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PS Nation Video Preview for 'Resogun' (PS4)

666 days 14 hours ago - Yup, we’ve got Resogun, and Glenn has a microphone. Check out our video preview for Resogun, coming exclusively to the PS4 on November 15th | Video | PS4


PS Nation Podcast-Ep344-The Great Horse Massacre of 1865

668 days 15 hours ago - Glenn and Josh recap the Extra Life 2013 25-Hour Marathon. The high’s, the low’s, and the innocent horses and donkeys that gave their lives for our... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep343-The Cloak of Loneliness

675 days 16 hours ago - New Releases News PlayStation App hitting mobile devices soon PS4 Day 1 patch adds most of the features Upcoming NYC Review Event Upgrading yo... | Podcast | PS3


What You Need to Know - Upgrade Your PS4 Hard Drive

679 days 18 hours ago - Are you thinking that 500GB won’t be sufficient now that it sounds like game installs will be mandatory? HIt the link and find out what you'll need... | Article | PS4


Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

PS Nation Podcast-Ep342-The Skype Strikes Back

682 days 12 hours ago - New Releases Bobby Loertscher from Zen Studios pops-in for a chat News Sale of the Dead on PSN #Driveclub and Watch_Dogs delayed Play the PS4... | Podcast | PS3


'Castlestorm' Finally Coming to PlayStation

687 days 19 hours ago - Zen Studios has finally revealed that ‘Castlestorm’ is coming to PlayStation, and they’ve totally made it worth the wait. | News | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Episode 341-Grinding for Trophies (From NYCC)

689 days 15 hours ago - Keith, Emrah, Josh, and Glenn report from New York City ComicCon 2013 Haven Season 3 Star Wars Rebels Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag hands-on... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep340-The Bi-Mon Sci Fi Con

696 days 8 hours ago - New Releases News PS Nation Partners with Sony for Extra Life Injustice Ultimate Edition coming to Vita and PS4 The Last Guardian is still unde... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep339-50 Dollar Value

703 days 13 hours ago - New Releases Interview with Ben McGraw for ‘Sully: A Very Serious RPG’ News Season Passes are going to be the norm Spend $50 on PSN, get $10 ba... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation - Review of 'Rain' (PSN)

703 days 19 hours ago - The off-center minds behind games like ‘Tokyo Jungle’ and ‘Echochrome’ are totally messing with our heads again. | Review | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep338-How Did That Happen?

710 days 17 hours ago - New Releases Vicki Lawrence joins us to talk ‘Mama’s Family’ News GTA V prints its own money PS4 will sell at a loss Gaikai streaming of PS3 g... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep337-Set Phasers to Nerd

717 days 12 hours ago - New Releases News Battlefield 4 open beta details JJ Abrams comments on the Star Trek game Rockstar Social Club What We’re Playing and Watchin... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation - Hands-on Preview of 'Rain'

721 days 20 hours ago - The team behind games like ‘Tokyo Jungle’ and ‘Echochrome’ offers players a unique experience, so grab your slickers and join me in the downpour. | Preview | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep336-Bigger on the Inside

722 days 7 hours ago - New Releases Discussion with Gavin Moore, Creative Director of Puppeteer News PS4 hits Japan in 2014 New Vita model revealed Capcom’s Deep Dow... | Podcast | PSP


PS Nation Review - Puppeteer (PS3)

728 days 5 hours ago - Prepare yourself for one of the most visually stunning and expertly performed puppet show that’s ever graced a games console. | Review | PS3


PS Nation - Review - Killzone: Mercenary (Vita)

731 days 2 hours ago - You know that full First Person Shooter itch that you’ve had for so long on the Vita? Well, it’s about to be scratched. | Review | PS Vita


PS Nation Podcast-Ep335-PAAAAXX

731 days 16 hours ago - Glenn is joined by Chris and Eric from to recap the first two days of PAX Prime 2013. Comedian is Chris Hardwick Hands-on report w... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep334-All Over the Map

738 days 16 hours ago - New Releases News Vita Price Drop PS4 Release Dates Tons of Games coming Indies get a lot of love from Sony FIFA 14, same as it ever was Wha... | Podcast | PSP


PS Nation - Replay of our First Look at 'Dragon Fantasy: Book II' for PS3

739 days 18 hours ago - First look at ‘Dragon Fantasy: Book II’ from Muteki, showing all new visuals and mechanics, this time paying homage to 16 and 32-bit games such as... | Preview | PS3


PS Nation - Review: 'Divekick' (PS3/Vita)

745 days 8 hours ago - Does DiveKick have what it takes to put a foot in the face of its competition? Come inside and read for yourself. | Review | PS3



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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