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Beef Jack: Should Heavy Rain Have Been Released Alongside Sony's Motion Controller?

1956 days 16 hours ago - Beef Jack says: While the retched beast that is region street dates has rendered my first look into Quantic Dream's 'Heavy Rain' a demo, I felt tha... | Article | 1,14


BeefJack: Is The Entertainment Centre The One Line of Defence Against a Digital Distribution Future?

1985 days 4 hours ago - BeefJack Writes: I remember a good few years ago I latched onto the craze of purchasing rare games- suddenly I was bidding like crazy on an origina... | Article | 14


Max Payne 3: Is This The Fall of Max Payne?

1999 days 9 hours ago - This article discusses the direction Rockstar are taking with the next iteration in the Max Payne franchise and the concerns facing the future of t... | Article | 1,2,12

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