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"Coin Arcade "

CERN Students Create Cookie Clicker Clone, ‘Particle Clicker’

129 days 19 hours ago - Cookie Clicker was one of the first idle games that took the world by storm last year and, Influenced by this addictive phenomenon, some clever stu... | News | PC


Incredibly cute Metal Gear Solid Nendoroid figure, coming this November

130 days 20 hours ago - Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid line of figures have always impressed and delighted collectors, and Coin Arcade imagines that’ll remain the case wit... | News | Culture


Watch a Fish Play Pokémon in, uh, FishPlaysPokemon

132 days 18 hours ago - TwitchPlaysPokemon, the Twitch stream that saw Twitch viewers collectively play a game of Pokémon, took the internet by storm. But humans are soooo... | News | Culture


Gameiversary: The Video Game Anniversary Project

136 days 19 hours ago - Introducing Coin Arcade’s video game anniversary project, Gameiversary! Supplying the (probably unnecessary) niche for video game anniversaries, Ga... | Article | Culture


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Mario Golf: World Tour Preview | Coin Arcade

217 days 20 hours ago - Being a newcomer to the golfing video game genre, much less one themed around the world’s favourite Italian plumber, I wasn’t sure what to expect w... | Preview | 3DS


How Do You Win at Proteus?

223 days 19 hours ago - Proteus, the 2013-released procedurally-generated exploration game developed by Ed Key and David Kanaga, tends to get gamers riled up as they often... | Opinion piece | PS3


Nintendo Still Don’t Get PR and Branding: UK Division Fires All of Their PR Field Agents

224 days 23 hours ago - Now, don’t get me wrong: I love Nintendo. I love them for all of their charm, their uniqueness, the memories they invoke in me and their joy-filled... | Opinion piece | Culture


Origamihero Releases ‘A Game With a Kitty 7: Sky Crashers’

244 days ago - Origamihero, best known as the guy behind the ‘A Game With a Kitty’ games, has released his free seventh iteration of the charming platformer series. | News | PC


Coin Arcade: Titanfall Review - Last Gen Swansong or Bomb?

244 days 21 hours ago - A game has to be something special to be marked as one of key early events in the latest generation console war, yet that is undoubtedly how Titanf... | Review | Xbox 360


‘’ Shuts Its Doors After Two Years

249 days 18 hours ago - It’s come as an unexpected hit, but unfortunately the blog (a blog dedicated to highlighting great free indie games) has shut its d... | News | Culture


Super Smash Bros. Nostalgia: A Look Back at ‘Brawl’

250 days 22 hours ago - The Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct this week didn't just get me pumped for the upcoming games, it also took me down memory lane. I shall always... | Article | Wii


The Minecraft Door That Will Only Open When the Universe Has Ended

298 days 10 hours ago - Youtuber Spumwack has created what he hopes to be the most useless Minecraft creation ever made: a door that, aided by an intricate clock system, w... | Video | PC


Flappy Sperm: Two Spermy Flappy Bird Clones

306 days 9 hours ago - Wherever there's a fad, there's sperm - and that's just why the Flappy Bird game-making jam has already brought us two spermy alternatives to the s... | News | PC


Flappy Bird: 9 Indie Spoofs and Clones

310 days 13 hours ago - There’s really no better sign of a game becoming a cultural phenomenon than by a crop of indie games based on it popping up – and that’s exactly wh... | Article | PC


The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird

313 days 1 hour ago - The story of Flappy Birds has been a strange one, and now that its creator has announced he plans on taking the game down, it’s also been a short o... | Article | iPhone


Merry Christmas: The Best Christmas-Themed Indie Games

358 days 8 hours ago - What better way is there for a gamer to top off the Christmas period and hang on to that festive feeling than with some Christmas-themed games? Wit... | Article | PC


Coin Arcade: Fly or Fall in ‘Skydive: Proximity Flight’

406 days 13 hours ago - Skydive: Proximity Flight is a PSN/XBLA game that has you flying through rings and racing against other players as you fall through the sky in your... | Review | Xbox 360


Proteus: The Most Beautiful ‘Pointless’ Experience You’ll Ever Have

409 days 18 hours ago - Proteus, recently released for the PS3/Vita, is a procedurally-generated sandbox exploration game with a gorgeous, brightly palleted pixel style, s... | Opinion piece | PC


An Industry of Negativity: Football Manager 14 Preview “Controversy”

428 days 11 hours ago - The recent “controversy” on Twitter over Football Manager 14 preview copies being sent to footballers and the like is yet another example of gamers... | Article | Culture


Stack Hats to be The Best Gentleman in ‘Max Gentlemen’

430 days 19 hours ago - If you want to be the best gentleman in the room, you’ve got to be wearing the most number of hats. Max Gentlemen knows this – which is why they’ve... | News | Mobile


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