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Diablo III Review | Total Revue

1249 days 14 hours ago - In 2000 a little game came out called Diablo II. A game that back then broke the record for fastest selling PC game and has kept selling consistent... | Review | PC


Gravity Rush First Impressions | Total Revue

1255 days 18 hours ago - Sony’s been busy pumping out games for the PS Vita, with their latest being Santa Monica Studios’ title, Gravity Rush. With much mystery in the sen... | Preview | PS Vita


Possible Games Going into Next-Generation? Part 1 | Total Revue

1257 days 5 hours ago - "We decided to take a look at the next-generation in the software front - looking at some absent series either this generation or any light of day... | Article | PC


New Releases - Gravity Rush, Lollipop Chainsaw & Heroes of Ruin

1258 days 22 hours ago - June 15 2012 - It's that week where releases are short but sweet. It's not long for another game to hit the PS Vita as Gravity Rush, the unique gam... | News | Xbox 360


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Resistance: Burning Skies First Impressions | Total Revue

1259 days 8 hours ago - "Resistance: Burning Skies is the first shooter title to take advantage of the PS Vita’s dual analog sticks, looking to bridge the gap between cons... | Preview | PS Vita


The Classics #9: SEGA Rally Championship – The Mother of All Racing Arcades | Total Revue

1265 days 4 hours ago - Kick-starting our classics weekend we’ve got the retro, badass arcade racing game, SEGA Rally Championship! Yes our Classics #9 is the arcade favou... | Opinion piece | Retro


Renegade Ops Review - Team Renegade Are Go | Total Revue

1265 days 17 hours ago - Renegade Ops brings action in a different light, taking an angled bird's eye perspective on the game that makes use of that right stick for arcade... | Review | PC


The New Playstation Plus Service - How Being A Plusser is Beneficial | Total Revue

1266 days 2 hours ago - "I thought to do a little perspective on the New Playstation Plus service since Sony announced the extra goodies at their E3 conference this week.... | Opinion piece | PS3


Sony E3 2012 Press Conference Performance Review | Total Revue

1268 days 20 hours ago - Yesterday’s Sony conference has come and gone for another year and as customary, gamers are weighing up the positives and negatives of the show to... | Article | PS3


E3 Desires - What we want to see at E3 2012 | Total Revue

1270 days 9 hours ago - In a mere 5 hours thousands of gamers will be drooling over cheesy paid actors and awkward, nervous developers as Microsoft kick off the E3 confere... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


EA's E3 2012 Conference: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Fighting Globally

1270 days 14 hours ago - Greg Goodrich talked and showed the latest of Medal of Honor: Warfighter at EA's E3 press conference. He took attendees through a mission where the... | News | PC


EA E3 2012 Conference - Madden NFL 13 Going Infinity

1270 days 14 hours ago - At EA's E3 press conference, Madden NFL 13 was demonstrated to have the most dynamic, authentic and realistic experience yet in the Madden series,... | News | PC


Walking Dead: Episode One – A New Day First Impressions | Total Revue

1277 days 2 hours ago - I managed to get some hands-on time with TellTale Games’ Walking Dead: Episode One – A New Day. Booting it up revealed a scene near the beginning a... | Preview | PC


The Classics #6: Ape Escape Made Catching Apes Fun

1278 days 4 hours ago - Today we look at Classic weekend’s #6 – Ape Escape! The original Ape Escape was released back in 1999 for the original Playstation, revolved around... | Opinion piece | Retro


The Classics #5: Tales of Symphonia Was A Tale to Remember

1278 days 12 hours ago - It’s #5 of The Classics this weekend and we’re looking back at probably one of the rarest titles on the Gamecube – Tales of Symphonia. Back in late... | Opinion piece | GameCube


New Releases - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Sorcery, Dragon's Dogma & DiRT Showdown

1280 days 10 hours ago - May 25 2012 - The sky is falling with games today as there are many titles out for release that your head will be spinning in awe. First up, Sony's... | News | PC


Michael Jackson: The Experience HD Review - No Moonwalk on This Floor | Total Revue

1281 days 20 hours ago - Michael Jackson was an iconic legend to the music industry, though unfortunately like the game's console brethren, the experience is nowhere near a... | Review | PS Vita


Mortal Kombat First Impressions (PS Vita) | Total Revue

1283 days 13 hours ago - "I've had some extensive hands-on time with NeverRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat for PS Vita and came away very satisfied with the game. I found plent... | Preview | PS Vita


The Classics #2: Brave Fencer Musashi Still Saving The World

1291 days 4 hours ago - Brave Fencer Musashi is today's classic - for those that can cast their minds back to 1998, Squaresoft produced an RPG called Braver Fencer Musashi... | Opinion piece | Retro


The Classics #1: Nostalgia with Crash Team Racing

1291 days 5 hours ago - Crash Bandicoot and his co. racers graces today’s Classics Weekend – Crash Team Racing. Having decided to boot it up yesterday, it drew inspiration... | Opinion piece | Retro


Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post
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