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PS3BlogCast Episode 99

915 days ago - Clint writes: Welcome back to a new week in news. We actually have a decent amount this episode, though a few articles are from last week that w... | Podcast | PS3


Time and Eternity Review | PS3Blog

916 days 2 hours ago - Ceidz writes: The game begins with the wedding of Zack (the male protagonist) and Toki, the princess of the Kamza kingdom. Right after the vows... | Review | PS3


PS3BlogCast Episode 98

921 days 6 hours ago - Clint writes: Welcome back to another week in slow video game news. We try to scrounge up enough articles to keep things interesting. The three... | Podcast | PS3


Deadpool Review | PS3Blog

921 days 23 hours ago - EdEN writes: Deadpool on PS3 is a game that does a damn fine job at breaking the 4th wall. Heck, by the time you’ve reached the 2nd level the wa... | Review | PS3


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

PS3BlogCast Episode 96

935 days 14 hours ago - Clint writes: Here we are with another week in gaming. Comic-con is just a few days away and hopefully we’ll get some interesting game announcem... | Podcast | PS3


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Review | PS3Blog

937 days 2 hours ago - EdEN writes: After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 that raised $186,158 in total, the Giana Sisters have found their way to the PS3 i... | Review | PS3


PS3BlogCast Episode 95

937 days 4 hours ago - Clint writes: We’re back! We were off last week due to the July 4th holiday. Some of us had work and some of us were out of town. Though the tri... | Podcast | PS3


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Review | PS3Blog

937 days 13 hours ago - EdEN writes: Remember Arcades? Those wonderful places filled with so many games to enjoy in exchange for your quarters (or tokens)? No? Well, th... | Review | PS3


Velocity Ultra Review for PS Vita | PS3Blog

937 days 15 hours ago - Ceidz writes: Velocity Ultra is the new arcade game from FuturLab Limited. This game is an enhanced remake of Velocity, which has been out for a... | Review | PS Vita


Thomas Was Alone: Benjamin's Flight Review | PS3Blog

937 days 15 hours ago - EdEN writes: Benjamin’s Flight puts you in the four sided frame of Benjamin, an optimistic and imaginative square out to find the Fountain of Wi... | Review | PS3


Game Servers in “The Cloud”

956 days 10 hours ago - Darrin from writes: Microsoft stressed their cloud computing tech heavily at E3, particularly with Respawn. Respawn just posted furt... | Opinion piece | Industry


PS3BlogCast Episode 94

956 days 10 hours ago - Clint from writes: Welcome back! As you know we didn’t have a show last week, due to some vacation plans that got in the way. I had... | Podcast | PS3


PS3BlogCast Episode 93

966 days 7 hours ago - Clint from writes: It’s finally here. E3 has arrived and there is a lot of news pouring out of the event. Most importantly is the So... | Podcast | PS3


PS4′s Not So Secret Weapons For Longevity | PS4 AMD APU

1032 days 11 hours ago - Emrah writes: PS4 boasts an APU with features that current PC’s do not have access to. This will change in future, but since every PS4 will have... | Opinion piece | PS4


CAPCOM Arcade Cabinet – 1987 Pack Review |

1062 days 17 hours ago - EdEN writes: Remember all the fun you used to have at the Arcades when you were young? All the great games such as Ghost and Goblins, 1943 or G... | Review | PS3


Germinator Review |

1062 days 17 hours ago - EdEN writes: In Germinator, you must eradicate all of the black germs that fester every level. You do this by shooting other germs at them, and... | Review | PS3


escapeVektor Review |

1062 days 17 hours ago - Oly writes: There are 150 nodes (levels) in the game that are spread across 18 zones (worlds) that comprise the main story of the game, and 9 bo... | Review | PS Vita


PS3BlogCast Episode 80 |

1062 days 21 hours ago - Clint says: Welcome to another episode of the podcast. It’s the beginning of a huge month in gaming: Tomb Raider, God of War Ascension, Battlefi... | Podcast | PS3


What should we expect from PSN for the PS4

1070 days 11 hours ago - Emrah from writes: Sony’s press conference revealing the PS4 awed quite many including myself, and PS4 was warmly received by many d... | Opinion piece | PS4


FUEL: Overdose Review |

1070 days 11 hours ago - Hobbes writes: The game is a tactical, action racing game. Please pay attention to that first word. If this game is not approached with caution... | Review | PS3


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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