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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Hands On Preview (NuzCo)

388 days 1 hour ago - Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an upcoming Capcom game set as an episodic release starting on January 24th 2015. This game is the tenth installment... | Preview | PC


Battle of Toys Launches Today for IOS Devices

389 days 3 hours ago - It has been announced that Battle of Toys has released for IOS devices. This new action brawler game is a fun-filled mobile title by the industry v... | News | iPhone


Worst Video Game Moral Choices of All Time

389 days 7 hours ago - What are the worst video game moral choices of all time? Moral choices in gaming have been a go to move for game developers for a few years now. Th... | Opinion piece | PC


Video Game Music – Counting Down the Top 10 Theme Songs

390 days 19 hours ago - Video game music can be some of the best songs out there. All gamers out there have to admit to loving at least one video game theme song. There is... | Opinion piece | PC


Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - All N4G members who track PlayStation VR through will get 10% off on all PSVR launch titles! | Promoted post

Worst Video Game Endings of All Time

392 days 17 hours ago - NuzCo writes: "It is all too common for the thought of worst video game endings to accrue to players. Video games haven’t been notorious for their... | Opinion piece | PC


Dying Light – A Hands-on Preview for the Upcoming Title (NuzCo)

394 days 4 hours ago - The release of Dying Light is now just around the corner and many gamers are sure excited for the title. After getting hands-on time with the title... | Preview | PC


Watch Dogs Gameplay Glitch Shows High Jumping AI

394 days 10 hours ago - In this Watch Dogs gameplay glitch video you will see a very cautious player almost be taught a lesson by the games AI. While the player who record... | Video | PC


Crackdown Xbox One – Confirmed Information and New Rumors

395 days 1 hour ago - Crackdown Xbox One was announced during the Xbox media briefing at E3 2014. Fans were excited that the game made an appearance however the game was... | Rumor | Xbox One


Free Video Games – Best of Games with Gold’s Past

395 days 9 hours ago - Free video games has always been something to spark a gamer’s interest. With popular services such as Microsoft’s Games with Gold and PlayStations... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Rareware – Best Characters of All Time

396 days 19 hours ago - NuzCo writes: "Rareware was one of the greatest video game companies of the Nintendo 64 era. They were the creators behind Banjo Kazooie, Golden Ey... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Gears of War Xbox One – What We Know, Rumors and Thoughts

397 days 5 hours ago - NuzCo writes: "Gears of War Xbox One has been a topic of discussion since industry veteran and former lead Rod Fergusson announced that he has join... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Escape Dead Island Review – An Unsettling Experience (NuzCo)

397 days 18 hours ago - Escape Dead Island is a survival horror game that takes place to the world of Dead Island. This game is a story based game that plots players as a... | Review | PC


Wii U 2015 – No Mario No Problem

399 days ago - The Wii U 2015 information has been slightly under the radar. Of the late, Nintendo announced that their mascot Mario would not be making a big spl... | Opinion piece | Wii U


WiLD PS4 Exclusive could be the Consoles Best of 2015

399 days 4 hours ago - The WiLD PS4 game is one of the most intriguing games that has been seen announced for next gen consoles. This game was announced at Gamescom 2014... | Opinion piece | PS4


Sunset Overdrive Review – Over-hyped (NuzCo)

399 days 19 hours ago - Sunset Overdrive is an Xbox One exclusive game that is full of colorful visuals, dramatically humorous gameplay and a ting of storytelling. This ga... | Review | Xbox One


Pokemon Controversy – The Accusations Decrypted

401 days 16 hours ago - NuzCo writes: "Pokemon has been the subject of many controversial topics since its release. We have composed a list of some of the topics that have... | Article | Nintendo DS


GTA 5 Quotes – Best and Funniest

402 days 15 hours ago - NuzCo writes: "There are many great GTA 5 quotes so we have deiced to compose a list. We have included a wide range of characters who have said som... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 3 Cool Games You’ll Want to Play Releasing in January 2015

402 days 15 hours ago - Cool games are exactly the way we would like to rein in the New Year. What gamers want is cool games and January 2015 has got some for you. While t... | Opinion piece | PC


Far Cry 4 Video Shows a Hilarious Eagle Attack

404 days 14 hours ago - This Far Cry 4 video shows that those annoying eagles on the game can actually be pretty darn fun. | Video | PC


Elder Scrolls 6 the Next Big Bethesda Announcement not Fallout 4 – More Leaked Details Emerge

404 days 18 hours ago - Elder Scrolls 6 has been a topic for discussion among gamers over the past few months. There was a pretty large rumor about Elder Scrolls 6 being a... | Rumor | PC


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post
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