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The Platfromer History and Where It's Going

116 days 11 hours ago - DaJuan from A Pixelated View writes "The humble platformer is one of the longest running video game genres out there. Space Panic, an arcade game p... | Opinion piece | Culture


Mind Games: The New Fighting Game Preview Hype

294 days 14 hours ago - Prepare for practice mode and a slew of ranked matches. We’ve got the fighting game preview you need to get ready to battle. In the next year, figh... | Opinion piece | PC


City Suggestions for Grand Theft Auto VI

450 days 12 hours ago - Adam of Corrupted Cartridge writes "With Grand Theft Auto V being the huge critical and commercial success that it was, it’s difficult to imagine G... | Opinion piece | Culture


RPG Weekly: The 40 Hour Club

474 days 13 hours ago - Micah of Corrupted Cartridge writes "How much does length really matter? Great FPS games like Call of Duty 4 and Half-Life 2 generally take five to... | Opinion piece | Culture



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Revisiting Dark Souls – The Meaning Of Death

475 days 20 hours ago - Clive of Corrupted Cartridge writes "The sequel to 2011′s notoriously harsh Dark Souls is now almost upon us, but as players across the globe once... | Opinion piece | PC


RPG Weekly: Turning South Park Into The Stick of Truth

486 days 22 hours ago - Micha of Corrupted Cartridge writes "South Park: The Stick of Truth is looming on the horizon, and with it the question of whether a TV show can sp... | Opinion piece | PC


PS4 Games Montage

497 days 14 hours ago - Check out this Montage of some awesome games for the PS4 | Video | PS4


Titanfall Beta: The Hype Was Right | Corrupted Cartridge

499 days 15 hours ago - Andrew of Corrupted Cartridge writes "When I fired up the Titanfall beta on my Xbox One for the first time I was excited; giddy even. I had all sor... | Preview | PC


RPG Weekly: How Do Graphics Affect RPGs?

500 days 2 hours ago - Micah of Corrupted Cartridge writes "In many ways, the history of video games can be seen as a march of improving graphics— each generation buildin... | Opinion piece | Culture


What Can Nintendo Do For the Wii U?

505 days 1 hour ago - Khurram of Corrupted Cartridge writes "For the second console generation in a row, Nintendo has released a machine drastically less powerful than i... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Xbox One 1080p Issues Can Be Resolved

506 days 18 hours ago - Khurram of Corrupted Cartridge writes "Since the release of the Xbox One and the PS4, both consoles have come under flak regarding the framerates a... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


F2Player: Loadout | Corrupted Cartridge

513 days 7 hours ago - Jordan of Corrupted Cartridge writes "When I launched Edge of Reality’s Loadout for the first time, I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of experience I... | Preview | PC


Exclusivity – A Required Pain

522 days 21 hours ago - Ashley of Corrupted Cartridge writes "Oh man, here we go. Exclusivity. This subject recently broke through to me after I watched the new trailer fo... | Opinion piece | PS4


Game Appreciation: Gone Home, Part 1

523 days 3 hours ago - Adam of Corrupted Cartridge talks about Gone Home, and why you should play it if you have not already done so | Opinion piece | PC


Liel Leibovitz Talks Religion and Video Games

523 days 9 hours ago - Corrupted Cartridge recently had the chance to interview Liel Leibovitz, author of God in the Machine: Video Games as Spiritual Pursuit. We talked... | Interview | Culture


ikoid Founder Talks In App Purchases and the State of Mobile Gaming

549 days 8 hours ago - DaJuan of corrupted cartridge was able to interview the founder of ikoid, a new bundle service that focuses on Android games with out in app purcha... | Interview | Mobile


Micro-Transactions: Plague of the Industry

559 days 17 hours ago - Ashley of Corrupted Cartridge writes "With the dawn of the new console generation slowly receding beyond the horizon, we shockingly find ourselves... | Opinion piece | Culture


RPG Weekly: Choosing a Name

561 days 21 hours ago - Choosing a name in an RPG may seem like one of the easiest decisions you could ever make about your character. However, Micah of Corrupted Cartridg... | Opinion piece | Culture


Death Of The High Street – An Inevitable Future?

574 days 1 hour ago - Clive of Corrupted Cartridge writes "After the UK’s biggest games retailer, GAME, barely survived financial ruin on our High Streets last year, the... | Opinion piece | Culture


Have Games Lost The Plot?

588 days 23 hours ago - Clive of Corrupted Cartridge writes "With stories and cinematics becoming more heavily prioritised by publishers through each generation of console... | Opinion piece | Culture


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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