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Nintendo Download: 19th September (Europe)

680 days 15 hours ago - It's Monday morning, Europe, which doesn't mean dreary skies and the beginning of another week's working drudgery, it actually represents Nintendo... | News | Wii U


Nintendo Download: 12th September (Europe)

687 days 14 hours ago - It's Monday, which means Nintendo Download news for Europe. This week brings a modest number of titles, though they do include a long awaited Wii U... | News | Wii U


Nintendo Download: 5th September (North America)

691 days 11 hours ago - It's Nintendo Download update day, North America, and there are some real goodies on offer this week. We have long awaited Wii U eShop games, a rar... | News | Nintendo DS


Nintendo Download: 5th September (Europe)

694 days 16 hours ago - Monday mornings are, perhaps strangely, relatively happy times for some Nintendo gamers in Europe. The download delights due this week have been re... | News | Wii


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Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Autumn / Fall Edition

695 days 9 hours ago - With the Holiday season so vital to the Wii U, there are some big games that'll aim to drive system sales. Nintendo Life chooses eight retail and t... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Interview: Hideki Kamiya on The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2 and Working With Nintendo

695 days 9 hours ago - Hideki Kamiya's personality ripples across everything he touches, growing in strength as it travels and comes out like a roar. His signature, hardc... | Interview | Wii U


Rayman Legends (Wii U) Review - Nintendo Life

701 days 11 hours ago - Tom Whitehead writes: The original release of Rayman Legends was supposed to be in rather different circumstances. What was once a launch window... | Review | Wii U


Nintendo Download: 22nd August (Europe)

708 days 17 hours ago - It's Monday morning, but shake off those new week blues, Europeans, as the Nintendo Download update news is here. We have two major retail releases... | News | Nintendo DS


The Wonderful 101 Review - Nintendo Life

709 days 4 hours ago - Tom Whitehead writes: Playing The Wonderful 101 for the first time on "normal" difficulty is a stressful, headache-inducing experience that, nev... | Review | Wii U


Nintendo Download: 15th August (Europe)

715 days 18 hours ago - It's time for the European Nintendo Download news to wipe away our Monday morning blues, and this week is one of the most packed line-ups in recent... | News | Nintendo DS


Nintendo Download: 8th August (Europe)

722 days 18 hours ago - It's Monday morning, so it's Nintendo Download news time in Europe. This week brings us one of the most unique Wii U eShop titles to date, some ret... | News | Wii U


Talking Point: Nintendo's Financial Results Tell a Tale of Two Systems and Bold Ambition

727 days 10 hours ago - Nintendo has announced its first quarter financial results, which brought some notable headlines. The company made an operating loss, but ultimatel... | Article | Wii U


Don't Worry, Those Early Pikmin 3 Downloads Are Eligible For The Wonderful 101 Promotion

728 days 14 hours ago - Nintendo Life has confirmed with Nintendo that those who downloaded the GAME codes for Pikmin 3 early will eventually receive both Nintendo Network... | News | Wii U


Feature: A Brief History of Pikmin

732 days 10 hours ago - Pikmin is an interesting series, as it's one of Nintendo's freshest IPs — due to having just three standalone games — and a unique part of the comp... | Article | GameCube


Pikmin 3 (Wii U) Review - Nintendo Life

736 days 10 hours ago - Martin Watts writes: Nine years. That's how long it has been since a new Pikmin game has graced a Nintendo system. With the exception of two mot... | Review | Wii U


Nintendo Download: 25th July (Europe)

736 days 17 hours ago - It's another Monday morning, but it's also another Nintendo Download update for Europe. The star of this week's show is undoubtedly an eagerly anti... | News | Nintendo DS


Interview: WayForward on Shantae's Past, Present and Future

739 days 15 hours ago - With the release of Shantae (originally a Game Boy Color title) this week Nintendo Life touched base with WayForward's Creative Director and foundi... | Interview | Nintendo DS


Earthbound (Wii U Virtual Console) Review - Nintendo Life

739 days 15 hours ago - Corbie Dillard writes: Earthbound succeeds at not only being one of the most unique and refreshing RPG experiences ever created, but also one of... | Review | Wii U


Preview: Rayman Legends (Nintendo Life)

741 days 11 hours ago - Nintendo Life has spent plenty of time with a Wii U preview build of upcoming title Rayman Legends, and believes it may be "the most effective illu... | Preview | Wii U


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) Review - Nintendo Life

747 days 2 hours ago - Nintendo Life's Thomas Whitehead writes: If there was more justice in the world, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team — or Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros.... | Review | 3DS


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