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Microsoft didn't get GTA IV's DLC delay memo

2487 days 7 hours ago - Destructoid's Jim Sterling writes: Before the weekend, Take-Two announced that the Xbox 360's exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV DLC would be delayed un... | News | 2,15


Delisted XBLA Games Will Still Be Available, Kinda

2493 days 2 hours ago - Shack News' Chris Faylor Writes: Microsoft has cleared up the confusion regarding comments that it will be "delisting" certain Xbox Live... | News | 2


PlayStation Beyond - Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

2493 days 2 hours ago - PlayStation Beyond' Darren Lee Taylor writes: A consensus born from brevity and disguise, a mythological deity that rules most of the governing gen... | Review | 1


Huxley's Xbox 360 fate still in the air

2493 days 4 hours ago - Xbox360Fanboy's Xav de Mato' Writes: One of the first MMOs announced in the new generation of consoles, Huxley, is having a difficult time making i... | News | 2,12


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Age of Conan: "Best MMO since WoW"

2503 days 1 hour ago - Atomic Gamer has posted what they're claiming to be the world's first review of Age of Conan, the MMORPG that's been out for just a few days.... | Preview | 2,12


Gingerbread Studios Announces The Protector

2506 days 22 hours ago - Indiana Jones made archaeology cool. Substitute Nazis for terrorists, throw in a dash of Uncharted and Resident Evil, and you have something that n... | News | 2


BioWare MMO to 'Innovate' on WoW

2506 days 23 hours ago - It's not a slight at all on Blizzard. I think they've done a great job. But the fact that people want to play that kind of game is an opportunity t... | News | 13


Konami: No MGS4 hardware bundle for UK

2506 days 23 hours ago - Last week, Konami US confirmed that the "VERY, VERY Limited Edition" Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 hardware bundle would be coming to... | News | 1,13


Big in 2007: Naming your child 'Raiden'

2511 days 12 hours ago - The United States Social Security Administration has revealed the top baby names for 2007, and much of the list is unsurprisingly banal. The top th... | Article | 1


Microsoft: Oops, We Forgot About The Wii In Worldwide Sales

2511 days 21 hours ago - Microsoft totally won the race to 10 million in the U.S. That's for damn sure. But worldwide? They're not exactly the leader in the "current-g... | News | 2, 3


GTA IV Causes "Reprehensible" Behavior (Also, Has Rape!)

2511 days 22 hours ago - Glenn Beck, star of the previously posted "Stupidest Anti-GTA Vid You'll See Today", recently had Focus on the Family founder Dr. James D... | News | 1,2


Microsoft Denies Rumored X360 Dashboard Update

2511 days 22 hours ago - Microsoft has refuted the list of supposed Xbox 360 software update details that recently began floating around the internet. "We don't c... | News | 2


MS Still Thinks It Can Win The Console War, Xbox 360 Pushes Past 10 Million In U.S.

2511 days 22 hours ago - With a reported 9.9 million Xbox 360s sold through in the United States as of the end of March, something catastrophic would have had to happen to... | News | 2,13

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