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PS Nation Podcast-Ep278-Xmas In July

781 days 5 hours ago - New Release Emails News What We’re Playing and Watching Josh reports from the Sony Summer Event from NYC MOVIE PODCAST! Comedian is Marc Maron | Podcast | PS2

80° Editorial - "Passion" In Gaming

782 days 16 hours ago - I had some time during lunch, and even though this probably doesn’t have an actual point, here’s what I think about how the term “Passion” has been... | Opinion piece | Tech


PS Nation Podcast-Ep277-On The Couch With Shiny Records

788 days 6 hours ago - New Release News What We’re Playing Movie Nerdgasm Laserdiscs! Review of Dyad Review of Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen Emails Comedian is Patr... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep276-The Hot Dog Apocalypse

795 days 6 hours ago - New Release News What We’re Playing and Watching Review of Atelier Meruru by Roy Blakely from Late-Breaking MGS4 News Review of Q... | Podcast | PSP


Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

PS Nation Podcast-Ep275-Conspiracy Theories

802 days 17 hours ago - New Release News What We’re Playing and Watching Mini-Review of The Walking Dead: Episode 2 Impressions of Dyad Impressions of Rainbow Moon E... | Podcast | PS2


PS Nation Podcast-Ep274-It's An Oddworld After All

810 days 21 hours ago - Stewart Gilray from Just Add Water and Oddworld Inhabitants joins us in the “3rd Chair.” New Release TONS of new Oddworld News and updates What... | Podcast | PSP


PS Nation Podcast-Ep273-Don't Call It a Comeback!

815 days 19 hours ago - Josh Returns! New Releases News What We’re Playing Movies! Review of the Avengers Chronicles tables for Marvel Pinball Review of Dr. Who: The... | Podcast | PS3


E3 2012 - Impressions of "The Last of Us" behind closed doors session

820 days 8 hours ago - What you saw during the Sony press event at E3 2012 was only a small taste of what Naughty Dog showed us behind closed doors. Check out our report... | Article | PS3


PlayStation Nation Podcast-Ep272-The Next Generation

823 days 3 hours ago - Rey and Eric fill-in for Josh this week New Releases News Post-E3 Discussion Extended What We’re Playing Comedy Clip is from Bob and Brian | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep271-E3 2012

827 days 14 hours ago - Almost live from E3, Glenn and Chris ( discuss all 3 days of E3 2012. Joined by Brien, Andrew Yoon from, and eve... | Podcast | Xbox 360


PS Nation Podcast-E3 2012- Press Event Recaps

831 days 6 hours ago - Glenn from PS Nation and Chris from recap E3 2012 Press Events from: Sony Microsoft Nintendo Electronic Arts Ubisoft | Podcast | Xbox 360


PS Nation Podcast-Ep270-Burning Zen

836 days 17 hours ago - Rey fills-in for Josh (Hail Baby!) Chris from joins us as well New Releases News Mel Kirk and Neil Sorens from Zen Studios for... | Podcast | PSP


Resistance: Burning Skies Review |

839 days 15 hours ago - The Resistance series once again shrinks down to a handheld. Following a fireman this time, you’ll fight your way through the initial days of the C... | Review | PS Vita


NEAR Functionality in Super Stardust Delta Explained

842 days 3 hours ago - The folks at Housemarque, developers of Super Stardust Delta, have sent us a detailed explanation of the games NEAR functionality and Gifts Leaderb... | News | PS Vita


PS Nation Podcast-Ep269-Magic Moustache

844 days ago - New Releases News Interview with Mel Kirk and Neil Sorens from Zen Studios for ‘KickBeat’ What We’re Playing Review of Max Payne 3 Review of S... | Podcast | PS2


PS Nation Podcast-Ep267-Assemble, Dust, Build and Battle

858 days 3 hours ago - New Releases Interview with David Reid of CCP Games for Dust 514 News What We’re Playing & Watching Review of Starhawk Review of The Walking D... | Podcast | PS2

90° - Review: Starhawk (PS3)

860 days 20 hours ago - After over 3 years of development, the first of hopefully many titles finally emerges from Lightbox Interactive. Hit the link to find out if it was... | Review | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep266-Hawk of Stars

865 days 5 hours ago - Dylan Jobe joins us from the backseat of a taxi to tell us all about Starhawk, including the deep clan system and an amazing new upcoming feature t... | Podcast | GameCube


PS Nation Podcast-Ep265-Out Of Memory

871 days 22 hours ago - New Releases Interview with Shawn McGrath for the Pub-Fund PSN title 'Dyad' News What We’re Playing Part 2 of Josh’s report from the Sony Sprin... | Podcast | PS2


PS Nation Podcast-Ep264-Sad Hulk Music

878 days 22 hours ago - New Release News Report on the Sony Spring Preview Event What We Played Review of Blades of Time Emails Comedian is Eugene Mirman | Podcast | PS2


Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into the latest in the Tales series. | Promoted post
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