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Korean Gamers Are Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

1606 days ago - Do you think you could beat a pro-gamer from Korea at Starcraft or Warcraft? You can't. You won't. You don't have a chance in hell. | Video | PC


Shacknews: RAGE E3 2010 Preview

1625 days 21 hours ago - As id continues to slowly pull back the curtain on RAGE, the post-apocalyptic shooter continues to impress. Mirroring previous showings of the g... | Article | PC


The R.A.T.7 is the Best Gaming Mouse Ever

1630 days 2 hours ago - MaximumPC: It can be sort of hard to review gaming mice. Problem is, all the major brands pretty much have it down—they make mice with excellent se... | Review | Tech


What’s Missing From iPhone 4 Is Part Of What Makes It Great

1630 days 23 hours ago - TechCrunch: On Monday, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 4. After playing around with it for 20 minutes or so after the keynote, I can safely sa... | Article | iPhone


Access to the Best Geek Dating experience!

Now - N4G is now partner with Enjoy for free and with illimited access all the feature of this new site! Promo Code NFRUHD59 | Promoted post

'Zelda Wii will own E3' - CVG readers

1631 days 22 hours ago - CVG: Earlier this week we asked you, our beloved readers, what E3's game of the show would be. You responded in your tens and tipped Zelda Wii to h... | Article | Industry


'West ahead of Japan creatively, technologically' - Namco

1631 days 22 hours ago - The West has surpassed Japan in terms of its creative and technological output in the video games industry according to Namco Bandai vice president... | Article | Industry


Dead Space 2 online multiplayer confirmed

1632 days 4 hours ago - Dead Space 2's online multiplayer is still coming, according to none other than EA boss, John Riccitiel | News | PC


Okay, Vanquish Gameplay Looks Neat But...

1634 days 14 hours ago - Kotaku: Last Friday, a new trailer for action game Vanquish shot up the internet. The gameplay itself looks like a blast. Definitely excited to see... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Viral Video Apparently Teases 3D PS3

1635 days ago - A viral video apparently plugging some new sort of Playstation technology surfaced over the weekend. Is it for 3D gaming (likely) or the Playstatio... | Rumor | PS3


Analysis: Three Reasons Why We Buy Those Crazy Steam Bundles

1635 days 1 hour ago - Psychologist and gamer Jamie Madigan explains some psychological reasons why those big bundles from Steam and other digital distribution platforms... | Article | PC


iPhone 4G to be unveiled today: what we know

1635 days 1 hour ago - Today, the Worldwide Developers Conference 2010 kicks off in San Francisco, California. The annual Apple-held conference includes software design a... | News | iPhone


Ice-T in Gears of War 3?

1635 days 10 hours ago - Fans all know Ice-T's love for video games. However there is one thing that you may have not known, the fact that he may have worked with Epic Gam... | News | Xbox 360


Coming this fall: 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

1636 days 22 hours ago - BoingBoing: Rizzoli publishing imprint Universe has officially announced the October release of 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. T... | News | Culture

Why We Won't See The Elder Scrolls V at E3 2010

1637 days 5 hours ago - Matt Peckham of PC World writes: I predicted we'd see an Elder Scrolls V announcement this year, and sure enough, it looks like...well, who knows,... | Article | Dev


Kingdoms: The Crytek MMO?

1641 days 13 hours ago - RPS: File under ’slightly spurious’, but it’s worth having a chin-scratch about the mounting evidence. Back in January, a Crytek level designer rev... | Rumor | PC


Apple sells two million iPads, international launch likely the main culprit

1641 days 13 hours ago - Apple has just trotted out its latest sales milestone for the iPad: two million devices have now been sold since the slate's launch on April 3. We... | News | iPad

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Who Needs Infinity Ward?

1641 days 13 hours ago - IGN: We know what you're thinking: seems like a pretty sensationalistic headline, right? After all, Infinity Ward has always stayed several steps a... | Article | PC


Rumor: GTA V To Be Revealed At E3 In Few Weeks

1642 days 2 hours ago - Rockstar has been silent concerning Grand Theft Auto V. In fact they’ve been so tight lipped that we have no idea what’s going on. But a rumor has... | Rumor | Xbox 360


IGN: Ten Things We Want In Killzone 3

1642 days 5 hours ago - IGN writes: Killzone 2 was met with critical acclaim, and lived up to most of the expectations thrust upon it by the gaming community. Not content... | Opinion piece | PS3


OXCGN’s Red Dead Redemption Review: GTA Gone Wild West?

1642 days 11 hours ago - Red Dead Redemption is the most complete realization of the Wild West ever expressed in a video game. The easiest way to describe Red Dead Redem... | Review | Xbox 360


Legend of Korra (XB1) Review

Now - Ken taps into the elements with his latest review. | Promoted post
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