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I'm Deleting Xbox Music, And It's Time You Did The Same

154 days 7 hours ago - NowGamer: "My relationship with Xbox Music over the year has been difficult. As soon as the Xbox One assaulted my living room and made a strong... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Fallout's Vault Boy Turned Into The Slickest PC Case Of All Time

154 days 18 hours ago - NowGamer: "What happens when you cross Fallout's Vault Boy with a PC case? You get a PC case themed after Vault Boy. Obviously. But what you... | Article | PC


The Creepy And Disturbing Secret Of The Original Xbox

156 days ago - NowGamer: "Here's something you may not have known about the original Xbox - it played ambient sound on the original dashboard with some really, re... | Video | Xbox


Cliffy B Has The Best Games Room You’ll Ever See

156 days 3 hours ago - NowGamer: "We all want a nice little bunker to hunker down in and forget about the outside world while we game, right? Well, together with his wife... | Article | Culture


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Looks Like Rockstar Is Rereleasing GTA San Andreas

156 days 6 hours ago - NowGamer: "While most point to GTA Vice City as being their favourite, there's no denying the love GTA San Andreas gets among the fanbase. Well, it... | Rumor | Industry


9 Childhood Classics You Don't Want To Revisit

161 days 13 hours ago - NowGamer: "We love retro games, and some of them age like fine wine - there's a reason people are still playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo, afte... | Opinion piece | Culture


This Controversial Game Has You Committing Genocide

161 days 13 hours ago - NowGamer: "Hatred doesn't sound like a pleasant game, but then Hatred doesn't want to be a pleasant game. It's a game about - quite literally -... | News | PC


LittleBigPlanet In Project Spark Is Definitely Its Best Creation Yet

161 days 15 hours ago - NowGamer: "Project Spark is definitely very impressive, the tools available have already enabled players to make some crazily impressive creations.... | Video | PS4


Problems Only 90s Gamers Could Understand

163 days 2 hours ago - NowGamer: "With the PS1 turning 20 this December it’s got us thinking about gaming in the 90s. We complain a lot these days, but there were a lot o... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Next-Gen Graphics Of DriveClub’s First-Person Crashes

165 days 3 hours ago - NowGamer: "There might be a lot of problems surrounding DriveClub - mostly server issues stopping people from playing - but it's nice to step back... | Article | PS4


7 Ways Advanced Warfare Saves Call Of Duty's Multiplayer

168 days 20 hours ago - NowGamer: "Sledgehammer Games has had three years to work on the latest iteration of the franchise, and while the single-player campaign wasn’t qui... | Article | Xbox 360


The Top Secret Process Of Hiring For A Halo Character

168 days 22 hours ago - NowGamer: "Halo 5 will have its own story to tell, but when it comes to new guy on the block - Agent Locke - there's an unknown quantity that needs... | Article | Xbox One


Did Bungie Lie About Destiny's Iron Banner?

169 days 7 hours ago - NowGamer: "There have been a lot of complaints about Destiny’s newest event – the PvP Iron Banner mode. Bungie promised that the game mode (which i... | Article | PS4


This Is The Weirdest Way To Get Excited About LittleBigPlanet 3

169 days 8 hours ago - NowGamer: "You've got to hand it to the creators of LittleBigPlanet 2. Some of the creations they've collectively made over the years have continue... | Article | PS3


Is #PS4Parity Really That Important?

170 days 3 hours ago - NowGamer: "There are so many controversies these days it’s kinda tough to keep up. It seems every day someone is getting their knickers in a twi... | Opinion piece | PS4


Ubisoft, You Really Can’t Release The Crew Like This

176 days 1 hour ago - NowGamer: "The Crew is a lot like Burnout Paradise, but that’s the only good thing there is to say about it. Though there’s been a number of pre... | Opinion piece | PS4


Is This The Future Of Games Graphics?

183 days 6 hours ago - NowGamer: "Euclideon looks set to be making the future of videogames graphics. And it's exciting." | News | Industry


We’ve Tried The Perfected Version Of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

184 days 16 hours ago - NowGamer: "There’s no doubting that we love Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty; as a remake it did everything it needed to for the PS1 classic, and you really... | Article | PS4


Destiny Review - NowGamer

186 days 5 hours ago - NowGamer: "Destiny – in its current form – is a dream. And by that, we mean you’ll need to imagine what it will be like in the future. It is pot... | Review | PS4


Accessing Destiny's Hidden Trials Of Osiris Mode On Mercury

188 days 20 hours ago - NowGamer: "Destiny has been out for a week now - you'd assume all of its secrets have been discovered? Well, not the case. Thanks to data-mining... | News | PS4


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