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Zack Zero Review | Trendy Gamers

1101 days 3 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: In a game where you can control fire, ice, earth, and a flying disc, you think you’d be an unstoppable force. You should be able to... | Review | PS3


Scarygirl Review | Trendy Gamers

1101 days 4 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: The word ‘derivative’ is thrown around a lot these days in the gaming industry, and it’s generally used in a derogatory fashion. Gen... | Review | Xbox 360


‘Hypership Still Out Of Control’ Out Now In The Xbox Live Indie Section

1101 days 4 hours ago - Fun Infused Games announced today that their new Xbox Live Indie Game, Hypership Still Out of Control, is out now for 80 MSP ($1). | News | Xbox 360


EB Games/ Gamestop Canada Gaming Deals: January 20th – 26th, 2012

1101 days 7 hours ago - Pretty big deal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this week. Not only is it $10 off, it also has a pretty good trade in deal to go along with it.... | News | Nintendo DS


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Block Zombies Now Available In The Xbox Live Indie Section

1101 days 19 hours ago - Nostatic Software announced that their new Xbox Live Indie Game, Block Zombies, is now available for just 80 MSP ($1). | News | Xbox 360


Ash II: Shadows Now Available In The App Store

1101 days 19 hours ago - Konami announced today that Ash II: Shadows is now available in the App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) for $4.99. | News | iPhone


Demo Impressions: Resident Evil: Revelations | Trendy Gamers

1101 days 21 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Today, the demo for Resident Evil: Revelations launched in the 3DS eShop and after ten minutes, it was beaten. Yes, it is a very sho... | Preview | 3DS


Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 Launches On February 28th

1101 days 23 hours ago - NIS America announced that Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 will be out in North America on February 28th and Europe on February 24th for the Playstatio... | News | PS3


Country Dance All Stars Coming To Kinect In March

1102 days 19 hours ago - Gamemill Entertainment announced today that Country Dance All Stars will be launching exclusively for Kinect on Xbox 360 this March. The full game... | News | Xbox 360


Zumba Fitness Rush Launches February 13th, Gets A New Trailer

1102 days 20 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Majesco announced today that the new Zumba fitness game for Kinect on Xbox 360, Zumba Fitness Rush, will be releasing on February 13th. | News | Xbox 360


Growlanser: Wayfarer Of Time Coming To The PSP This Summer In North America

1102 days 23 hours ago - Atlus announced today that their previously Japan only RPG, Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time, will be available in North America sometime this summer. | News | PSP


Mecho Wars Review | Trendy Gamers

1104 days 1 hour ago - Trendy Gamers: To understand what type of game Mecho Wars is, you simply need to replace the word Mecho with Advance. This game is pretty much an e... | Review | PSP


EvilQuest (XBLIG) Review | Trendy Gamers

1104 days 4 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Morality choices are increasingly popular devices in modern games. The light or dark side of the force, good or evil, drowning this... | Review | Xbox 360


Here’s What To Do If Your Xbox Live Account Is Hacked and What You Can Expect

1104 days 4 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: These days, getting your Xbox Live account hacked is becoming more and more likely. It has happened to many people (myself included)... | Article | Xbox 360


Bub Block (XBLIG) Review | Trendy Gamers

1104 days 4 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Part of the real beauty of the Xbox Live Indie Games section is that anyone is able to make and market video games. On the flip side... | Review | Xbox 360


All Your Creeps Now Available In The Xbox Live Indie Section

1105 days 4 hours ago - Red Button Games announced that their second Xbox Live Indie Game, All Your Creeps, is now available for 80 MSP. | News | Xbox 360


Xbox Live Update Week of January 17th, 2012: Scarygirl and Haunt Launch

1105 days 4 hours ago - Square Enix and Microsoft release their latest downloadable games this week, Scarygirl and Haunt. You can also look forward to a demo of the EA fan... | News | Xbox 360


3DS Circle Pad Pro Available In Canada On February 7th

1105 days 4 hours ago - t has been known for a long time that the Circle Pad Pro would be available in the United States exclusively at Gamestop. Well, Nintendo confirmed... | News | 3DS


Perkunas’ Dragon: Episode 1 Review | Trendy Gamers

1105 days 22 hours ago - Trendy Gamers: Whenever a studio decides to create a game, they have to first sit down and discuss ideas. Whether it be great graphics, a cheap pri... | Review | Xbox 360


Resident Evil 4 HD Review | Trendy Gamers

1106 days 1 hour ago - Trendy Gamers: To fully understand my rating for this game, a little history is needed. Resident Evil 4 is my favourite video game of all time. I b... | Review | Xbox 360


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