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An Interview With: Robert Boyd, Founder of Zeboyd Games | Exclusive Penny Arcade Episode 3 Info

953 days 3 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Over the past year and a half, many gamers have come to love the quirky humor and classic RPGs made by Zeboyd Games. From Breath of... | Interview | PC


EB Games/ Gamestop Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011

953 days 5 hours ago - Easily, EB Games/ Gamestop Canada has the most deals from any retailer to this point (Amazon might come close). There are just so many games on sal... | News | Nintendo DS


Wal-Mart Canada Boxing Week Sales 2011

953 days 5 hours ago - Although the usual suspects of Best Buy, Future Shop and EB Games have yet to reveal their Boxing Week Deals, Wal-Mart has and some of these deals... | News | Nintendo DS


Toys R Us Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011

953 days 6 hours ago - Here we go, the deals are starting to get good and while the 3DS front page offer of just $15 off may not be anything crazy, the rest of the deals... | News | Nintendo DS


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Future Shop Boxing Week Sales 2011

953 days 6 hours ago - Now this is what I’m talking about. While none of the deals are drop everything and run to Future Shop at 4 in the morning, $20 off on nearly all t... | News | Nintendo DS


The Source Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011

953 days 6 hours ago - The Source may not be the first place you go to for video games and judging by the deals they have for Boxing Week, they probably won’t be the firs... | News | Xbox 360


Best Buy Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011

953 days 10 hours ago - Even though the majority of the deals are the exact same as Future Shop, there is still a few reasons to stop at Best Buy this Boxing Day. For star... | News | Nintendo DS


Shoppers Drug Mart Boxing Week Deals 2011

953 days 15 hours ago - Even though Shoppers Drug Mart may not seem like it sells video games, it does and sometimes, they have some good deals. While games may not be fea... | News | Wii


Staples Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011

953 days 16 hours ago - Much like Shopper’s Drug Mart, you wouldn’t expect Staples to have any video gaming deals but they have a couple. More importantly, they have iPad... | News | Xbox 360


Metroid Fusion Review | Trendy Gamers

953 days 19 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Phew! What a rush! This was my first experience with Metroid Fusion, having not played it when it was initially released. I’m a big... | Review | Retro


Insane Trade In Deal at Gamestop/EB Games Canada

954 days 11 hours ago - Usually, the trade in deals at Gamestop/EB Games Canada range from the typical, Trade 2 get $50. Well, it seems that they have decided to up the an... | News | Xbox 360


Little Kingdom (XBLIG) Review | Trendy Gamers

954 days 21 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Previously, I have reviewed the other Andreil Game games, Pioneerz and Orcs! They were somewhat okay games but they both suffered fr... | Review | Xbox 360


Santa's Xmas Dash (XBLIG) Review | Trendy Gamers

954 days 21 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: For every great game that exists in the Xbox Live Indie Section, there is a terrible one. Just a few days ago, I reviewed the amazin... | Review | Xbox 360


Blow (XBLIG) Review | Trendy Gamers

954 days 21 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: This is the type of game you want to come home and play after a long day. Blow is as relaxing as it is challenging, and once I start... | Review | Xbox 360


An Interview With: Greg Kasavin, Creative Director at Supergiant Games (Bastion)

955 days 16 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Recently we interviewed Greg Kasavin, who is a Creative Director at Supergiant Games, about Bastion and the future of the company. | Interview | PC


F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Review | Trendy Gamers

955 days 20 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Back when the GBA launched over 10 years ago, I picked up two games with the system. One was Rayman and the second was F-Zero Maximu... | Review | Retro


4 Different PS Vita Games $24.99 Each With Pre-Order at Best Buy

956 days 3 hours ago - With the Playstation Vita launch just a mere two months away, it is time to start thinking about which games you’ll be buying upon launch. Well, Be... | News | PS Vita


Mario Kart: Super Circuit Review | Trendy Gamers

956 days 3 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Back when I played Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the GBA, I really enjoyed it. The graphics were amazing for a handheld game, the gam... | Review | Retro


Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Review | Trendy Gamers

956 days 6 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: After re-playing the original Yoshi’s Island GBA remake on the 3DS Virtual Console, I just have one question for Nintendo: why are t... | Review | Retro


How Square Enix Can Win Their Fans Back: Dragon Quest Edition

957 days 4 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Well here we are, the final part of this epic five part feature on how Square Enix can win its fans back. Over the past few weeks we... | Opinion piece | PS2


Start Making Games for Xbox One

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