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The Wolf Among Us Xbox Live Season Pass Issue Resolved

413 days 19 hours ago - Xbox Live should send a code regarding the second episode to your account. | News | Xbox 360


RealGamerNewz Grand Theft Auto V Review

551 days 22 hours ago - Grand Theft Auto V has finally hit the shelves, and has already become the fastest selling game of all time. Arguably this is considered the most w... | Review | Xbox 360


RealGamerNewz Halo: Spartan Assault Review

609 days 20 hours ago - RealGamerNewz brings you one of latest and hottest games for gamers....Halo: Spartan Assault. | Review | PC


PS4 Design Overview

645 days 15 hours ago - A impression of the PS4. | Opinion piece | PS4


Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

RGN Daily News #38: Xbox ONE Always Online Cancelled, Nintendo Wins 3DS Lawsuit

646 days 6 hours ago - In this RGN Daily News we discuss the fact that Nintendo has won their lawsuit which was filed against them over their 3D technology used in the Ni... | Podcast | Culture


My top 20 most wanted games of 2013

646 days 11 hours ago - There a lot of games so here they are. | Opinion piece | Culture


Fans Duped: PlayStation Vita Trophies Suck and PS4′s Features “Releasing in Stages”

646 days 22 hours ago - PlayStation is a brand that has always promised and usually delivered on the latest in cutting-edge technology services for gamers. However, how... | Opinion piece | PS3


RealGamerNewz E3 top 10 Games

652 days 22 hours ago - E3 this year has been the best in years with all the games and systems just taking the front page all day long. But which games stood out from the... | Opinion piece | E3


Mirror’s Edge 2 Trailer OST

653 days 15 hours ago - Check out this awesome OST from the new trailer of Mirror’s Edge 2. | Video | PC


RGN Daily News #33: Nintendo Press Conference E3 2013 Full WrapUp

654 days 16 hours ago - Welcome to the RGN Daily News #33. In the following podcast we will discuss the Nintendo Press Conference of E3 2013. We will talk about the moveme... | Video | Wii U


The games we have seen so far heading into next gen

665 days 22 hours ago - The first Google hangout video done at the site talking about all the games we have and things about them for the next gen. | Videocast | PS4


RealGamerNewz Assassin's Creed 3 Tyranny Of The King Review

692 days 4 hours ago - I was originally going to do individual episode reviews, but deiced that doing a full review on all them together would get the full story and sanc... | Review | PC


RealGamerNewz Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Review

692 days 13 hours ago - When we first got a glimpse of this title I thought it was a Aprils Fools joke. Seems like I was the fool instead. The super 80′s supported video g... | Review | PC


Tristans Twisted World: Top 10 Most Crazy Plot Twist in Gaming (Spoilers)

696 days 3 hours ago - There has been plenty of plot twist over the years, but we are picking the best and craziest ones that made you go WTF. | Opinion piece | Culture


RGN Daily News #15 – Sony Sent GOW Ascension to World’s Best GOW Player

701 days 23 hours ago - RealGamerNewz presents RGN Daily News #15 featuring a special guest the greatest God of War player of all time who notifies us that he has received... | Podcast | Culture


RealGamerNewz Star Trek The Game Review

703 days 3 hours ago - Trekkies all over can now gets their hands on the newly released Star Trek: The Video Game, just in time for the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness... | Review | PC


Free Xbox Live? Or just free PSN?

705 days 5 hours ago - Thoughts about the possibilities of free Xbox live and what else there is in next gen and current gen | Video | PS4


Realgamernewz Defiance First Impression

711 days 16 hours ago - Defiance has been out for about a week now, and a game like this should receive a in depth review after tons of hours of gaming. | Preview | PC


RealGamerNewz TransFormers Fall of Cybertron Review

712 days 22 hours ago - The sequel to one of 2010′s biggest surprises. Transformers Fall of Cybertron urges to be a big time multiplayer event. It aslo wants you to get in... | Review | PC


The only games that matter

715 days 11 hours ago - The only games that matter | Opinion piece | Culture


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