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Looking Back At Killer 7: Suda 51's Daring Break Of The Seventh Seal.

25 days 23 hours ago - Sumthing writes: Killer7 is a game for which development should have ended with a real life tragedy. It should have gone down with the likes... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Strider Returns: Composer Michael John Mollo On Scoring Capcom’s Legendary Ninja.

60 days 9 hours ago - Sumthing writes: When I heard Capcom and the development team at Double Helix were in the midst of creating a new Strider title I could BARELY sle... | Interview | PC


Konami’s 1990 Aliens Arcade: The Music Of The Mysterious Adachi

74 days 10 hours ago - Sumthing writes: You see… arcade machines are kind of my thing. I have spent the better portion of my life trying to chase down the authenticity... | Article | Arcade


The Top 5 Videogame Scores Of 2013

123 days 18 hours ago - Sumthing writes: Devil May Cry as a series is largely stubborn and quick to brush aside criticism. It is also one of the many reasons why each su... | Opinion piece | Culture


Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Composer Michael McCann Reveals The Secrets Of His Future World.

179 days 21 hours ago - Sumthing writes: In honor of tomorrow’s release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, Geno sits down with composer Michael McCann to disc... | Interview | Industry


The Transformation Of Alexey Omelchuk: The Music Of Metro: Last Light

215 days 2 hours ago - Sumthing writes: Ten years ago… I got thrown out of a club. It wasn’t something I did habitually… or ever. I hadn’t had a single drink, swallowe... | Opinion piece | Industry


I Don’t Have A Spell Ready: How Diablo Composer Matt Uelman Sparked My Return to Gaming

222 days ago - Sumthing writes: Initially, I was planning on writing a much longer article this week. I didn’t, you see, because I got sucked back into playing... | Article | PC


The Music Of DmC Is Here To Destroy Your Ancient, Warping Mixtapes

236 days ago - Sumthing writes: Historically, people burn witches. The evidence is out there, and those fires most likely were hot. How were you supposed to hi... | Opinion piece | Industry


Arch-Fiends, Elvis Presley and One Ninja’s Stunning Return To Form: The Music Of 2004′s Ninja Gaiden

242 days 23 hours ago - Sumthing writes: 3. Tairon At Night - Entrance is everything. To heroes, the walk-on is a moment of historical definition. Matching the simple,... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Looking Back: BCR X VCR Simon Viklund Rewrites, Reforms, Perfects An 80's 8-bit Gospel

249 days 22 hours ago - Sumthing Else writes: Richard Hell, co-founder of seminal New York punk-rock band Television, was recently asked about his long-fractured relation... | Opinion piece | Industry


Worth a Replay, With a Side of Guilt

255 days 12 hours ago - Sumthing writes: I’ve been feeling guilty lately. Relatively speaking, it’s a low level of guilt, but it lingers. It stings. It hangs in the misty... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


A Second Look At The Score Of Metal Gear Rising : A Definitive Punk Rock Opera

257 days 12 hours ago - Sumthing writes: Metal Gear Rising’s score is immeasurable. It is outstanding and deserves the highest marks for living so completely exposed. I... | Opinion piece | Industry


Strider: The Musical Highlights Of Capcom’s Darkened Pirouetting Deity

264 days 12 hours ago - Sumthing writes: The announcement of Strider HD last week by Capcom did something to me. It made me lose sleep… a whole lot of it. The latter po... | Opinion piece | Retro


Policenauts: Moving Beyond the Cradle An Interview with Artemio Urbina

271 days 14 hours ago - 8bitfix writes: A few months ago, I spoke about the Policenauts translation patch going live in late 2009. While I feel that piece articulates my... | Interview | Industry


The Greatest Music In The Halo Franchise Lies In Halo 3: ODST

276 days 15 hours ago - Sumthing writes: Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori wrote a ton of music for the Halo franchise. More than six hours of it is in my iTunes, an... | Opinion piece | Industry


My Silly Flirtation with Fighting Games

281 days ago - writes: Therein lies my folly, of course. First of all, the key to most fighting games is, of course, mastering each punch, kick, an... | Article | Retro


Mass Effect Original Soundtrack: Looking Back.

284 days ago - writes: There’s something amazing and special about the Mass Effect soundtrack. My favorite quote about it comes from Casey Hudson h... | Article | Industry


Street Fighter 2 machine robs 34 year old blind. Celebrating 22 years of lost productivity.

299 days 7 hours ago - writes: My celebration of Street Fighter 2: The World Warriors 20th anniversary should have had candles. I should have blown up a hu... | Article | Arcade


5 Reasons I Left E3 With A Smile

303 days 10 hours ago - Hey guys, TJ here with Sumthing. So, I just got back from E3 and let me tell you, there’s a lot to be excited about. There are so many incredibl... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Last Of Us-Original Score Review-Gustavo Santaolalla (No Spoilers)

308 days 3 hours ago - 8bitfix writes: Santaolalla's compositions log all sacrifices made, all chips used in bargaining, and a graying moral rhetoric. It showcases indiv... | Review | Culture


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