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Still not Sure on Next-Gen Yet? A PS3 and Xbox 360 Fans Opinion on Which Console is Truly for You

664 days 10 hours ago - Over the past few months gaming has become a very negative hobby. With console wars being the main topic of everyone’s conversations fights have ar... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Last of Us, Assassins Creed and Halo Work Together to Damper Gamers Experience

664 days 17 hours ago - *This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us and Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you do not wish to read any spoilers for the following games please... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Furniture Series in Animal Crossing New Leaf

665 days 11 hours ago - Animal Crossing: New Leaf did a fantastic job of taking over Nintendo’s 3DS. This hand-held system became a gamer’s addiction with Animal Crossing:... | Opinion piece | 3DS


5 Signs you Should Dump your Gamer Girl

665 days 14 hours ago - When you’re a gamer the odds of you finding a girl that connects with your hobbies is none other than a girl gamer. It sounds like a match made in... | Opinion piece | Culture


Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

Games like The Last of Us are Slowly Ruining the Industry

668 days 16 hours ago - Before all you fan boys and girls go crazy, understand the title, “games like” meaning more than one. The Last of Us is just a prime example of the... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Hottest Female Characters of 2013

669 days 1 hour ago - One definite draw to certain games is the females in them. Gaming is known for their sexy girls, it’s a great marketing technique to appeal to the... | Opinion piece | PC


Nintendo is set up for Success

670 days 13 hours ago - While everyone in an uproar with PS4 and Xbox One, little positive has been stated for Nintendo. It seems that in recent month’s gamers take every... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Telltale the Walking Dead Season 2: Why we Love and Hate it

671 days 12 hours ago - Telltales’ The Walking Dead season 2 episode one is out and ready to suck players into its surprises and dramatics. As usual Telltale yet again rel... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 3 Rockstar Games of All Time

671 days 13 hours ago - Rockstar Games is an amazing company that has delivered unbelievably enjoyable content to gamers for years. This team of fantastic developers has p... | Opinion piece | PS2


Are the PS4 and Xbox One still Missing Something Important

672 days 1 hour ago - We are months into the release of next-gen Microsoft and Sony consoles; there has been a lot of talk and much less action. Gamers are sitting with... | Opinion piece | PS4


Top 5 Annoyances on Animal Crossing: New Leaf

672 days 2 hours ago - Players have been engrossed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf since the moment it released. This game is as addictive as they come, often times requirin... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Top 30 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

726 days 10 hours ago - With next gen consoles on the rise we can expect a very exciting year for gaming in 2014. We have heard major announcements of great games in line... | Opinion piece | PC


Rayman Legends and Super Mario- The Series have more in Common than you Think

816 days 15 hours ago - Rayman Legends, a much anticipated, critically acclaimed 2D platformer presented to us by the folks over at Ubisoft, was released this week. This g... | Opinion piece | PC


Cosplay is a Dying Fad… Thank God

818 days 14 hours ago - Over the past few years Cosplay has been popular among nerds, geeks and gamers around the world. Cosplay can be a fun way to get in the spirit of c... | Opinion piece | Culture


Saints Row V- The Expected Direction

818 days 14 hours ago - (This article contains spoilers for the Saints Row series particularly Saints Row IV; please read with caution) The release of Saints Row IV ha... | Opinion piece | PC


Gamer Girl of the Month: Lisa Recupero

819 days 21 hours ago - GamersBliss' Gamer Girl of the Month for September is Lisa Recupero. Lisa is a huge Call of Duty and Gears of War fan. For more info about Lisa rea... | Interview | Culture


Review: Saints Row IV- An Original Fans Yes and No (GamersBliss)

838 days 21 hours ago - GamersBliss writes: "Before you read this review understand that it was written by a fan of the Saints Row series. The review has been composed by... | Review | PC


Gamer Girl of the Month: Brittney Brombacher

851 days 15 hours ago - GamersBliss' Gamer Girl of the Month for August is Brittney Brombacher! Brittney has been gaming for over 20 years and even has her own gaming blog... | Interview | Culture


Xbox One Teases 20 Exclusive Games but do Gamers Care?

852 days 16 hours ago - GamersBliss writes: "Today a trailer was released revealing 20 exclusive games that are being brought to the Xbox One. Of course, this is great new... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


The Best and Worst Characters in The Walking Dead

852 days 16 hours ago - GamersBliss Writes: "The Walking Dead has made a huge name for itself over the past year. With a Hit TV show, the most popular modern comic series... | Opinion piece | PC


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