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Deception IV: Blood Ties review | GeekNifty

266 days 7 hours ago - Not many video games allow you to be the villain. But if Deception IV: Blood Ties is any indication, more should. | Review | PS3


A Zombie Stampede invades the Apple App Store

266 days 21 hours ago - A new tower defense action game for iOS is shambling its way to the Apple App Store courtesy of Namco Bandai. | News | iPhone


Mionix Avior 7000 review | GeekNifty

267 days 6 hours ago - While not as well known in the States as rivals Razer or Steelseries shows it can hang with the big boys with its Mionix Avior 7000 ambidextrous op... | Review | PC


Fallout Van Buren: The Best Fallout game that never was

268 days 19 hours ago - Between the highly acclaimed Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, developer Black Isle had another another game in the works – and it would have kicked ass. | Opinion piece | PC


Front-end Developers Wanted

Now - Want to help us build the new N4G platform? | Promoted post

9 games from the 90's worthy of a reboot

271 days 6 hours ago - Between the 16-bit systems of the early 1990's and the polygon-powered systems of the late 90's, there were a number of gaming titles that held hig... | Opinion piece | Culture


Genius F-1000 Arcade Stick review | GeekNifty

271 days 7 hours ago - It’s no secret that a good arcade stick for home use costs a pretty penny. While many serious gamers won’t give anything that costs less than a... | Review | PC


RGJ Review: Tomb Raider redefined in Definitive Edition for PS4, Xbox One (video)

309 days 20 hours ago - Hey, wait, haven’t we gone through this before? If you’re getting a sense of deja vu all over again, you aren’t losing your marbles. One year af... | Review | PS4


14 video games to look forward to in 2014

359 days 6 hours ago - At first glance, 2014 looks to be a strong year in video gaming thanks to the recent launch of two brand-new home video game consoles and a strong... | Opinion piece | PC


Game Guys review - World of Warplanes

371 days 6 hours ago - More than two years ago, online game developer/publisher Wargaming released computer game World of Tanks to great acclaim. Now, in 2013, the compa... | Review | PC


Video Game Review: Rocksmith 2014 | NYDN

380 days 8 hours ago - LOVED IT: Session mode is tremendously satisfying, riff repeater helps you learn, solid incremental upgrades all-around HATED IT: Still battles... | Review | Xbox 360


One-on-one review: 'NBA 2K14' vs. 'NBA Live 14' | USA TODAY

394 days 13 hours ago - For the past four years, NBA 2K has dominated the pro basketball video game landscape unopposed. During that stretch, the franchise has jockeyed to... | Review | PS4


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag review | New York Times

422 days 10 hours ago - The pirate adventure Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is nearly as long and almost as beautiful as an actual vacation to the tropics. | Review | Xbox 360


Batman: Arkham Origins review | USA Today

425 days 18 hours ago - Technology reporter Jason Hidalgo dusts off his utility belt and sharpens his pointy ears in his review of 'Batman: Arkham Origins' for PS3 and Xbo... | Review | Xbox 360


Game Guys Review: Nintendo 2DS

431 days 13 hours ago - While Nintendo struggles to capture the attention of video game players in the home console business, its handheld gaming system has taken off. | Review | Tech


'Grand Theft Auto V' fuels Sept. video game rebound

433 days 13 hours ago - The return of Grand Theft Auto has served as a valuable power-up for the retail video game business. | News | Industry


Nintendo celebrates the worldwide launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

440 days 12 hours ago - Pokémon fans from around the globe can now partake in the newest Pokémon adventure as Nintendo releases Pokémon X and Pokémon Y for the 3DS (also c... | News | 3DS


'Beyond: Two Souls' Videogame Offers New Level of Interaction | WSJ

441 days 12 hours ago - IF YOU'RE NOT into shooting aliens or crashing expensive cars, it can seem like the videogame industry has little to offer you. | Review | PS3


Comics, creativity collide in 'Scribblenauts Unmasked' USAToday

445 days 8 hours ago - What do you get when you fuse superheroes and villains from the DC Comics universe with the popular Scribblenauts video games? The answer is Scr... | Review | PC


EA Sports scores with 'FIFA 14' | USA Today

451 days 15 hours ago - Tech reporter Barry White takes a look at 'FIFA 14,' saying it takes the improvements and re-inventions of the past couple of years, refines them,... | Review | PS2


Images from the 2013 Tokyo Games Show

463 days 9 hours ago - USA Today shares images from the 2013 Tokyo Games Show. | Image | Culture


Get paid to review products

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