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“If You go With 4GB of GDDR5″ RAM on PS4, “You Are Done,” Said Randy Pitchford

475 days 7 hours ago - Our very own Anthony Severino was able to be a part of a roundtable with Adam Boyes, VP of Publisher Relations at SCEA today, with a whole bunch of... | News | PS4


6 New Killzone: Shadow Fall Screenshots Unveiled

475 days 8 hours ago - We’re hoping to have some more information regarding Killzone: Shadow Fall later in the day on the PlayStation LiveCast, but while you wait for tha... | Screenshot | PS4


Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut PS3's PS Vita Second Screen Features Detailed

476 days 1 hour ago - After Square Enix had said that Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut would be a Wii U exclusive, it was announced at E3 that the Director’s C... | News | PS3


Final Fantasy XV has been “Expanded and Evolved” for PS4/Xbox One, Story Detailed

476 days 7 hours ago - Just like Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV (previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII) was announced last night at the Sony Conference, and... | News | PS4


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Kingdom Hearts III on PS4 and Xbox One Story Details Revealed

476 days 9 hours ago - After knocking our socks off at the Sony Press Conference yesterday, Square Enix is now ready to offer up some details about their upcoming line-up... | News | PS4


Tretton on Agent: “If you Hear Anything, You Let me Know, If I Hear Anything, I’ll Let You Know”

476 days 10 hours ago - After addressing The Last Guardian, Geoff Keighley had to ask Jack Tretton about Agent, the PlayStation project from Rockstar that has just never s... | News | PS3


The Last Guardian is "on Hiatus,” Confirms Jack Tretton

476 days 10 hours ago - Jack Tretton is having an interview with GT right now, and we’ll have a full write-up for all the interesting details soon, but one thing that stoo... | News | PS3


PS4 Doesn’t Restrict Used Games, No DRM, PS+ Transfers to PS4: DriveClub PS+ Edition Free at Launch

477 days 1 hour ago - Getting easily the biggest ovation (possibly of the entire E3′s history) during the Press Conference today, Jack Tretton confirmed that the PlaySta... | Article | PS4


Knack and DriveClub Confirmed as PS4 Launch Titles, inFamous: Second Son Releasing Q1 2014

477 days 1 hour ago - It’s Shuhei Yoshida’s turn to do some announcing, as he confirmed that Knack and DriveClub will be ready for the PlayStation 4 launch later this ho... | News | PS4


Kingdom Hearts III on PS4 Teaser Trailer

477 days 1 hour ago - Tetsuya Nomura gave us all a special video message during the E3 2013 Press Conference, revealing Kingdom Hearts III on PS4. - PSLS | Video | PS4


PlayStation 4 Console Officially Revealed

477 days 2 hours ago - Sony brought the PlayStation 4 with them to E3 2013, and you can now see what it looks like. | Video | PS4


God of War 1& 2 HD, Flower, Dead Nation, The Walking Dead Bundle Headed to the PlayStation Vita

477 days 2 hours ago - Jack Tretton got on stage at E3 and revealed a bunch of ‘new’ PlayStation Vita games. - PSLS | News | PS Vita


New Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay Coming to the Sony Press Conference, Multiplayer not Being Shown

477 days 8 hours ago - When the Sony Press Conference starts at 6PM PST/9PM EST later today, Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Guerrilla Games, confirmed... | News | PS4


These Patents Video Game Publishers Own May Surprise You. Plus More

481 days 6 hours ago - After listening to this week's episode of This American Life on software patents, I was curious to investigate patents within the gaming sphere. Al... | Article | PC


The Last of Us PSN Download Size Revealed, It Isn't Going to Destroy Your Hard Drive

482 days 12 hours ago - When The Last of Us was confirmed to be releasing on the PlayStation Network as a Day 1 Digital download starting on June 14th, a lot of people wer... | News | PS3


Xbox Live Marketplace Update: June 4th, 2013

483 days 8 hours ago - This week on the Xbox Live Marketplace sees a big sale on everything Sleeping Dogs, the first episode of The Walking Dead going free, State of Deca... | Article | Xbox 360


LIMBO Includes Cross Buy on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3

483 days 12 hours ago - Answering one of the many questions we had regarding the release of LIMBO later today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, Playdead has confirm... | News | PS3


The Last of Us Demo Inside God of War: Ascension Not Working, Error Code 80023017 Popping Up

487 days 10 hours ago - While there are those of you who don’t want to play the demo so that everything feels fresh when you boot up The Last of Us on Friday, June 14th, t... | News | PS3


Shuhei Yoshida Confirms all PS4 Games Will be Remote Playable on PlayStation Vita

489 days 12 hours ago - So far when it comes to Remote Play between the PS4 and PS Vita, we found out on February 20th that it would happen, with the official PlayStation... | Article | PS4


The Last of Us Single Player DLC Isn’t Cut Content, It’s “New Content” Being Worked on Post Launch

489 days 12 hours ago - It wouldn’t be a new day without The Last of Us getting some attention from us, with the newly announced single player DLC being the focus. - PSLS | News | PS3


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