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Top 5 Best Video Game Duos

548 days 19 hours ago - What’s a hero without a sidekick? In almost every video game the main character has some kind of supporting character to help them along their way.... | Opinion piece | PC


Does Popular Casting Network Out Next-Gen Xbox Price?

554 days 11 hours ago - First of all lets clarify what a casting network is. A casting network is a website that aspiring entertainers use to book jobs. Models, actors, mu... | Rumor | Xbox 720


5 Xbox Exclusive Games that Could Help the Next-Gen Xbox Conquer

560 days 18 hours ago - As the announcement of the next-gen Xbox is surly on its way, players are beginning to wonder what Microsoft can do to hold its own with the impres... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


7 Reasons Why 2013 is Going to be a Great Year for PlayStation

560 days 18 hours ago - Upon the PS4 announcement that took place on February 20th, fans around the world knew that 2013 was going to be a big year for Sony. Sony is setti... | Opinion piece | PS3


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Gamer Girl Of The Month: Tinisha AnnMarie Portillo

565 days 21 hours ago -’s Gamer Girl of the Month of March is the beautiful Tinisha Ann Marie Portillo! She is an experienced model who loves to spend her... | Interview | Culture


Annoying things Only ‘Gamer Gurls’ Do

567 days 20 hours ago - Before we start out our, oh so long, list lets clarify exactly what a ‘gamer gurl” is and isn’t. A gamer gurl is not a female who enjoys playing vi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Is the PS4 Making the Same Mistakes as the Wii U?

567 days 20 hours ago - As of now the only two 100 percent confirmed next-gen consoles are Sony’s PS4 and Nintendo’s Wii U. These two consoles are surly competing against... | Opinion piece | PS4


GOW VS GOW- Which Game will be More Impressive?

567 days 20 hours ago - Gears of War: Judgment and God of War: Ascension share more in common than the same initials. With great similarities, as well as, vast differences... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


What the Next-Gen Xbox Can do to Win The Fans Attention

569 days 16 hours ago - After the big reveal of the PS4 last week, players have been asking; where is Microsoft? While as some players are getting their hopes up that the... | Opinion piece | PS4


Call of Duty Map Editor Could Change Gamers Views on the Declining Series

572 days 20 hours ago - Call of Duty has become so large that it can be considered a household name. With the game releasing every year gamers have been excited for the co... | Opinion piece | PC


PS4 – The Biggest Let Down and The Highest Praise

573 days 16 hours ago - The date has finally passed and Sony announced their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4. Fans around the world had waited in anticipation to the b... | Opinion piece | PS4


Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Launch Event Recap (

574 days 6 hours ago - had the opportunity to attend the official Los Angeles launch event for Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. The launch event took place... | News | Culture


Top 3 Confirmed Next-Gen Games

575 days 19 hours ago - There has been little to no exact confirmation on what to expect from next-gen consoles. People have started so many rumors that some are confused... | Opinion piece | PS4


Human Element Sheds Light on Next-Gen Consoles Release Date

576 days 14 hours ago - After Robert Bowling left the Call of Duty series, fans were devastated that one of their favorite series might not be the same ever again. But wha... | Opinion piece | PC


Single? Don’t Worry; Most of Gaming’s Great Characters are too

580 days 18 hours ago - Happy Valentine’s Day from the staff! For all you gamers out there with a significant other, we hope your day is filled with a lot... | Opinion piece | PC


Nintendo’s Lack of Interest From Gamers Force Them to Make More Bad Decisions

580 days 18 hours ago - Today, some huge announcements were made by Nintendo. Announcements of new games were the center of attention as this is exactly what Wii U owners... | Opinion piece | Wii U


The PS4 Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Next-Gen Kinect

581 days 9 hours ago - Over the years major companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have been bending over backwards to get gamers attention. Nintnedo displayed their... | Opinion piece | PS4


Games to Expect to see on Next-Gen Consoles

582 days 15 hours ago - Assumptions about the hardware of next-gen consoles have been on the rise. With Sony’s Feb 20th event coming up and the expectation of a next-gen c... | Opinion piece | PS4


John or Jack Marston to Not Star in the Next Red Dead Game?

582 days 17 hours ago - There have been a lot of rumors flying about RockStar’s next step in the Red Dead series. Players took a huge liking to this Western game and along... | Opinion piece | PC


Speculation Arise about the Official Call of Duty 2013 Announcement Trailer

586 days 15 hours ago - After hearing the brief and unsurprising news about a Call of Duty title releasing in the fourth courter of the gaming season speculations about wh... | Rumor | PC


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post
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