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"NEA ONNIM NO SUA A, OHU "He who does not know, knows from learning.""

TGA's The Geek Life Eps 17 Was Shenmue 3 Kickstarter a Scam from Sony?

229 days 21 hours ago - The Guys At TGA talk about Spiderman and Sony's Shenmue 3 Play | Podcast | Wii


TGA's The Geek Life Ep12 Rockstar Sues BBC Over GTA, Nintendo E3 Predictions, and Game of Thrones

259 days 13 hours ago - The Guys at TGA talk about Rockstar Sues BBC, E3 Predictions and Game of Thornes | Podcast | PC


TGA's The Geek Life Ep10 Too Many Remakes, and Ubisoft Going Vr and AC Syndicate Announced

269 days 15 hours ago - We try to have fun and informative with a dash of comedy. We are here to inform all, about gaming, tech, movies, tv, and entertainment news while k... | Podcast | Wii


TGA's The Geek Life Ep9 Universal Nintendo Comes Together to Make A Theme Park Destiny Patch Notes

277 days 21 hours ago - This Episode talks about Nintendo and Universal making a Theme Park? Dragonball Z gets a new series and Destiny Patch Notes Gets Leaked | Podcast | Wii


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Register now for EVO 2013

1101 days ago - You can now register for EVO 2013. The event will take place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The tournament will be held on... | News | Industry


Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 Review

1101 days 7 hours ago - Attention Fighting fans, it’s finally here!!!! Street Fighter X Tekken v2013 is available for both Xbox 360 and PS3. | Review | Xbox 360


Nvidia Says Cloud Gaming Is The Future

1234 days 20 hours ago - Nvidia’s GeForce Grid Cloud Gaming general manager Phil Eisler has gone on record saying that cloud gaming is the future. | News | Industry


Diablo 3 Patch Will Allow Players to "appear offline"

1235 days 10 hours ago - Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 will give players the option to appear offline. This will allow you to keep all of the unwanted firends at bay, or if you just... | News | PC


TGA's Top 25 Street Fighter Characters

1235 days 21 hours ago - With the release of the 25 year anniversary of Street fighter, we at TGA have decided to come up with our top 25 street fighter characters. To come... | Opinion piece | Arcade


NBA Live Trailer But With some Bad News

1242 days ago - EA Sports has released a trailer but it is also a bearer of bad news, the game has also been delayed , AGAIN | Video | Xbox 360


Mass Effect anime 'Paragon Lost' delayed until Dec. 28

1250 days 20 hours ago - Paragon Lost, Funimation's DVD and Blu-ray anime that is set in the Mass Effect universe, recently had its November 13 release date pushed back to... | News | Culture


EA's Big Announcement First Play

1266 days 15 hours ago - Earlier today EA teased that there will be a big announcement and here it is. In Australia there will be a tour that will allow the public to play... | News | Industry


Gift when you Pre-order Persona 4 for Vita

1272 days 8 hours ago - Arc will be giving you a pre-order bonus when you pre-order Persona 4 for Vita check it out: | News | PS Vita


Castlevania LOS2 headed to PC

1272 days 10 hours ago - Mercury Steam has confirmed that they will be developing the PC version of Castlevania LOS2. The game will release some time in 2013. | News | PC


Darksiders 2 inspired by Zelda

1272 days 14 hours ago - Ben Cureton, combat designer for Darksides 2, was asked about which games inspired him and his team on this game. He surprisingly said that The Le... | News | Industry


New Pokedex Pro Pic

1272 days 18 hours ago - Got some Pokedex Pic for you guys check it out: | Screenshot | Nintendo DS


TGA's Sleeping Dogs Review

1273 days 14 hours ago - When TGA bought true crimes back in 2003 TGA was excited to play an open world game other than GTA, but then the True Crimes NY was released and wa... | Review | PC


TGA's Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Review

1273 days 19 hours ago - The worlds have been sealed and are secure. The Heartless have been banished. The Nobodies are nowhere. The sleeping have been awakened and the war... | Review | 3DS


Darksiders II Walkthrough Part 2

1274 days 20 hours ago - Check out Part 2 of the walkthrough: | Video | PC


Darksiders II 1st 15 min

1275 days 5 hours ago - With the release of Darksiders 2 check out the 1st 15min and stay tune for walkthroughs: | Video | PC


Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post
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