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PS Nation - Review - Killzone: Mercenary (Vita)

328 days 19 hours ago - You know that full First Person Shooter itch that you’ve had for so long on the Vita? Well, it’s about to be scratched. | Review | PS Vita


PS Nation Podcast-Ep335-PAAAAXX

329 days 9 hours ago - Glenn is joined by Chris and Eric from to recap the first two days of PAX Prime 2013. Comedian is Chris Hardwick Hands-on report w... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep334-All Over the Map

336 days 9 hours ago - New Releases News Vita Price Drop PS4 Release Dates Tons of Games coming Indies get a lot of love from Sony FIFA 14, same as it ever was Wha... | Podcast | PSP


PS Nation - Replay of our First Look at 'Dragon Fantasy: Book II' for PS3

337 days 12 hours ago - First look at ‘Dragon Fantasy: Book II’ from Muteki, showing all new visuals and mechanics, this time paying homage to 16 and 32-bit games such as... | Preview | PS3


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

PS Nation - Review: 'Divekick' (PS3/Vita)

343 days 1 hour ago - Does DiveKick have what it takes to put a foot in the face of its competition? Come inside and read for yourself. | Review | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep330- Stewart Ultra

343 days 1 hour ago - New Releases Stewart Gilray joins us (Josh and Glenn) to talk about all things Oddworld and Gravity Crash Ultra for PS Vita News Sony and Viacom... | Podcast | PS3


'Gravity Crash Ultra' announced for PS Vita

343 days 8 hours ago - Just Add Water goes all-out to deliver a new version of the PS3 classic. | News | PS Vita


PS Nation Podcast-Ep331-Go to Hell Zombies

356 days 16 hours ago - New Release Interview with Alex Byrom for ‘Go to Hell Dave’ News Multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins Rainbows Skies on the way to PS3 and Vit... | Podcast | PC


PS Nation Podcast-Ep329-Super Nintendo Chalmers

372 days 6 hours ago - New Release News Strider returns Oddworld Soul Caliber 2 HD Online Ace Combat: Infinity Hot Shots Golf Josh reviews Farming Simulator for PS... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep328-Nines Across The Board

377 days 1 hour ago - New Release News Ultra Street Fighter IV Summer PLAY Sale Details PS4 Digital Content Details New Ratchet & Clank Extra Life 2013 What We’re... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation - Video Preview and Studio Visit for 'Octodad: Dadliest Catch' (PS4)

377 days 5 hours ago - He has no bones, is married to a beautiful woman, and is the best dad ever. He’s OctoDad. Included are a written report, video inteview, and gamepl... | Interview | PS4


PS Nation Podcast-Ep327-Join the Team

384 days 14 hours ago - New Releases News Warrior’s Lair Cancelled GTA V details Extra Life 2013 kickoff What We’re Playing and Watching Octodad: Dadliest Catch Rev... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation - E3 2013 Impressions of 'Thief'

388 days 15 hours ago - Glenn picks the lock to the demonstration of the new 'Thief' at E3 2013. | Preview | PS4


PS Nation Podcast-Ep326-The UK is Number 2

388 days 23 hours ago - New Releases News PlayStation Plus updates How to start paying your PS4 off at Amazon What We’re Playing and Watching Visiting the Octodad stu... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation - Review of 'NCAA Football 14' (PS3)

389 days 8 hours ago - Another July, another NCAA Football game. If you’ve never experienced deja vu, you're in luck. | Review | PS3


PS Nation - E3 2013 Impressions of 'Puppeteer'

389 days 11 hours ago - Gavin Moore and SCE Japan Studio revive a sorely forgotten genre in this masterful platformer, and I got to play it. You need to know about this game. | Preview | PS3

60° - Review of 'Pool Nation' (PSN)

399 days 7 hours ago - As someone that plays Pool on a regular basis, I’m always on the lookout for digital representation that actually plays well. This may well be the... | Review | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep325-It's Working

399 days 7 hours ago - News Thoughts on the XBone 180 Thoughts on the Wii U store What We’re Playing and Watching The Last of Us Bioshock Infinite Call of Juarez: G... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep324-Remember Pure Evil

405 days 12 hours ago - New Releases Josh’s Thoughts on E3 What We’re Playing and Watching Review of Remember Me DVD Review of Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: Season 2... | Podcast | PS3


PS Nation Podcast-Ep323-E3 2013

407 days 23 hours ago - Glenn is joined by Chris and Nick from in this compilation of the daily podcasts from E3 2013. Comedian is Chris Hardwick. | Podcast | PS3


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post
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