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Elgato Game Capture HD 60 Review - VGU

3 days 13 hours ago - With many devices out there for people to record and livestream their gameplay, how does the Elgato Game Capture HD 60 stand up to expectations. Do... | Review | Tech


WWE 2K15 Review - VGU

7 days 12 hours ago - With the next generation of wrestling games available for the world, how does WWE 2K15 stand up to its predicessors as 2K Games' second title in th... | Review | Xbox 360


Lords of the Fallen Review - VGU

42 days 8 hours ago - Lords of the Fallen graces our consoles and comes with a new breed of challenge. But does it stand up to the plate or fall flat on its face? Find o... | Review | PC


WWE2K15 MyCareer Preview - VGU

64 days 18 hours ago - Find out what Dom, our number one wrestling fan, thinks of the brand new MyCareer mode in WWE2K15 after playing it at an exclusive event in London.... | Preview | Xbox 360


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EGX 2014: Lords of the Fallen Preview - VGU

65 days 16 hours ago - At EGX 2014, Dom was able to get his hands on the new title from Square Enix, Lords of the Fallen. With it being a direct competitor against the So... | Preview | PS4


EGX 2014: Dead Island 2 Preview - VGU

66 days 17 hours ago - At EGX Dom was able to get his hands on Dead Island 2 from Deep Silver. Is the next addition to the zombie survival series worth picking up? Or is... | Preview | PS4


VGU Tests: Logitech G19S Keyboard

72 days ago - Dom gets his hands on the G19S keyboard from Logitech and sees how it plays out with a simple overlook test. Does it stand up well against the comp... | Video | Tech


VGU Tests: Logitech G602 Wireless Mouse

73 days 14 hours ago - In this first of many G Series tests, Dom has a look at the G602 Wireless Mouse. We do a simple overlook test of the mouse to see how it plays out... | Video | Tech


EGX 2014: Dying Light Interview | VGU

74 days 10 hours ago - At EGX 2014, Dom was able to sit down with Lead Games Designer Maciej Binkowski to discuss Dying Light. They talk about freedom of movement, multip... | Interview | PC


EGX 2014: Far Cry 4 Preview | VGU

78 days 13 hours ago - Far Cry 4 was playable on the PS4 during EGX 2014. With new wildlife and just as much carnage, how does the game play out on the next-gen console? | Preview | PC


EGX 2014: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Preview | VGU

80 days 16 hours ago - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was playable on the 3DS at this years EGX in London. With a gunlance in hand, what does Dom think of this newest instalme... | Preview | 3DS


EGX 2014: Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd Preview | VGU

84 days 16 hours ago - Feel the rhythm of the beat in a brand new way as Hatsune Miku returns with Project Diva F 2nd, this time coming on PS3 and Ps Vita. As the game as... | Preview | PS3


EGX 2014 Preview: WWE 2K15 | VGU

85 days 11 hours ago - At EGX 2014, Dom was able to get his hands on the new addition to the WWE line up of games, WWE 2K15. Does the game have the chance to become World... | Preview | PC


VGU Talks: Bloodborne TGS Trailer Analysis

96 days 13 hours ago - With the new Bloodborne trailer released at TGS 2014, Dom takes a look and shows what is new. With a new character, multiplayer, new weapons and ar... | Opinion piece | PS4


Ace Combat Infinity & Soul Calibur Lost Swords Release Cross Over Items

98 days 5 hours ago - Ace Combat Infinity and Soul Calibur Lost Swords are crossing over to give players exclusive content. Bandai Namco are giving you these freebies if... | News | PS3


VGU Talks: Destiny vs Warframe

100 days 6 hours ago - In a recent discussion with people on both sides of the gaming spectrum, an argument has arisen about which game is better. Is it Destiny, the rece... | Opinion piece | PC


VGU Talks: What Is EGX?

118 days 16 hours ago - With the biggest gaming convention in the UK coming up soon there are a ton of people out there wondering exactly what EGX is? With a full run down... | Opinion piece | Culture


VGU Talks: EGX 2014 Line-Up

118 days 22 hours ago - The line-up for EGX this year is looking pretty good with games from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo taking the show floor. Accompanying them is the p... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


M15 Core Set Clash Pack Review: Fate & Fury | VGU

119 days 12 hours ago - With two decks, limited edition promo cards and a ton of value for what you are spending, how good is Magic the Gatherings newest product, The Fate... | Review | Culture


VGU Talks: The New Characters Of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

119 days 16 hours ago - New characters are coming into the next iteration of the Warriors Orochi series. But what exactly do we know of these new characters as well as the... | Opinion piece | PS3


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