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Middle Manager of Justice Review at CalmDownTom

629 days 22 hours ago - Starting with just the middle manager and one superhero (from a choice of three), you have to build up your base by fighting crime, earning money... | Review | iPhone


CalmDownTom’s Game Awards 2012 – Biggest Disappointment

631 days 15 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "Terrible games can disappoint us, but some games promise so much and deliver so little that they break our hearts. Here’s a few... | Opinion piece | PC


CalmDownTom’s Game Awards 2012 – Best Looking Game

634 days 13 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "It should be noted that in this category we sidestep the whole argument about realism/art/technology when it comes to visuals. W... | Opinion piece | PC


Minion Master Review at CalmDownTom

635 days 4 hours ago - BitFlip games have returned to games development with a flourish, their first medium sized game from their small sized company is Minion Master. | Review | PC


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CalmDownTom’s Game Awards 2012 – Best Platformer

635 days 13 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "Happy New Year everyone. We hope you had a great holiday. We’re glad to be back with a new entry in our game of the year awards!" | Opinion piece | PC


Black Knight Sword Review at CalmDownTom

636 days 4 hours ago - Black Knight Sword is the newest game from the Goichi Suda’s (also known as “Suda51”) company Grasshopper Manufacture as well as Digital Reality. | Review | Xbox 360


Lords of Midnight Review at CalmDownTom

639 days 13 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "As a child I was obsessed with Choose Your Own Adventure games. You know, the Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston ‘do you go throug... | Review | iPhone


You should have played… Halo 4

641 days 10 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "Taking the best of both worlds, Halo 4 grabbed everything that was worthwhile from Halo: Reach and Halo 3 and chucked it in a bl... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Terrorhedron 3D Review at CalmDownTom

641 days 10 hours ago - Terrorhedron is a game, in which the “enemy” geometrical shapes follow a track/path towards the defended “base”. The player puts some defensive str... | Review | PC


The Journey Down Review at CalmDownTom

647 days 18 hours ago - The Journey Down is based on a freeware adventure game. Now episodic and remixed in HD for iOS, this classic point and click title features two pro... | Review | iPhone


Fuel Overdose Review at CalmDownTom

648 days 22 hours ago - Fuel Overdose is a combat racer for PlayStation 3. Unlike similar combat racing games available for the PS3, Fuel Overdose opts for an over the top... | Review | PC


A New Beginning – Final Cut Review at CalmDownTom

650 days 17 hours ago - The game starts with a video showing the year 2500, where the situation is critical and Earth has two more days to extinction. A team of nine peopl... | Review | PC


CalmDownTom’s Game Awards 2012 – Best Soundtrack

650 days 18 hours ago - CalmDownTom says, "While many of the categories in our Game of the Year awards will have long explanatory justifications for each entry, Best Sound... | Opinion piece | Culture


Rabbids Land Review at CalmDownTom

652 days 11 hours ago - The basic premise of Rabbids Land is to make your way around a board, collecting power-ups, avoiding certain squares and collecting trophies. The f... | Review | Wii U


CalmDownTom’s Game Awards 2012 – Best Online Mulitplayer

652 days 17 hours ago - CalmDownTom says "Welcome to the first in our CalmDownTom Game Awards for 2012. I know its easy for us to get swept up in apathy when we look at se... | Opinion piece | PC


Miasmata Review at CalmDownTom

653 days 11 hours ago - You awake on the beach of a jungle island, your ship a wreck in front of you. The prologue informed you that you have a plague and that somewhere o... | Review | PC


Forge Review at CalmDownTom

653 days 13 hours ago - Forge is a class based multiplayer shooter set in a distinct fantasy universe. | Review | PC


Wii U – The CalmDownTom Verdict

657 days 17 hours ago - The Wii U has been out in Europe for a week. It is the first home console to be released since 2006, and Nintendo’s first HD console. Though the sy... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Sine Mora Review at CalmDownTom

658 days 3 hours ago - Sine Mora is a modern take on the classical 2D shoot ‘em up (shmup), Bullet Hell style. You control a variety of dieselpunk airships through a numb... | Review | Xbox 360


Record of Agarest War 2 Review at CalmDownTom

659 days 9 hours ago - CST says, "So Japanese RPG’s! They’re hated and loved in equal measure. Will Agarest 2 change anyone’s mind? Oh, Hell no!" | Review | PS3


PS4 Game Release Dates

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