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Nintendo: Making mobile games 'flies in the face of what we believe in' [Interview]

1167 days 22 hours ago - The maker of Mario couldn't be in stranger times. As Nintendo prepares for what could be one of its strongest holiday seasons with critically-accla... | Interview | Nintendo DS


Game Guys review - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

1169 days 1 hour ago - Have you ever had that déjà vu moment? You know, it's that feeling that you've been somewhere or done something before even though you know that i... | Review | PC


Nintendo comes to News10

1175 days 7 hours ago - Iconic video game company Nintendo of America paid News10 a visit on Thursday to show off some of the big releases still in store for the Wii conso... | Video | Nintendo DS


Game Guys review - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

1177 days 12 hours ago - To say that there is a good number of gamers who have been eagerly anticipating the release of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim would be an understatemen... | Review | PC


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USAT review | SkinVaders: Fun and free, but short-lived

1179 days 21 hours ago - It's one thing to look in the mirror and see a couple of pimples on your face, but imagine popping alien eggs to prevent them from hatching on your... | Review | iPhone


USAT Reviews | 'Ratchet' stumbles, 'Skylanders' soar

1180 days 7 hours ago - Given the snarling, macho protagonists prevalent in video games today, it's easy to forget that the medium was once largely populated by cute, funn... | Review | PC


USA Today Review: 'Forza Motorsport 4' a sweet ride

1206 days 22 hours ago - Brett Molina: "I'm speeding down a track in the Bernese Alps inside a shiny red Ferrari. Lamborghinis and other sportscars zip past, as I push thr... | Review | Xbox 360


Five things you didn't know about Spider-Man: Edge of Time

1211 days 5 hours ago - It's a big month for superhero video games, between the upcoming launch of Batman: Arkham City, last week's debut of X-Men Destiny, and the return... | Article | Wii


Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic - Packshot & screenshots revealed

1213 days 8 hours ago - Majesco gives 3DS owners a look at the next game in the Cooking Mama series through a selection of newly-revealed screenshots and the game's offici... | News | 3DS


S4 League: Season 3 to be user-designed

1217 days 8 hours ago - Online game developer alaplaya has announced that popular anime-inspired shooter S4 League will receive a major expansion in 2012, and it's entirel... | News | PC


Free-to-play MMO Dragon Nest launched by Nexon

1217 days 8 hours ago - Nexon America has brought the open beta test of Dragon Nest to a close and has transitioned the game into a live, commercial launch. With the game'... | News | PC


Atomic Gamer | X-Men Destiny Review

1219 days 2 hours ago - When's the last time you played a superhero game you really enjoyed? DC Universe Online? City of Heroes? Was it X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which cam... | Review | Nintendo DS


Jagex Signs Digital Distribution Agreement with PC Game Supply

1220 days 18 hours ago - Jagex Game Studio, one of Europe's largest independent game developers and publishers, has signed a non-exclusive digital distribution agreement wi... | News | PC


NIS America announces four new titles

1231 days 22 hours ago - Video game publisher NIS America has announced four new titles at Tokyo Games Show. | News | Xbox 360


Rotastic - New multiplayer screenshots released

1231 days 23 hours ago - Only a few days from its Xbox LIVE release, game developer Dancing Dots has released a small collection of new multiplayer screenshots from the 2D... | Screenshot | PC


SplitFish's FragFX Shark now available for the Xbox 360

1232 days 3 hours ago - Splitfish AG, the inventors of the precision gaming console mouse,has shipped its FragFX Shark 360 controller to retailers. The device is Xbox 360'... | News | Xbox 360


Kids use both hands in 'DualPenSports'

1234 days 21 hours ago - In DualPenSports, gamers are challenged to do something new: play with two styluses at once by holding one in each hand. The game incorporates this... | News | 3DS


USAT Review: 'Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine'

1235 days 8 hours ago - They're clambering over walls, popping through holes and falling from the skies via dropships. The number of goblin-like Orks storming toward me ap... | Review | PC


Meridian4's Wasteland Angel released for PC

1246 days 6 hours ago - Meridian4's latest PC game, Wasteland Angel, has been released and is available via digital download on Steam and other top distribution portals. | News | PC


Madden 12 WalMart Midnight Launch Experience

1248 days 14 hours ago - Andrea Campton writes: "Last night around 11:00PM, my mother and I were just coming back from a night on the town to pick up a few supplies at the... | Article | PS2


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