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GTA V 1.10 update needs Heists and Casino

758 days 16 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: Now that the GTA V 1.09 update is live for all players, most fans are surprised that Rockstar did not provide a proper upda... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Marvel’s Avengers Alliance PVP desperation

766 days 21 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: We’ve seen evidence of the desperation and gambling addiction tactics that some players use, often spending over $1000 USD... | News | PC


COD Ghosts Onslaught DLC Map Pack 1 release date

783 days 16 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: Earlier on we told you about the four COD Ghosts DLC map packs that will be included with the $50 Season Pass. Now, we have... | Rumor | Xbox 360


GTA V HotKnife location online after 1.08 update

784 days 12 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: This car is one of the best in the game, but you may have noticed that it is locked away – usually for those with the GTA V... | Article | Xbox 360


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GTA V 1.09 update with crisis fixes needed

785 days 14 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: As expected, it looks like there are mixed feelings over the GTA V 1.08 update that has just gone live for PS3 and Xbox 360... | Article | Xbox 360


GTA V Z-Type car location unknown, customization joy

788 days ago - Product-Reviews writes: As you may have discovered, it looks like there is no physical way to buy the GTA V Z-Type car. This model has been inspire... | Article | Xbox 360


GTA V 1.08 money glitch with new method

788 days 4 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: The GTA 1.08 update is now live. We told you that it was coming, as Rockstar already gave users an early heads-up on the co... | News | Xbox 360


Avengers Alliance Spec Op 15 task list is live

789 days 15 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: Heads-up all Marvel Avengers Alliance agents now, as developers Playdom have just launched Spec Op 15. It had been teased l... | News | PC


GTA V 1.07 money glitch still live after update

791 days 14 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: We can tell you that players appear to have once again beaten Rockstar with the 1.07 update. It looks like GTA V 1.07 money... | News | Xbox 360


GTA V 1.08 update necessities following 1.07

792 days 20 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: It goes without saying that many GTA V players will want their custom vehicles returned, but Rockstar has already said that... | Article | Xbox 360


Avengers Alliance 2014 Heroes rumor after Iceman

793 days 15 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: Take a good look at it, as it may be most of the Avengers Alliance new heroes in 2014. These could include the likes of Bla... | Rumor | PC


Gran Turismo 6: List of best cars to use?

800 days 20 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: You may not be aware, but Polyphony Digital has pulled out all of the stops, to ensure that there will be no fewer than 119... | Opinion piece | PS3


PS4 browser flash demanded, Sony remains silent

801 days 18 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: It’s time for the community to come together once again and send the word out to Sony. The current PS4 browser is severely... | Article | PS4


Pokemon X and Y Walmart event Garchomp, Scizor abilities

803 days 2 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: Heads-up all Pokemon X and Y fans, as it looks like Game Freak has sneakily launched the first Pokemon X and Y event. We ha... | News | 3DS


PS4 1.52 update features needed from Sony

803 days 14 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: With PS4 users now getting used to the system and the features that Sony brought to the tablet at launch, it’s clear that a... | Article | PS4


GTA V Heists Vs Casino gambling debated

809 days 1 hour ago - Product-Reviews writes: The idea of gambling within GTA V is a debatable one, but obviously a very exciting one at the same time. Imagine being abl... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


COD Ghosts best killstreak seen yet

809 days 13 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: If you thought a 25 killstreak for a KEM strike was good, just check out the footage below. The player in question gets a K... | Video | PC


VIZIO E701i-A3E HDTV specs suitable for PS4, Xbox One

809 days 19 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: If you have just bought a brand new PS4 and Xbox One and keeping one eye on the upcoming Holiday sales, we could have a TV... | Article | Tech


COD Ghosts 1.05 update requests after 1.04 patch

810 days 11 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: One feature that hasn’t been made available though which players want to see in 1.05, is a texture install option for PS3 g... | Article | PC


COD Ghosts KEM Strike gameplay for pros

810 days 14 hours ago - Product-Reviews writes: Have you played Call of Duty Ghosts online enough to already call yourself a pro? If you believe you have, then you may hav... | Video | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

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