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Wheels of Destruction Review at CalmDownTom

1331 days 12 hours ago - CalmDownTom said, "All that being said this is a fun game that gave me a taste of a genre I hadn’t played for years. It may have crippled my poor h... | Review | PS3


Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge Review at CalmDownTom

1332 days 5 hours ago - Ski-Doo is a relatively unknown sport where competitors race motorized sleds through winding circuits. Ski-Doo Snow Mobile Challenge by ColdWood In... | Review | Xbox 360


Hey MS, Stop treating us like pirates and let us shake our booty!

1333 days 7 hours ago - A rant about MS and the evils of DLC that treats us all like pirates. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Crash Time 4: The Syndicate at CalmDownTom

1336 days 7 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "The central gameplay meanwhile is engaging enough, but never up to the sheer polish and scope of something like Need for Speed H... | Review | PC


Yesterday Review at CalmDownTom

1337 days 19 hours ago - Introducing the enigmatic John Yesterday, an amnesiac who must discover the secrets of the missing beggars in New York City in this new title from... | Review | PC


Vessel Review at CalmDownTom

1340 days 8 hours ago - Vessel… Strange name for a strange game based in strange world with strange rules and strange concepts… And properly enough, created by a company n... | Review | PC


Top 7 endings more controversial than Mass Effect 3′s

1346 days 4 hours ago - Mass Effect 3′s ending was controversial, but here are 7 endings even more so. | Opinion piece | PC


Gamer Entitlement and the ending of Mass Effect 3

1347 days 5 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "Gamers today are a bunch of spoiled, whiny cry-babies who whinge and moan and throw tantrums like a teenage girl who got the wro... | Opinion piece | PC


SSX Review at CalmDownTom

1347 days 8 hours ago - It has been almost six years since the last true SSX game. A lot has changed since then. Can SSX still be radical? | Review | Xbox 360


WaveForm Review at CalmDownTom

1350 days 13 hours ago - WaveForm is a Sci Fi Audio and Sound based Wave Length game created by Eden Industries. The object of the game is to alter the wave length in order... | Review | PC


Street Fighter X Tekken Review at CalmDownTom

1350 days 17 hours ago - It’s the answer to the question that has been playing on every-one’s mind since the 90’s. It’s 2D X 3D, Shotos X Mishimas. It’s Street Fighter X Te... | Review | PC


OnLive on a Tablet – The future of gaming?

1351 days ago - If you showed OnLive to someone five years ago they would be shocked into silence. If you showed it to someone ten years ago they would burn you as... | Opinion piece | Tech


Defender of Ardania Review at CalmDownTom

1352 days 5 hours ago - Defenders of Ardania from Paradox Interactive is the newest entry into this competitive market, and it offers enough new and clever twists on the f... | Review | PC


Syndicate Review at CalmDownTom

1354 days 5 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "When Starbreeze handed The Darkness 2 off to Digitial Extremes, there was a worry that the Darkness series would be the one that... | Review | PC


Lunar Flight Review at CalmDownTom

1354 days 12 hours ago - Lunar Flight is a Space Simulator that is a modern rendition of the classic game Lunar Lander. The main objective of Lunar Flight is to complete va... | Review | PC


Deep Black: Reloaded Review at CalmDownTom

1358 days 6 hours ago - Deep Black from Biart was originally released on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Deep Black: Reloaded is the PC installment of this third person cover based... | Review | PC


League of Legends – Fiora: Guide & Review

1359 days 1 hour ago - The first in CalmDownTom's series of hero guides for LofL. | Article | PC


Windows 8 tested, games performance examined

1359 days 20 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "The UI has seen a large upgrade to a streamlined and tablet style layout of the start menu. When I first loaded the operating sy... | Article | PC


Discussion: How would you change the gameplay mechanics of MMORPG’s? at CalmDownTom

1360 days 3 hours ago - Shaun Meyers (Kyo Akiara) outlines how he would like to see MMORPGs in the future. | Opinion piece | PC


Catherine Review at CalmDownTom

1360 days 10 hours ago - The basic story of Catherine is based on Vincent, the protagonist and all round “hero” of the story, and his relationship with Katherine (not to be... | Review | PS3


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