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Ars Guide: How to ruin your PC port in four easy steps

1576 days 10 hours ago - Ars Technica: PC gaming is alive and well, but it seems as if companies almost want their PC ports to fail on the most powerful gaming platform. We... | Opinion piece | PC


ArsTechnica Hands on with Sony's NGP: the system, the games, the size

1636 days 19 hours ago - ArsTechnica: "The past three weeks have been the longest weeks of my life with the PlayStation. I really appreciate the support you have given us,"... | Preview | PSP2


Intel Hopes to Boost Cloud Gaming With Ray Tracing

1719 days 18 hours ago - A new technology from Intel called ray tracing could bring lifelike images and improved 3D effects to games on tablets and other mobile devices.... | News | Tech


Nvidia Plans World's First PC Gaming Ecosystem at Pax East 2011

1720 days 1 hour ago - Let's start with the good news. At this year's PAX East event in Boston, Nvidia plans to go all out and make a statement to the world that PC gamin... | News | PC


Xperia Play is solid hardware seeking better software - ArsTechnica Hands On

1723 days 21 hours ago - ArsTechnica: At the Game Developers Conference I was finally able to get a look at the Xperia Play and do some gaming. The good news is the hardwar... | Preview | PSP2


TechLand Interview: 'Battlefield 3' Producer: 'Controversy Is Not a Mature Way to Sell a Game'

1726 days ago - TechLand: EA's hoping to storm to the top of the modern military FPS heap with Battlefield 3, ending Call of Duty's recent reign as the number one... | Interview | PC


Battlefield 3 dev: “It’s time to give some extra love to the PC community.”

1726 days 17 hours ago - DICE general manager, Karl Magnus Troedsson has been talking about DICE’s focus on the PC version of Battlefield 3, saying that he feels DICE negle... | Article | PC


Crysis as a work of art: an astonishing gallery of shots

1727 days 23 hours ago - PCGamer: Our friend and sometime contributor Duncan Harris is obsessed with what he calls real-time art: capturing the beauty of video games in vas... | Screenshot | PC


Intel: Hear that knocking sound? It’s PC gaming

1743 days 16 hours ago - Intel: Do you know what the opportunities are in PC gaming? They’re probably better then you think – the PC gaming market is much bigger than conso... | Article | PC


NVIDIA handpicks GF110 chips for GeForce GTX 590

1758 days 3 hours ago - NordicHardware: Last week we reported about graphics circuit maker NVIDIA working on the launch of its new flagship GeForce GTX 590. With 1024 CUDA... | News | PC


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti vs. GTX 460 1GB - at the same clocks

1758 days 4 hours ago - HEXUS: NVIDIA's release of the GeForce GTX 560 Ti on January 25 marks the introduction of the 5-series GPU architecture this side of £200. Combing... | Article | PC


NVIDIA Developing Subpixel Reconstruction Antialiasing to Compete with MLAA

1759 days 3 hours ago - NVIDIA is developing its own antialiasing (AA) technology to rival morphological antialiasing (MLAA). The subpixel reconstruction antialiasing (SRA... | News | Tech


GeForce GTX 590 in February with dual GF110

1762 days 10 hours ago - GeForce GTX 590 is the confirmed name of NVIDIA's coming graphics card flagship. With dual GF110 GPUs the beafy graphics card will offer 1024 CUDA... | News | PC


Guru3D: GeForce GTX 560 Ti review

1764 days 7 hours ago - It's now January 2011 -- Typically a very slow month for new hardware introductions as face it, most money was spend during the holiday season alre... | Review | PC


Direct2Drive offering games for limited rental at $5 a pop

1765 days 8 hours ago - Direct2Drive has started offering limited digital game rental at five bucks a pop for five hours of gameplay. | News | PC


Bulldozer Shines in 3D Gaming and Rendering: AMD

1765 days 21 hours ago - Close to two weeks ago, reports surfaced about AMD claiming that its upcoming "Zambezi" 8-core desktop processor based on the company's new Bulldoz... | News | PC


No Mirrors, Lots of Edges: Fotonica

1770 days 17 hours ago - It is important that you play this. It’s free, so you’ve got no excuse. Not even that you’re colourblind or deaf, because it’s designed to be playa... | Article | PC


Today's FPS games need 'awesome multiplayer' - Crytek

1771 days 4 hours ago - Not all games need multiplayer to succeed in today's market, but FPS titles do. | Article | Culture


The Exciting List Of 2011′s Excitements

1772 days 5 hours ago - RockPaperShotgun: Hello. I’ve written a list feature containing the PC games that I’m most excited about in 2011. It’s enormous. I’ve made the list... | Article | PC


Video shows shocking Call of Duty: Black Ops host advantage, reinforces value of dedicated servers

1772 days 16 hours ago - A Call of Duty: Black Ops player has made a video showing the huge advantage that hosting players have in Call of Duty: Black Ops. He and a friend... | Video | PC


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