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Building the future: Microsoft's Kinect a marathon, not a sprint

1849 days 13 hours ago - Ars Technica: We don't have any hard numbers available yet, but the Kinect launch at least looks like a success. Microsoft took over Times Square w... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Old Republic’s class skills do your dirty work for you

1849 days 17 hours ago - PCGamer: I am a mighty Sith Warrior! I have a big red lightsaber and choke any mortal who dares question me! Excuse me for a second while I root ar... | Article | PC


"Comprehensive" Fallout: New Vegas Patch Will Hopefully Fix A Broken Game

1849 days 18 hours ago - Fallout: New Vegas is pretty fun when it's not breaking down on you. Problem is, that happens a lot. Hopefully a "comprehensive" patch due for PC,... | News | PC


Move 'more attractive' to core gamers than Kinect - Analyst

1849 days 19 hours ago - Move is motion control for the hardcore, whereas Kinect poses a real threat to the Wii. That's the opinion of M2 Research senior analyst Billy P... | Article | Xbox 360


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Some Cayman Radeon HD6970 specs

1850 days 8 hours ago - Fudzilla: We managed to get some specs of the soon-to-launch, well at least on paper, AMD Radeon HD 6970 card. What we can share with you is th... | News | PC


Nvidia shows some GTX 580 details

1850 days 15 hours ago - During the PDX LAN event, Nvidia's Tom Petersen showed some details regarding Nvidia's upcoming GTX 580 card. Nvidia went and completely detailed t... | News | PC


Crysis 2 delayed because of GeForce GTX 580?

1851 days 11 hours ago - Say what you will about NVIDIA and its down period, but with GeForce GTX 580 it has created a buzz and built rumors, not the least since the cards... | Rumor | PC


Inno3D GeForce GTX 580 Pictured

1852 days 15 hours ago - Here's perhaps the first picture of an NVIDIA partner-branded GeForce GTX 580 graphics card, this one coming from Inno3D. | News | PC


9 Days With Kinect, My Video Diary

1853 days 7 hours ago - Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes: One man lives with a Kinect for nine days. What happens? How does his mind change? What are the surprises? And whe... | Video | Xbox 360


Next gen consoles to get tessellation

1853 days 7 hours ago - Although they are still quite some time away, it looks like the consoles of tomorrow might get some serious tessellation support. This is not so su... | Rumor | Tech


Top 10 Failed Gaming Consoles

1853 days 14 hours ago - Despite all the marketing buzz and hype-filled promises, Kinect could fall on its face and wind up being an extremely costly gamble. It wouldn't be... | Opinion piece | Tech


Mid-Range NVIDIA GPU Battle: GTX 460 vs. GTX 470

1854 days 1 hour ago - Hot Hardware: Today we're looking at a trio of video cards designed to give enthusiasts like you the best bang for your buck. These factory overclo... | Review | PC


Geforce GTX580 launch on 9th Nov, sampling now

1855 days 8 hours ago - Fudzilla: The new card is sampling to journalists right now. It should launch on Tuesday 9th but its unclear at what time. It looks like it will be... | News | PC


DOTA 2 Site Up, Questions Answered

1855 days 10 hours ago - The Defense of The Ancients 2 site has now gone live, and IceFrog has answered a bunch of questions derived from (presumably) the DOTA-playing comm... | News | PC


25 best Fallout New Vegas mods

1855 days 17 hours ago - Fallout: New Vegas is good. Is it perfect? No. In hardcore mode, the rate at which you die from thirst isn’t high enough. I demand to die faster! L... | Article | PC


Namco Bandai to lay off 90 employees in the U.S.

1855 days 18 hours ago - Game maker Namco Bandai of America is laying off 90 employees in its U.S. offices VentureBeat has learned. | News | Industry


NVIDIA Launches 3DTV Play, Bringing 3D Vision to the Big Screen

1867 days 13 hours ago - Earlier this year, NVIDIA quietly announced 3DTV Play, a driver add-on for 3D TV owners that would allow them to take full advantage of the HDMI 1.... | News | PC


Six Reasons Why Gears Of War 3's Multiplayer Is Already The Series' Best

1881 days 14 hours ago - 1UP writes: A few days ago, I sat in a conference room with Rod Fergusson, executive producer of the Gears franchise. He gave a generous dosage of... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Microsoft's Tsunoda - Kinect Sales Will 'Blow Away' iPad

1901 days 22 hours ago - Kinect spokesman Kudo Tsunoda tells Gamasutra that the device is on track to sell millions this holiday thanks to its abilty to enable deep gamepla... | Interview | Xbox 360


Creating Dedicated PC Servers For Console Games

1901 days 23 hours ago - When TimeGate first released Section 8 in 2009, players were introduced to a game that took a number of unique approaches to the FPS genre, both in... | Article | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post
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