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Xbox Live Daily Deal: Dec. 31st 2011, Various Call of Duty Content On Sale

837 days 9 hours ago - And here we are, the final day of the Xbox Live Countdown to 2012 Daily Deals. We saw some good deals these past 12 days (Bastion, Gears of War 3 S... | News | Xbox 360


Aliens: Infestation Review | Trendy Gamers

837 days 19 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Aliens: Infestation takes place between the second and third film, following the exploits of a group of space marines called in for... | Review | Nintendo DS


Xbox Live Daily Deal: Dec. 30th 2011, Gears of War 3 DLC And Season Pass On Sale

838 days 1 hour ago - Following suit from yesterday’s deal of Red Dead Redemption DLC on sale, Microsoft has discounted some DLC (and a season pass) for their big 2011 g... | News | Xbox 360


January 2012 Video Game Releases

838 days 13 hours ago - 2012 kicks off with a pretty good month that sees two good downloadable releases as well as two major retail releases. One of those major releases... | News | PC


Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Nano Assault Review | Trendy Gamers

838 days 13 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: I can’t help but think that in the beginning of the development process for Nano Assault, the team over at Shin’en was fed false inf... | Review | 3DS


Shadows of the Damned Review | Trendy Gamers

838 days 17 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Based on what I played in Shadows of the Damned, I think Suda 51 and everyone at Grasshopper Manufacture really love Resident Evil 5... | Review | Xbox 360


Xbox Live Daily Deal: Dec. 29th 2011, Red Dead Redemption and DLC On Sale

839 days 1 hour ago - Todays deal on Xbox Live is geared towards owners of Red Dead Redemption. Sure, the game may be on sale for $29.99 (from $39.99) but you can pick u... | News | Xbox 360


Orbitron: Revolution (XBLIG) Review | Trendy Gamers

839 days 7 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Xbox Live Indie Games have never be recognised for amazing graphics, with the majority of the games looking like a full priced windo... | Review | Xbox 360


Xbox Live Daily Deal: Dec. 28th 2011, Sonic Games 60% Off

839 days 20 hours ago - After yesterday’s pretty good deal on various Halo: Reach content, Microsoft has upped the ante and discounted almost every single Sonic game in th... | News | Xbox 360


Xbox Live Daily Deal Dec. 27th, 2011: Halo Reach Map Packs Half Price

840 days 18 hours ago - If you have Halo Reach and haven’t picked up the map packs that go along with it, you have no excuse not to buy them now. | News | Xbox 360


12 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

840 days 21 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: 2011 was no doubt one of the best years in video gaming history with games like Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Dark Souls and Portal 2... | Opinion piece | PC


Final Fantasy 6 Review | Trendy Gamers

844 days 6 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: It’s not easy doing a review of Final Fantasy VI, as there’s not a lot a person can say that hasn’t already been said. However, I’m... | Review | PSP


Game of the Year 2011 | Trendy Gamers

844 days 15 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Here we are, the biggest award of the year. To gather up the nominees, we just took the winners of all of the individual awards. Whi... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


PSP Game of the Year 2011 | Trendy Gamers

845 days 6 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: This year wasn’t exactly stellar for Sony’s first handheld. While we did receive a few good games throughout the course of the year,... | Opinion piece | PSP


Multiplatform Game of the Year 2011 | Trendy Gamers

845 days 9 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Just judging by the nominees in this category, you can tell that 2011 was an amazing year for gaming. While the nominees are usually... | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox 360 Game of the Year 2011 | Trendy Gamers

845 days 9 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: The Xbox 360 had another fantastic year in sales but in terms of exclusive games, it pales in comparison to those of the PS3. Not co... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Real Canadian Superstore Boxing Week Deals 2011, Cheapest Price On MW3

845 days 12 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: We have a winner! The deals may not be as plentiful as those seen at Gamestop but they have the best price on Modern Warfare 3 and B... | News | Nintendo DS


Wii Game of the Year 2011 | Trendy Gamers

845 days 12 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Normally, there would be 5 games nominated for the Game of the Year award. Well, the Wii really only had 2 good games come out durin... | Opinion piece | Wii


Sears Canada Boxing Week Deals 2011, Definitely Worth Checking Out

845 days 13 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Ok, I wasn’t even going to post an article showcasing Sears’ Boxing Week Deals but surprisingly, they actually have a really good de... | News | Nintendo DS


London Drugs Boxing Week Deals 2011

845 days 13 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: London Drugs may not contribute anything new to the Boxing Week Deals but if you happen to find yourself sitting outside a London Dr... | News | Xbox 360


Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS) Review

Now - Dave solves the latest Layton title for 3DS. | Promoted post
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