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New Civilization V patch in the works

1756 days ago - Firaxis have set about outlining the content of the next big patch for Civilization V. The next batch of changes are going to concentrate on improv... | News | PC

Fallout New Vegas MegaMod due in December

1756 days 1 hour ago - Modding legend 4Aces, the man behind the TexMesh and HiRes texture mods for Fallout 3 and Dragon Age Origin: HiRes, is currently working hard on hi... | News | PC


Geforce GTX 560 comes next year has 384 shaders

1756 days 7 hours ago - Geforce GTX 460 was Nvidia's life saver, and all reports are indicating that it has been selling well. Even AMD admitted that to its analysts. This... | News | PC


Hottest PC Games for the 2010 Holiday Season

1756 days 7 hours ago - This year’s holiday shopping season is looking to be a great one for PC gamers as game developers bring out their latest wares and graphics cards m... | Article | PC


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 580: The SLI Update

1756 days 18 hours ago - AnandTech: Picking up immediately from where we left off yesterday with our review of NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 580, we have a second GTX 580 in hou... | Review | PC


Geforce GTX 570 comes soon

1757 days 8 hours ago - Fudzilla: It looks like the GF110 core will find home in one more card. Nvidia has just launched the Geforce GTX 580, also known as Fermi done righ... | News | PC


N460GTX Hawk Awarded CES 2011 Design & Engineering Honors

1757 days 11 hours ago - At the upcoming Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) in Las Vegas, the N460GTX Hawk will be awarded with the much coveted Design and Engineering Showca... | News | PC

AMD confirms Radeon HD 6900-series GPU names

1757 days 11 hours ago - HEXUS: It seems a bit silly - at least to us - to be confirming the names of AMD's upcoming high-end GPUs, but until now the cards have only been o... | News | PC


Sparkle rolls out a pair of GTX 580s

1757 days 22 hours ago - Following the launch of the Nvidia's GTX 580, Sparkle has decided to roll out two versions, the reference card and the custom cooled Calibre series... | News | PC


iBuyPower Equips Three Desktops with GeForce GTX 580

1758 days 3 hours ago - NVIDIA might have released its GeForce GTX 580 graphics card yesterday, but it has already caught the fancy of the gaming world. Gaming PC manufact... | News | PC


[H]ardOCP: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 Video Card Review

1759 days 1 hour ago - Somewhat unexpected this soon, but so very welcome, the successor to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 (GF100) is making its debut. There is no question t... | Review | PC


AnandTech Review: NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 580: Fermi Refined

1759 days 1 hour ago - With GF100 out the door NVIDIA has had a chance to examine their design, and TSMC the chance to work the last kinks out of their 40nm process. GF10... | Review | PC


PCPerspective: GTX 580 Review

1759 days 1 hour ago - It might be cliche to say it as this point, but despite the launch of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 480 and 470 cards offering the best performing single GP... | Review | PC


OCClub: NVIDIA GTX 580 Review

1759 days 1 hour ago - OCClub: Fourteen months ago we got the first look at NVIDIA's latest architectural marvel codenamed "GF 100" at their GPU Technology Conference (GT... | Review | PC


MaximumPC Review: GTX 580: The Real Fermi Arrives

1759 days 3 hours ago - When Nvidia launched the GTX 480 -- code-named the GF100 -- early this year, the new GPU proved to be something of a mixed bag. It was undeniably f... | Review | PC


Rewarding The Players: Valve On Portal 2

1759 days 12 hours ago - [Gamasutra presents here the unabridged version of the Portal 2 interview with Valve project manager Erik Johnson, which originally appeared in the... | Interview | PC


The Old Republic: PvP And Stuff

1759 days 16 hours ago - RPS: See what I mean about the videos? Another one! The Old Republic has got them coming out of its ears. If an MMO has ears. Open posts? Something... | Video | PC


The Video Game Release List of 11/6 - 11/12

1760 days ago - Shack News: I think some sort of Call of Duty game comes out this week... it'll probably be fairly popular. That's pretty much it for this week sav... | News | Nintendo DS


GTX 580 listed for 399 pounds

1760 days 2 hours ago - 30 percent faster than GTX 480 in Vantage, The company behind the YoyoTech brand has revealed the full spec and the UK price of Nvidia's upcomin... | Rumor | PC


FPS Trainer aims to train gamers to play first person shooters

1760 days 7 hours ago - Do you play first person shooter games like the Call of Duty titles and say to yourself, "Self, I'm so good I could go pro"? Or do you just want to... | News | PC


Splatoon (Wii U) Review

Now - Ken sprays paint (I mean ink) everywhere in the name of reviews. | Promoted post
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