

1127 days 3 hours ago - Yes, this is a game in which you are actually being given the job of cleaning the streets of a city! | Review | PC


Create a Monster HD Review at CalmDownTom

1128 days 22 hours ago - Eresin of CalmDownTom says "My iPad and I have only recently begun our relationship so I am rather enthusiastic about any app that I get, but Creat... | Review | iPad


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Shadows of the Damned Review at CalmDownTom

1129 days 3 hours ago - CalmDownTom says "Can a unique visual aesthetic, original storytelling and possibly the best soundtrack in any modern videogame make up for occasio... | Review | Xbox 360


Frozen Synapse Review at CalmDownTom

1133 days 1 hour ago - CalmDownTom says "For a game this original, compelling and well designed, they could charge four times as much and it would still be a fair price." | Review | PC


Top 10 worst Video Game Movies from CalmDownTom

1133 days 8 hours ago - This list could quite easily be a top 20 or possibly top 50 of bad ‘game to movie’ releases, such is the vast amount of horrendous attempts to make... | Opinion piece | Culture


We’ve Been Playin’ Episode 15: The E3 Hangover from CalmDownTom

1134 days 13 hours ago - In this podcast the CalmDownTom team digest the events of E3. They argue, debate, disagree and offend as much as ever, and do it all for you, the v... | Podcast | Culture


Child of Eden Review at CalmDownTom

1136 days 19 hours ago - CalmDownTom says: "The combination of classic, Rez gameplay, astounding soundtrack and beautiful, organic visuals makes the first ten or so minutes... | Review | Xbox 360


Top 5 E3 Suprises

1140 days 22 hours ago - Its always difficult to come to a consensus on an E3, but if any exists for this years, its that it was a bit flat. That beings said, it wasn’t all... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 Fails of E3 2011

1147 days 22 hours ago - The losers and losers of E3 2011. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top 7: Games that should be on your E3 radar

1153 days 23 hours ago - Here is a list of seven games. Seven games that will (probably) be at E3 2011. Six games you’ve probably never heard of and one game you have. | Opinion piece | PC


We’ve Been Playin’ Episode 14: Hardware Deaths and MMORPG’S

1157 days 19 hours ago - In this episode the team discuss the various consoles they have owned over the years and how they have each met their demise. In the aftermath of E... | Podcast | PSP


Leaked Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm teaser – see it here

1159 days 23 hours ago - Its currently on Dailymotion, youtube versions are being pulled constantly, but the cat is kinda out the bag now. Enjoy! | News | PC


Top 5 most exciting games coming to E3 2011

1160 days 2 hours ago - E3 is now back to its glorious, overcrowded, chaotic best. The ultimate event that's much better to view from home than attend, here are the five g... | Opinion piece | Culture


LA Noire Review at CalmDownTom

1165 days ago - CalmDownTom says: "For anyone with a love of storytelling and narrative, original gameplay, innovation and the sheer power of interactive entertain... | Review | Xbox 360


Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword Review at CalmDownTom

1174 days 21 hours ago - With its horse based combat, RPG levelling and open ended gameplay, the Mount and Blade series has carved a completely unique niche for itself. | Review | PC


We’ve Been Playin’ Episode 13: Rants and PSN

1178 days 3 hours ago - In this episode CalmDownTom looks at the PSN-pocalypse and has a rant about stuff that annoys them in games. | Podcast | Culture


Top 5 hard drinkin’ videogame heroes

1183 days 7 hours ago - In games, as in life, alcohol is seldom the best approach to overcome any given problem. Whether it’s saving a Princess, catching a serial killer o... | Opinion piece | Culture


Section 8: Prejudice Review at CalmDownTom

1186 days 6 hours ago - Section 8: Prejudice, by TimeGate, aims to tackle some of the issues around the longevity of the original multiplayer focused title. | Review | Xbox 360


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