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Top 10 Love-them or Hate-them Game Characters at CalmDownTom

1068 days 5 hours ago - In the world of videogames, for every Mario or Master Chief there is a Crash Bandicoot or Slippy. In other words, there are just as many characters... | Opinion piece | PC


We’ve Been Playin’ Special: Fitness Game Challenge Results

1069 days 23 hours ago - CalmDownTom's podcast where the girls discuss their fitness games adventure and what they learned from the whole experience. | Podcast | Xbox 360


Defenders of Ardania at CalmDownTom

1070 days 10 hours ago - One of the first previews of Defenders of Ardania! | Preview | Xbox 360


Mercury Hg Review at CalmDownTom

1073 days 14 hours ago - You’d be mad as a hatter to miss it! | Review | Xbox 360


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

We’ve Been Playin’ Special: An Interview with Gillian Patterson at CalmDownTom

1077 days 11 hours ago - My Escape’s Gillian Patterson braves the CalmDownTom microphone as she discusses the challenges of being part of an indie development team and the... | Podcast | Culture


Dungeons – The Dark Lord Review at CalmDownTom

1079 days 8 hours ago - Do you hate those smug heroes? Always showing off the treasures they stole from some poor dead guy’s tomb. Ever wished you could torture them and s... | Review | PC


Ports: Pressure at the Ports Review at CalmDownTom

1080 days ago - Are you old? Do you miss the days when games were nice and slow? Do you come home from your monotonous day at work craving equally monotonous gam... | Review | PC


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Review at CalmDownTom

1080 days 10 hours ago - This is a game that feels so realistic – so much like a simulation – that its like no other FPS game you’ve played. Is this a good thing though? | Review | PC


Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Review at CalmDownTom

1087 days 15 hours ago - In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium there is only….. waist level cover but no cover system. | Review | PC


Should I be excited about…The Book of Unwritten Tales (preview at CalmDownTom)

1091 days 15 hours ago - For somebody who loves quests and RPGs, to get his/her mitts on the Book of Unwritten Tales is like giving sweets to a kid. | Preview | PC


Gaming Pie Charts

1094 days 7 hours ago - A selection of funny pie charts based on videogame tropes. | Article | Culture


We’ve Been Playin’ Episode 19: Games we wasted too much time on. At CalmDownTom

1095 days 13 hours ago - In this episode a revolving cast list discusses games they sunk too much time into, Deus Ex, the fitness games challenge and more….although they do... | Podcast | Culture


BloodRayne: Betrayal Review at CalmDownTom

1099 days 7 hours ago - Blood sucking red heads in leather covered in blood! Not as good as it sounds! | Review | Xbox 360


Driver: San Francisco Review at CalmDownTom

1102 days 9 hours ago - The single player focuses on Detective John Tanner who is out with his partner to witness crime boss Charles Jericho being escorted to his trial. I... | Review | Xbox 360


Dead Island Review at CalmDownTom

1103 days 3 hours ago - Welcome to The Royal Palms Resort Banoi, remember to keep your luggage near you at all times and if a zombie smiles at you, it’s not because they t... | Review | PC


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review at CalmDownTom

1108 days ago - You will make stories, and those stories will be your own. What more do you want from games than the opportunity to do such things? | Review | Xbox 360


Boulder Dash XL Review at CalmDownTom

1109 days 9 hours ago - The original publishers of Boulder Dash, First Star Software, together with Kalypso Media, bring us Boulder Dash XL for XBox Live Arcade. | Review | Xbox 360


Rock of Ages Review at CalmDownTom

1109 days 15 hours ago - Think about some insane mix of pinball, crazy golf and Super Monkey Ball (but not as annoying) and you’d not be too far off Rock of Ages. | Review | Xbox 360


Tropico 4 Review at CalmDownTom

1110 days 14 hours ago - Kneel before El Presidente you Capitalist Pig-Dogs! | Review | PC


Do fitness games actually work? – An experiment

1113 days 8 hours ago - Interested in diets and fitness? Games? Seeing photos of the sexy members of CalmDownTom? Then read on! | Article | Culture


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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