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Did Sony Just Save The Next Generation?

776 days 21 hours ago - Total Revue: "As you may have realized, Sony had their E3 press conference yesterday and although it faltered and flayed in places, the final momen... | Opinion piece | E3


Pre-E3 – The Games That Will Win E3

780 days 16 hours ago - Total Revue: "In a mere 5 days time we will officially be in the future. Not just in terms of the actual space time continuum, but after Sony an... | Opinion piece | PS4


Injustice: Gods Among Us Review | Total Revue

782 days 11 hours ago - There are three main questions in life; what is the meaning of life, how did it all start and who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman.... | Review | Xbox 360


Hidden Gems Of The Generation – Mafia II | Total Revue

795 days 20 hours ago - Total Revue: "2010's Mafia II was a fantastic game with a brilliant narrative and unparalleled soundtrack, however, it has sadly been forgotten... | Opinion piece | PC


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

5 Things We Want To See From Sony At E3

796 days 8 hours ago - Total Revue: "With both the PS4 and Xbox One now revealed to the world, the wait for E3 is slowly becoming more and more unbearable. Both Sony and... | Opinion piece | PS4


5 Things We Want To See From Microsoft At E3

796 days 8 hours ago - Total Revue: "With both the PS4 and Xbox One now revealed to the world, the wait for E3 is slowly becoming more and more unbearable. Both Sony a... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Xbox One Reactions – The Positives And Negatives

797 days 7 hours ago - Total Revue: "The next generation of gaming is finally here! The announcement of the Xbox One has officially started the console race as many Micro... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Injustice: Gods Among Us Impressions | Total Revue

806 days ago - Total Revue: “It is simple. We kill the Batman.” Well, if Injustice: Gods Among Us is anything to go by, that might be more difficult than e... | Preview | Xbox 360


Thomas Was Alone Review | Total Revue

811 days ago - Total Revue: As the gaming industry becomes more and more saturated with explosions, shouting and in-your-face macho men as well as an increased de... | Review | PC


Persona 4 Golden Impressions | Total Revue

829 days 23 hours ago - Total Revue: A first for the PlayStation Vita, Persona 4: Golden makes it's transition onto the portable platform, bringing the nostalgic series to... | Preview | PS Vita


Is Uncharted 2 The Most Influential Game Of The Generation?

839 days 1 hour ago - Total Revue: For nearly every third person game that has been released post-Uncharted 2 and even third person games on the horizon, it seems they h... | Opinion piece | PC


Bioshock Infinite Review | Total Revue

844 days 18 hours ago - Total Revue: "In a perfect world, every game would be made by Irrational. Or so it may seem with Bioshock Infinite, the ‘spiritual successor’ to th... | Review | PC


Is Free-to-Play the Future of Console Gaming? | Total Revue

859 days 7 hours ago - Total Revue: The gaming industry is in a period of transition as console systems embrace the digital world through such platforms like Xbox LIVE an... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


God of War: Ascension Impressions | Total Revue

859 days 7 hours ago - Total Revue: The God of War series continues to live on in God of War: Ascension. When you may have thought all corners of the story had been fulfi... | Preview | PS3


Nintendo's Wii U Stumbles at Launch | Total Revue

860 days 1 hour ago - Total Revue: Nintendo are the one console manufacturer whose business is entirely that of games. Not only that but the focus of their machines has... | Opinion piece | Wii U


How to Build a Successful SimCity

870 days 6 hours ago - Total Revue: SimCity launched earlier this week and gets people one againt to develop the city of their dreams. The new SimCity brings a host of so... | Opinion piece | PC


InFamous: Second Son - What We Want To See

873 days ago - InFamous Second Son was revealed at the PS4 reveal last week, so with this tantalising prospect, here is what we want to see from Sony's super powe... | Opinion piece | PS4


Who Should Rocksteady Tackle Next?

881 days 7 hours ago - With recent rumours regarding Rocksteady's newest game we look at what superheroes Rocksteady should tackle after The Dark Knight. Let us know what... | Opinion piece | Culture


PS4 Reveal – Positives And Negatives | Total Revue

885 days 9 hours ago - The PS4 reveal event has come and gone to much hype. One of our writers shares his thoughts on how he thought Sony's PS4 unveiling went. | Opinion piece | PS4


PS4 Launch Titles – Could Be’s And Should Be’s

895 days 5 hours ago - With a PS4 reveal inbound for next week we look at what games we think will be announced and what games should be announced. | Opinion piece | PS4


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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